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Published: Sunday, May 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utes 31 Tide 17

There has never been a more exciting time to be a Ute fan. Leading the mountain west to a possible automatic BCS bid, 6 NFL draftees, 2 undefeated seasons, a possible Pac-10 invite... And 10 wins with a freshman QB is now a "rebuilding year".

I see the MWC inviting BSU and getting the auto-bid. The BCS is tired of the controversy, and this would enable them to assimilate TCU, Utah, and BSU all at once.

And once that happens, lets face it, you won't hear much more out of Orrin Hatch or Mark Shurtleff(or most of us) on the issue.


I actually enjoy watching both teams play.

I grew up in a BYU household, and I guess I would rather watch BYU beat Utah than the other way around, but as long as the game is competative, I'm fine.

Boylen needs to go. I miss the man in the sweater. Bring in Tommy Conner, and let's get Utah basketball back where it belongs. At the rate both teams are going, football looks close, but BYU owns basketball for the forseeable future.

It really is the lower, classless 1/3rd of the Ute fanbase that drives me nuts.


"It is difficult to say how BYU and Utah stack up to a national audience..."


I think we all know who has more fans in-state and nationwide. (Hint: it's the one people have heard of east of Evanston and west of Wendover.)

Howard S.

Dick reminds us that BYU, "has attracted national audiences with impressive numbers, which is a big reason ESPN saw to it BYU played Oklahoma last September in Dallas."

It's a good thing the inaugural date for Cowboys Stadium and Oklahoma were available as props so that ESPN could attract BYU's impressive national audience.

Golden Eagle

Let's not forget that BYU football games draw 20,000 more fans than Utah games, and their basketball games draw 5-10,000 more also. Those are fans that most likely would be watching if they weren't at the game.

But I also wonder if the data provided by the .mtn excluded viewers outside of the state of Utah. BYU has a lot of national fans, so to compare the teams for the local tv market we would need to base it on only local viewership.


Interesting move Dick. I guess the question is who wins the big 12 with BYU or the Pac 10 with U of U? the nice thing is that it's a good move for everybody. I doubt the MWC survives as a auto bid contender without these 2 schools in the mix.

DEW Cougars

Utes 31 Tide 17? He must be dreaming for PAC10. Anyway, stay tune when the domino begins. But for Boise State we will see if they will be included with MWC.

Utes 31 Tide 17

The fact that Utah is already so close behind in ratings is pretty ridiculous. Put them in the Pac-10 and annex the stadium to 75,000... There's got to be a significant number of BYU fans getting tired of Bronco mumbling about execution, and Vegas Bowl victories and 10-11 win seasons being the cieling.

Ten years from now, with a Rose Bowl or two on Utah's resume, I think we'll be reading a different story.


BYU has a larger fan-base, and having Mormons nationwide/worldwide means they have significantly more fans outside of the Wasatch than Utah does. I've lived in three time zones since leaving SLC in '95. Trust me, there are ALWAYS BYU fans in every LDS congregation, but I am usually the only Ute fan attending church wherever I live. We all have our crosses to bear.

BYU's history of excellent football is twenty years longer than Utah's, so they are more recognized by sports fans without any loyalty to either team.

Taking into account all sports, BYU's athletic department is the best in the conference.

I don't pretend to know what will happen with potential conference realignment. But no matter what happens, Utah and BYU will always have a viable rivalry, for both good and bad.


Here is the truth about the fan bases for BYu and Utah. BYU's in-state base has been erroding for years because less and less Utah residents are attending BYU. Utah's is growing because of their success, but because they are getting more alumni supporting the Utes. BYU might have 65k stadium, but I would argue Utah makes more money at the gate than BYU. You have about 25,000 students attending BYU games paying minimal prices for tickets. Utah is lucky to get 7500 students. Then BYU has all the grandfathered season ticket holders that are paying prices at 1980 rates. Utah has a season ticket base on par with BYU and they are paying current ticket prices. BYU has a larger following out of state, but that doesn't help local TV ratings and gate receipts.

Naval Vet

Golden Eagle:

"Let's not forget that BYU football games draw 20,000 more fans than Utah games..."

Let you not forget that RES' stadium capacity is only 45,000 whereas LES' is 64,000....about 19,000 more seats. Considering the Utes have been averaging greater than stadium capacity, your point was pretty stupid.

Jealous U

Only a jealous BYU hater like Howard S would try to minimize the impact BYU had on the viewership of the BYU-Oklahoma game.

Does Howard S really believe the ratings would have been the same if Oklahoma had been playing a team like Tulane? Was it only a coincidence that Barry Switzer was at the game?

The fact is ESPN was a driving force in putting that game together and BYU has always been a favorite team for ESPN broadcasts.

BYU was invited to play Oklahoma because ESPN wanted TWO teams that they knew would draw a national audience.


attendance smack? really? we are arguing over attendance numbers? sad sad sad day....

BYU has more fans, that has been the case for a while. And yes, they tend to support their team a little more. Thanks Harmon, yet another gem.


Utes 31 Tide 17 Thanks for the laugh! Take off your crimson colored glasses and get with reality.

And for WebMonkey....I am one of those season ticket holders you are talking about and, believe me, what I pay is no where near the 1980's price. Where do you get your info, because I need to talk with them.


Navel Vet: "...Utes have been averaging greater than stadium capacity." Is averaging 36K over the past two years considered greater than stadium capacity? Too many empty seats to make that claim ring true even for a prejudiced naval vet.

Webmonkey: My mother-in-law's tickets that she has had since 1980 have been going up annually almost 2X what they originally sold for; add to that club seating and the result is gate receipts averaging roughly 155% of RES.


DNews: Could you do a story on "The Mountain?" What are the nitty gritty details on their current contract with the MWC and when will it end?


Boy even with researched numbers ute fans still can't handle the truth.

Web-monkey, where do you get your info, I'm afraid you're living in a dream world. You can't be serious with your "guessing" commnent. At least do some research before you speak.

C'mon u fans get some class. Stop hyperventilating over everything. You have a good program, stop picking fights over every little thing. Your insecurity complex is larger than RES.


re:Utes 31 Tide 17 | 12:26 p.m.

"The fact that Utah is already so close behind in ratings is pretty ridiculous."

With two BCS wins se should not be behind. I think that the basketball team makes us a "one trick pony" Same with the Majerus years. Until we are consistent in both sports, it will be hard to draw a fan-base.

"Put them in the Pac-10 and annex the stadium to 75,000..."

Ummm... where do we get the money? Is the PAC-10 going to foot the bill there? The olympic committee already paid for the first renovation.

"There's got to be a significant number of BYU fans getting tired of Bronco mumbling about execution, and Vegas Bowl victories and 10-11 win seasons being the cieling."

Right... BYU fans switching because Bronco's team is winning?

"Ten years from now, with a Rose Bowl or two on Utah's resume, I think we'll be reading a different story."

Have you looked at the PAC-10? Where are we going to bet two championships in ten years when that's what we have done in the MWC.

Can we be realistic?



re:Utes 31 Tide 17 | 12:26 p.m. (cont)

OK, here's my problem with comments like yours. It's totally unrealistic.

We cannot throw together two seasons and be a power. I think Kyle is on the right track, but realisticly, BYU has a thirty year headstart on us in football.

I think we finally have a solid program, but we need to win conssitently to build the program. Basketball also needs to get it's act together to help solidify the fanbase. It's hard to be a Ute Fan year round when we proudly wear red to the football game, and then hide during basketball season.

I also think it's not smart to alienate BYU fans with classless behavior at the games, on these boards, and in real life. We need to be friendly rivals. I cheer for BYU when they don't play Utah, and I know many people who cheer for the Utes when it's not against BYU.

If both programs were solid, more fans would support both Universities athletics, Utah would seel more tickets and stadium expansion would not be a dream but a necessity.



re:Utes 31 Tide 17 | 12:26 p.m.

If Utah and BYU fans were fans of both institutions, both would prosper. Fall and winter should be big for college sports. We have no pro football in the state, and plenty of sports nuts to support both programs.

Instead of freaking out and twisting blowing things out of realistic proportions, making insightful and thoughtful comments, having discussions instead of silly prognostications ("Ten years from now, with a Rose Bowl or two on Utah's resume"), people would really flock to see both teams play.

Ten years, 75,000 seat stadium, PAC-10, and two Rosebowls. OK, we might get the PAC-10 invite, and maybe lucky and get to one Rosebowl in 15 years (if it's the PAC-12).

Otherwise, we stay in the MWC, become a AQ conference, keep winning, get a couple BCS there, and when we start filling our stadium, then we start adding.

Please DR. Hill, Basketball, and consistent football, then the numbers will follow.

Invite a BYU fan to a game, and treat them with respect.

We can have what we want, but you catch mor flies with honey than vinegar.

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