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Published: Monday, May 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utes 31 Tide 17

I, like many male college students, decided which University I would attend based largely on football. Admissions applications to Boise State skyrocketed after the '07 Fiesta Bowl. Wise or not, that's the reality.

Anybody who doesn't think Congress has any business meddling in sports must completely dismiss those facts. Not to mention the millions in revenue funneled away or towards taxpayer-supported institutions.


I can't believe you described Orrin Hatch as someone who is for "less government". What a joke.


I am tired of government in our business, why don't they just stay out of our lives! It has nothing to do with anything of their concern, get lost! Leave the BCS alone. I don't like it the way it is, but let the NCAA fix it.


ncaa needs to step up and take this declaration of championship away from the bowl commissioners---they should plan for and execute a playoff---they should restrict leagues to no more than 8 schools---the league champs then are in the playoff and if some leagues are considerably stronger then there should be a play-in wild card arrangement---when ncaa gets control and makes these changes then schools and tv can make any coalitions desired to meet the market and the bowls can go on as they were in the beginning; a challenge match between leagues---

most leagues would have a clear champion from win loss record but for those that don't, tie breaker rules could be fashioned---with more teams likely to have end of the year attention more players would consider more opportunities and tv would respond accordingly---

it does not take and act of congress---just that ncaa steps up and does their job---


I think both sides are completely missing the point the other is trying to make. The fact is, when the BCS was created it was a HUGE upgrade over the system that was then in place. The national champion was voted on back then, not determined through competition. And the bowls stuck with their conference affiliations and that was that. Utah's reward for their undefeated seasons WOULD have been the Las Vegas Bowl without the BCS. The BCS has definitely greatly increased the accessibility of the big stage to all schools.

That said, the BCS is missing the point that no one is looking at college football through the same lens that they used in the late '90s. College football fans are no longer satisfied with merely being better, we want the system made right. They are still trying to vindicate a system which isn't equitable by saying that it is less wrong than the one that preceded it. Sooner or later you just have to say that it isn't about having an improved system, it's about having the correct one that everybody is pining for.


Any system which favors one school over another, particularly if the favored schools are getting federal grants, should be outlawed by an act of Congress. The idea that the four biggest payout bowls give automatic bids to 6 conferences, and "might" allow a school from another conference if there appears to be no way to exclude them, is simply wrong. It is time to eliminate the athletic racism that favors schools from one part of the country over schools in another. And if you think the declining Big 10 or Big 12 will give up their places willingly, you need to wake up!


You just figured it out that it will take legislation? By the time Hatch does anything besides huff and puff, he will be in his 10th term, the oldest Senator in history, by decades.

The Big One

Let the ncaa fix it, ha ha funniest thing I've heard this all has happened on their watch. Mr. Orrin you have watched the country go down the tubes in your years in Washington and haven't done anything, what makes you think you can do anything about this. Couldn't be a publicity ploy?

Go Big Blue!!!

All of you BCS haters claim the BCS is stealing all of this money. The reality is that they created the wealth. The big conferences created the great bowls. They deserve to reap the financial benefits. Take your little Holiday bowl home and cry yourselves to sleep.


Follow the money. If the NCAA tried to make their own playoff system without considering the existing bowls, the BCS schools would just pull their football progams out of the NCAA and go it alone. That is why the NCAA will never do it. As of now they do get some revenue and if they lost the BCS schools they would lose it. The NCAA no longer has the student athlete welfare as it's core value. It is all about money. Remember the Tarkanian press conference where he openly gave one of his players a ticket home to attend his grandmothers funeral? It was against NCAA rules, but Jerry did it and then dared the NCAA to enfore the rule. Only public opinion kept them from hanging Jerry. The NCAA is a corrupt money grubbing institution.


Let’s get one thing straight. The BCS was created to maximize revenue for its members and indentifying a universally excepted National champion is clearly incidental. If the BCS members felt that positives (revenue) offset the negatives (religious school) they would’ve have offered BYU admittance years ago.

Wake- up Cougars. If the BCS conferences needed you they would have shown an offer years ago.

the world

My only disagreement: Hancock absolutely knows the BCS is unfair. He doesn't mean a word he says. It's all PR baloney.



The NCAA has had years and years to "fix it". How well have they done in "fixing it"? Give me a break! You sound like Hancock and his band of merry men.

Listen, there comes a time when the government does have to step in and do something, especially when it deals with monopolies and the unequal distribution of power and money. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 states "the public is best served by free competition in trade and industry. When businesses fairly compete for the consumer's dollar, the quality of products and services increases while the prices decrease. However, many businesses would rather dictate the price, quantity, and quality of the goods that they produce, without having to compete for consumers." (No, I'm not quoting from Wikipedia.) This same principal holds when determining monies available to state universities. A good college athlete who has aspirations for playing in the NFL is going to go to the university (Read: BCS university) who can most likely provide him the exposure to do so.

I welcome any comment, for or against my post.


Government needs to quit wasting my tax money, this would be a good place to start.


loved the democrat (liberal) slant that Mike tossed into this column. a true Utah grad at his finest!! The feds stepping in to mandate a playoff is NOT "more govt". The definition of "more governement" is "more taxes without jobs created". a playoff system combined with a slightly more limited bowl game schedule would increase the interest in college football and the revenues. the bowl system would be the consolation games which they are now. a true champion would be decided on the field not in a computer. the average fan would be truly interested in what all the other conference champions are doing and how they would pair up with their home team, etc.


"playoff system combined with a slightly more limited bowl game schedule would increase the interest in college football and the revenues"


I’ll agree that universally, fan interest would increase by having a national playoff system but I’m not sold that it would increase revenues substantially for the current BCS members. A bigger pie and thinner slices may not be that interesting for the Florida’s and Texas or the world.

I suspect if a team like BYU is accepted into a BCS conference they would need to agree to much smaller revenue cut than current members.


Why do you think Orrin Hatch is for less government ? As I've watched from far off texas - I keep wondering why a conservative state like UT keeps returning him to the senate ... he's one of the good 'ole boy network that's tying the country up in debt forever more...

on the BCS - there's only one sure way to break the BCS, and that is to win all out of conference games when the chances arise, and to this point in time (year in and year out) - BYU (my alma mater) has proven it DOESN'T... inspite of it's generally good performance levels across many sports statistically.

Maybe, it's not all about national football championships anyway.


Re: Go Big Blue!!!

If I were you I would cry myself to sleep at night over the state of your football program.

Respectfully -

An OSU Alum

The BCS is a joke, but it won't change anytime soon. There is too much money involved, and most people in the East aren't aware that football happens West of the Mississippi. Because you can't beat em' you better figure out how to join em'.


Remember one of the main points here. These BCS school are not simply separate business entities relying solely on themselves. They are receiving federal money.

Fitness Freak

Its an obvious anti-trust violation because it involves a "monopoly" and big bucks.

The BCS is a good example of how powerful monopolistic practices can become when they also have political clout!!

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