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Published: Thursday, May 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Personally, I can't wait for Boozer to be gone....


Jazz Fans find Carlos Boozer's interest in ANY team other than the Jazz attractive.


Well, it's spring, and love is in the air. Let's see how attractive the Bulls are when the driveway needs shoveling...


If he wants to go, then go. Chasing a bigger contract and having instability on a team is his answer, then an NBA championship is not one of his goals.


Lets trash the number 4 PF in the league...that makes the fans look ever so smart.

In the wildest dreams of Jazz fans they can in no way hope to find a player of higher caliber willing to come and play for the Jazz.

Were the Jazz able to somehow wrangle one more top tier player coming to the Jazz (trading Milsap and or Okur) then Boozer would be happy to return and be a part of a championship team here. That may be a better option than rebuilding AGAIN for the next 4 years.



You may be forgetting that Utah just broke it's record for snow late in the year. It's late spring, and I -still- haven't been able to pack away my snow shovel. :(


I don't want boozer to go... I want Jerry Sloan to walk away!! That is a big problem right there...


Jodi I think you're going WAY overboard with the
"following in Michael Jordan's footsteps in Chicago" line.

There isn't a single aspect of Carlos Boozer's game that in any way resembles Michael Jordan's. I suppose Joakim Noah is also following in Michael Jordan's footsteps in Chicago?


Hey Boozer, GET LOST LOSER! Go to the Bulls, The Lakers, the Raptors, anywhere but here! I am not even a huge Jazz Fan, but I know you are a detriment to the team! You and your soap operas. Nagging injuries, it's time to hit the road and let the big boys play!


It's Millsap time! He will put up similar rebounding and scoring stats, play better defense, and he won't be hurt all the time. It's been nice knowing you Carlos. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Any team other than Utah looks good to Boozer. IT has been obvious for a couple of years.


it has only just bggun. he hasnt talked about Miami yet... or the other teams he was interested in last off season.


RealityCheck... How could Boozer or Joakim follow in Jordans footsteps when he was a Shooting Guard... You can't follow in somebodies footsteps if you aren't doing the same thing they are!!

Not Asleep

I think we would be wise to keep Boozer on the roster. He has been and will be an important part of our team in the paint. They (true post/paint players) are hard to come by and to just have Milsap and Okur (if he can come back) as post players is not good enough. Stay here Boozer!

B Russ

The number 4 power forward in the league Doug? Oh you must mean on offense, defensively he's probably 29th or 30th.


Not Asleep... I am glad somebody here feels the same way about Boozer as I do!!


Overall Booz is s top 5 PF based on several metrics. But there are other problems.

Do you really want to give a 15+ mill a year contract for 6 years to an aging Boozer? He has an injury history and this is his last major contract. He has no incentive to play unless he feels like it.

Do you really want to bet the future of the franchise on Boozer?

I would rather invest in a younger healthier(less expensive) PF with potential who has incentive to improve.

The biggest problem with Boozer is that he does not match up against LA and other Western Conference teams with big line ups.

It makes more sense to let Booz go and get a much better C with the money he would have cost. Booz and Millsap are redundant and neither are good at C.

Get Millsap a decent back up (until you can get the PF of the future)or get a great SF and let AK back up. The key is to get the right C.

You can't get the C if Booz stays. Sloan can run the offense thru the C. A joint attack is better.


A quote about Steve Nash from an ESPN article: "But he also knew Steve Nash isn't wired that way. He's loyal. He's Canadian. He's old-school. He believes in things like, "I am the leader of this team, so as soon as I say that I might want to leave, I can't lead anymore." Nobody else would have stayed. Steve Nash stayed."

Does it make you think of Boozer....nope!
Even Williams keeps dropping his hints about leaving. Once he says it, he can't lead anymore!


Some Commentators are suggesting that Shaq will only get 2.5-3 Mill for playing next year.

It is a very long shot but Shaq's WP48 is still better than Okur's. You might be able to get him with the Brewer exemption?

He would only play for about 15 minutes but it would be worth a try. There is nothing to lose.

If he would come there is one major problem. Shaq plays best with a number of great outside shooters.


I agree with BugOff, we need a powerful Center. We've been lacking there ever since we lost Mark Eaton honestly...Oster-loser never could do the job, and no one since then has had the size to compete!

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