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Published: Friday, May 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Uh Scott....are you aware that NOBODY wants BYU....NOBODY! Their pompous attitude and religious drama is more than anybody would care to include in their league.


Uh Scott....are you aware that the only reason Utah is even considered for expansion, is because BYU, the ELITE UNIVERSITY in the MTN WEST, won't play on sundays?... Simple as that! I guess it's better to be lucky than good!


Uh JD... are you aware that when you say NOBODY wants BYU, especially written twice and in capital letters, that the primary example of that not being true is Utah? Utah has moved conferences multiple times WITH BYU, constantly sticking with them. Am I saying they do it solely to be in the same conference as them? Obviously not. But they have consistently recognized that being in the same conference as their natural rival and the biggest non-BCS cash cow over the past few decades has been to their benefit... And while you're correct that the liberal west coast has an aversion to adding BYU, don't think that same dilemma exists everywhere else. Elsewhere, particularly the Big 12 in this instance, if you can bring money and competition they could care less about the religious factor.


Using Scott's logic, SDSU is a lock.


"but like ND, BYU has a following spread across the US and in many foreign countries"


Another misguided comment coming from the vacuum. A BYU following is nearly 100% religion related. You would have to search long and far to find a Non LDS who actually is aware of BYU outside of Utah. As for Notre Dame, They have a FOOTBALL following that has transcended religion. Trust me, Notre Dame fans don’t use the religion card like the TDS. Infact, over 50% of there undergraduate studentbody is non catholic.

I would compare BYU more so to Oral Roberts.

Magic Happens

Xpat, are you seriously comparing ND's national following with BYU's LDS following. It requires that the question be asked, "What color is the sky in your world?" Your logic assumes all 6 million care and follow BYU. Having lived in Oregon, Wyoming, Illinois, Iowa and now in Utah and an active member of the church, I can say with confidence and experience that outside of Utah County the regular Sunday attending LDS member isn't as fanatical as you would have us believe about BYU or Utah for that matter. Are there some, sure but please don't try to convince us that day to day life comes to a halt when BYU can be seen on TV out of Utah. Fact is many don't follow as closely as you. Conference expansion is about many things including TV's. But it seems that DNews writers are quick to point out all the reasons why conference expansion shouldn't happen for Utah if it can't for BYU. Will one or both ever be invited to a better conference? Who knows. But the jealously of a possible invite for Utah is removing rational thought for some.



Curious comment, as someone who is not from Utah and does business daily with the rest of the US, it seems to me that BYU is well known. When others learn that I am LDS, frequently the conversation goes to BYU football. Perhaps to avoid the religious part of the conversation.

Maybe you're just speaking on your own experiences also. My personal experience is very different, certainly not at the level of a Notre Dame but well known just the same.



According to Nielson Research, who does the TV ratings - BYU football's National draw is 1 to 3 million homes depending on the quality of the game.


Included in BYU's following are those who want to see BYU die.


One other interesting stat: Of the D1 football schools that are not in a BCS AQ conference there are five, tier 1 "National" Universities that have a student body population over 20,000. Of those five, three are in the MWC - BYU, Colorado St. and Utah. The other two are Ohio and Buffalo.

Fed Employee


Here's a thought. I'm from Kentucky, remember that school that beats Utah in the NCAA tournament almost every time they play each other. When people there find out what state I was in for college and especially what school they automatically start talking about the high quality of BYU football. No one who talks with me even mentions Utah. There are plenty of people who know about BYU football and give it the respect it is due.


"When others learn that I am LDS, frequently the conversation goes to BYU football"


The point being is that ND Football encompasses a far greater fan base than simply just their religious affinity. ND fans reach every demographic/religious sector nationwide. BYU is a niche commodity (rhymes with oddity) that doesn’t lend itself to growth outside of its zealot followers. You would be hard pressed to find a BYU fan not associated to the LDS Church — they don’t exsist . The same cannot be said for ND.

The ignorant attempt to mention BYU to ND in the same breath is sad and laughable


Fed Employee,

No doubt people associate things to states/regions.

People outside of the state associate Utah to Mormons/BYU just as they think potato when you mention Idaho — what’s your point?

My point is that just because people have heard of BYU doesn’t equate to actually caring about BYU.


BYU command markets especially in Pac-10 footprint. During the 80's I lived in the Seattle area and BYU came to town to play the Huskies in BB. There was a lot of interest in the game and so it was moved to the Seattle center. Much to the Huskies surprise there were more BYU fans at the game than Husky fans.

I have traveled to several away games and there is always a good LDS showing - even on the east coast. It is likely that BYU is the engine of the MT and the most important draw. Many teams in the conference consider BYU there most or next to the most important game of the year.

Is sports all about fan support - we will see.




Your view that BYU fans are predominately LDS is correct.

However, you said - "You would have to search long and far to find a Non LDS who actually is aware of BYU outside of Utah"

That statement has no validity at all - of course you can call me ignorant; but, my experience tells me that BYU is well known outside of Utah, those people may not be fans but they know of BYU football.

Alpine Blue

Scott et al: It all seems like a red herring by the BCS. Otherwise, please explain to me such mighty BCS television markets as Oregon State (Corvallis), Iowa State (Ames), Washington State (Pullman), Baylor (Waco), Iowa (Iowa City), Oklahoma State (Stillwater), Arizona (Tucson), Texas Tech (Lubbock), Arkansas (Fayetteville), LSU (Baton Rouge), Florida State (Tallahassee), West Virgina (Morgantown), Virginia (Charlottesville), etc.

The list goes on and on and even if you include nearby metro areas (Iowa State = Des Moines) or even entire states (West Virginia or Nebraska), the Utah/BYU market would seem to far exceed many of these small city/small market teams.

Nothing but excuses from the BCS to exclude those on the outside-some of whom have far better arguments for inclusion than those already in the mix. What a shame.

Portland Trail Blazers

Utah brings nothing to the table to the Pac 10, nor would they bring anything to the Big 12.

The pac 10 jsut made a new TV deal which will make it even harder to expand.

BYU would be a good fit in the Big 12, Utah does not really fit in anywhere.

Utah is not Pac 10 popular nor does it have the gloamor and 'coolness' of the Pac 10. Utah is not a big name across the nation. At least BYU has a big fan base up and down the west coast and even Texas, BYU has a better chance of going to the Big 12 than Utah to the Pac 10.



You're so phony.

You said,
"You would have to search long and far to find a Non LDS who actually is aware of BYU outside of Utah"

Yet as soon as someone refutes such a ridiculous comment and blows it out of the water, you go on about "but my point is this...or my point is that". Don't you see yet how immature and ridiculous your blinding hate for BYU is?

Fact is, people outside of Utah and outside the LDS Church know who BYU is and respect the football program. When you have, since 1974, 29 bowl appearances, 17 top-25 finishes and one National Championship, people are going to notice. To say otherwise is just being spiteful.

One personal example is that I travel internationally for work. One time I was just outside Mexico City, wearing a pullover that had only the signature "Y" on it. A Mexican came up to me and immediately said, in Spanish, "You like BYU Football?" Turns out this guy loved American College Football, which most don't follow down there, and of course he knew who the BYU Cougars were. Not LDS. Not even American. Yet he know.

Portland Trail Blazers

re Alpine Blue. Yeah universities are in small markets but they take the big city, e.g.

Oregon and Oregon State - Portland

Wazzou and Wash. - Seattle, Spokane

LSU - New Orleans, Baton Rouge

Nebraska - Omaha

Arizona, ASU - Phoenix, Tucson


Utah + Colorado = 2.5 million tv sets = 20% increase in market share for the Pac 10. Additionally, both markets are growing. When the SEC expanded, they took Arkansas and South Carolina- not exactly enormous television markets.

Additionally, Utah and Colorado fit well with the Pac 10 academically. BYU does not fit in the Pac 10 academically at all. Lack of research, lack of freedom of thought, lack of freedom of expression, lack of FREEDOM- those aspects of BYU do not exactly mesh with Cal Berkely, Stanford, UCLA, etc.

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