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Published: Thursday, May 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boozer Bandwagon

I wonder if Boozer wants to go to Chicago if LaBron goes there. I hope he doesn't go to Chicago since we'll be losing a great player. Jazz fans want a championship over night but the truth is we aren't a contender without Boozer. He has to be our number 1 priority. If we resign him I don't think we'll be able to keep Korver.


Despite my frustrations with Boozer, I don't see anyone else out there who will effectively fill his shoes. However, I would not give him a deal for more than 2 years, it is as plain as day that he only plays hard in contract years.

AK can go without any love lost though, I think most of us commenting on this board could effectively fill his role (sitting on the bench with an owwie).

Portland Trail Blazers

Duh, who wouldn't think Chicago would benice, Noah, Deng, Hinrich, Rose. DUH!

My predictions:

LeBron - Chicago Bulls
Wade - Miami Heat
Bosh - Miami Heat
Amare - Washington Wizards
Dirk - New Jersey Nets
Joe Johnson - New York Knicks
Carlos Boozer - New York Knicks

Jazz Cop

the scariest thought is james in la. and it could happen, either him or bosh i think will go to la.

Jazz Cop

lakers have the most they can offer in a sign and trade, who wouldn't want artest, odom, or bynum; or two of them? and who wouldn't do it to get one lebron, or one bosh? and why wouldn't lerbron or bosh want to play on a team that is already a champion, lebron and kobe on the lakers?? lakers win one or two before kobe retires, and ten years of lebron...its just what lebron wants, mega endorsments, championship teams...


hahahahaha ... Mark Eaton = powerful center ... good one !

FYI ... the Jazz CANNOT sign anyone using the money they paid Boozer. The MOST the Jazz can use is the mid-level exception which will be around $6 million. The Jazz CANNOT sign a 'powerful center' with that kind of money available.

FYI pt 2 ... The Lakers CANNOT sign a big name free agent either unless a team is foolish enough to agree to a sign and trade with them. Won't happen.


I think Boozer has done a good job this year despite his mouth last spring. To him I would say thank you and good luck. A S&T with Bulls for either Deng of Henrich would be ok. Deng has a bad contract and he is injury prone as well. But he would woek good with Sloan. I dont think you have seen the best of him yet. Hinrich would fit in very well. He is hard nosed and reminds me of Horney. He can play both gaurd positions and has a better contract. S&T Hinrich and a pick for Boozer..


The problem with Mr. Boozer is this community was waiting six years to have reason to love him. In other markets, you're one of the many, but here you can be a God.

This was an opportunity lost for Mr. Boozer, and while I hold no anger toward him, I think many fans like me are simply disappointed.

I can't blame him for leg injuries, but I only wish his loose jaw would've been broken instead.


It's Millsap time! He will put up similar rebounding and scoring stats, play better defense, and he won't be hurt all the time. It's been nice knowing you Carlos. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Jazz Cop

Hopefully Cleveland is too proud a team to meet James demand. You can stay with us a good team or you can go to a team without superstar star, but we are not going to facilitate you creating a dynasty.

Not sure if James wants to play with Bryant - because he wants to the the star on the championship team. That is a scary thought

I think that Bosh is more likely to go to LA than James.

I think that Wade and either Stoudemire or Bosh goes down to Miami

James resigns or goes to Chicago and maybe even NYC
NYC gets the left over of either Stoudemire and Johnson goes to NYC. Both already played for their coach

NYC also has an 11 expiring contract for a player like Gordon,

No one talks about Washington, but they have enough max money for one player - Boozer. Boozer could also go to New Jersey

Wall, Gilbert, Boozer, Thornton, Blanche as a starting five. That puts Josh Howard in the free agent mix.


Wade said that he, James and Johnson from ATL were discussing where to go. It sound like some collusion. All 3 could end up in MIA. Not sure how MIA pulls that off with the cap.

Bosh prefers to go to LA and that could easily happen. Bynum and something goes to TOR.

Booz and NY do not make sense. They just resign Lee instead for less money.

It might be possible to work a sign and trade with CHI but where is the incentive for CHI? Booz has to demand and get 6 years out of them in order for there to be a trade.

MIA wants to dump Beasley. They could use Booz. They prefer Amare.

HOU might need Booz if Scola bolts.

NJ and Booz are a possibility.

Large Tuna

@AltaHawkFan: "FYI pt 2 ... The Lakers CANNOT sign a big name free agent either unless a team is foolish enough to agree to a sign and trade with them. Won't happen."

How do you think they got Gasol?...

Large Tuna

Boozer will not go to NYC. I honestly dont know where he'll go, it doesnt sound like chicago or miami want him. at least they didnt last summer, i dont know why they'd change their mind this summer.

if NYC thinks they can get lebron, they are crazy. why would he leave a championship-capable team to go to a lottery team. yea they have money to sign 2 superstars, but you need more than 2 players to win a championship.



Mark Eaton was a good center (not necessarily a "power center",) and my point is that he was the last "good" center we've had. And I for one think we need to spend more than we're spending on Loozer to get one. Even Karl Malone whined about that back in the day... And you know what? He was right! We've got the skill everywhere else, and I think a strong presence in middle is what's kept us from winning a championship, more than once...

Go Big Blue!!!

King Labron in LA is a very scary thought. If anyone can pull it off it is the Lakers. They have the resources, the Hollywood entertainment draw and a management team that has pulled off big trades in the past. Adding to the reason many of us love to hate them.

Regardless of whether Boozer goes or stays, the Jazz will be a great regular season team next year and continue to struggle in the playoffs. Okur is past his prime and AK has beome to fragile. Jazz need a good big man to take it to the next level. Problem is that there are not many big men to be had.

The past season gets Boozer out of the dog house. I think he is a plus to the Jazz if he stays, but it is not the end of the world if he goes.


In theory the Jazz might be able to sign Boozer and then trade him to a team with cap space for a "traded player exemption" that could then be used later to sign a player of equal value.

That would buy the Jazz a lot of time to work around the salary cap issues of adding back Boozer's salary for another player the Jazz really want and would be willing to pay 15 mill or whatever Booz gets.

The Jazz might be able to pick up a premier C or younger PF at the trade deadline. The big problem with that is who would the Jazz be able to get who has a wp48 comparable with Boozer's? Almost all of those players are stars and would not be moved in a trade deadline fire sale unless they demanded a trade and wanted to come to UT.

The Jazz would pay the luxury tax at the end of the season but it would hurt less since they did not pay Boozer his regular salary for 1/2 a year.

I still think you are best off to get younger cheaper players with potential.


I say if we don't trade up and get cousins or if udoh doesn't fall we trade down and try and get 2 first round picks. Then draft Whiteside and maybe a guy like Orton if he falls. Then trade up in the 2nd round and try and get Jarvis Varnado and buy another 2nd round pick and get Charles Garcia or Dexter Pittman. We got a lot of future picks to trade and have 3 trade exemptions Then sign and trade Booz along with Kosta. Then sign a big with your midlevel and you may have Milsap, Whiteside, Orton, Okur, Varnado/Garcia/Pittman/Fes. That is the length and defense we need. Sign Matthews


@Doug10, Not Asleep, DaveKnowsWhatsUp...

Thanks for being voices of reason.

I started watching the NBA in 1988. I think. Anyway, as I look down the list of NBA champions from 88... Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Lakers, Heat, and Celtics, I cannot think of a team who won their championship with "younger, cheaper players with potential."

Unless you're talking Kobe or Jordan with someone else (Pippen, Shaq, Gasol), then realistically winning it all pretty much meant a "big 3" with a solid supporting cast and bench.

If the Jazz can keep Williams and Boozer, and move AK47 and Memo on, they're still one piece short.


Keeping Boozer for 15+ Mill is not a recipe for winning a championship. We have been down that road for way to long. He just does not match up with several front lines in the West (including PHO).

Where is the Champion who won without a decent defense?

Further, there is no one out there that the Jazz can get who can replace him. You would have to sign him and then trade him and bring back the right player(s). Where is that trade? That only happens if Boozer can force a 6 year contract out of some team. Teams will not trade if they can just get Boozer for signing.

Further, he is redundant with Millsap. Where is the champion with redundant stars. He also will financially kill the team somewhere in the next 6 years if not before when he is injured or old.

You also have to get the right players back for AK.

Trades can be part of the options of rebuilding but keeping Boozer is not smart nor a step toward a championship.

You do not want multiple big contracts before the new CBA.

Get the right young players in place first.


As far as young players, where would the Jazz be if they had Lopez (either one of them)?

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