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Published: Thursday, May 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Old Blue

This is so much garbage. To "Qualify" to be fed table scraps of the "Big Conferences" the non-BCS teams must go well beyond that which BCS second level teams must do to pay in paying bowl games. This is a lock out plain and simple with the goal of building the coffers of the BCS conferences at the expense of non-BCS conferences and college football in general.
Congress should be more involved in this monopoly.

Go Big Blue!!!

Congress should leave the BCS bowl series alone.

The bowls have a rich tradition. The big bowl games were created by the big conferences. The BCS conferences are just protecting the product they created.

How un-American is it for the have-nots to want the government to take away from the haves? I guess it does fit in with the Obama hand-out administration.

Cougar Blue

Oh good grief, Big Blue. What a crock.


THe bcs can't even make a decent argument. He basically said, those losers should be happy with what we give them. There is no champion without a playoff. From little league to the pros, without a tournament, you don't know who the best team is. If you want a poplularity contest (ie BCS) you should call it the National Football Beauty Pageant.


This is such a load. So have the ACC and Big East "earned" the right to be AQ Conferences? No, there is just more money in the markets they represent. BCS will not change, the cartel money is too good.

Utes and others will just have to bust it again and maybe get invited to the table.

Sad state when the NCAA can't even crown their own champion anymore.

Robert in St. George

I can't believe all the screaming about discrimination being had in Arizona. This is a far bigger example of direct discrimination if I have ever seen it. I come from Pac-10 country and I still agree with the two senators. It's garbage.

Alberta Reader

The biggest crock was when the BSC put Boise against TCU last year, both would have spanked any other team they would have played.
My respect for Boise though went way up as they beat TCU and TCU dominated severely the Mountain West.
I had expected TCU to win 44-7 or so


@Alberta Reader:

You obviously didn't watch their Poinsettia Bowl game the year before when TCU barely beat them... There's now love lost between those two!


Senator Hatch, Please continual to do what ever is necessary to break-up the BCS. The prosecute all of those from the NCAA who allowed this reign of thieves to exist in the first place. Finally, just shoot the leaders of the BCS. The BCS has ruined college sports. BCS teams get all of the best prospects.


I would agree with Hancock if the top 8 ranked schools played in the four major bowls. But they don't. Some conferences get AQ bids, others have to rely on the stars aligning. That is the definition of discrimination.

Jimmy James

So I hate the BCS as much as anyone else, but, I think some of his points are good ones.

I think it's important to remember that the BCS is / was an improvement over the previous system and that by and large it has generated a heck of a lot of revenue for college football, of which Utah has gotten a small taste.

However, just because the BCS is better than the previous system, doesn't mean it's the best system. And that's what we want, a true way of determining a college football champion and revenue shared more equitably.


What do you expect the BCS guys to say. Just enforce anti-trust rules and open the process. That's the only fair thing to do. What happened to the free market?

Alberta Reader

I did watch the Poinsettia bowl you referred to. TCU won by one point.
I watch the MWC conference on my satellite each yr.
I Like both teams but this year I thought TCU would beat Boise.(like they won most games in the MWC by 30 or more points) Boise really impressed me and they were shafted in the final rankings in my opinion they did not get the credit they deserved


Good ole boy network.


Good ole boy network.

Alberta Reader

As I reread my post I can see how it came across as negative to Boise State. Actually my intentions were not this at all. I have nothing but praise for them and how they play. My point I was trying to make was the BSC did the cowardly thing by putting the two BCS "crashers" together in the same game. I felt either one could beat one of the teams from the AQ conferences.
The BCS did not want to take a chance and allow this to happen or it would have weakened their(BCS) credibility


Call an apple, an apple. BCS is not a "national" anything because it requires membership that is more restrictive than just within our nation's boundaries. Call it what it is. Remember the "bowl alliance" or before that the "bowl coalition" (synonyms include bowl union, bowl partnership, bowl merger).

Since the "union" in 1992, the so-called national champs have been Alabama (2), Florida State (2), Nebraska (3), Florida (3), Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Miami, Ohio State, LSU (2), USC (2*), and Texas.

18 years prior to 1992, Oklahoma (2), USC (2), Pitt, Notre Dame (2), Alabama (2), Georgia, Clemson, Penn State (2), Miami (4), BYU, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Washington. 4 teams in the last 36 years have done well under both systems, Alabama (4), USC (4), Oklahoma (3), Miami (5). Interestingly, Orange bowl is in Miami's stadium. Rose bowl is in USC's stadium. Bowls = revenue.

An open to all playoff system is the only way to legitimize the title "national champion".


Boycott all BCS schools and deport them out of your schedules MWC and WAC.

A new mid-level college football league needs to created, with its own playoff championship, just like Div FCS(I-AA), II, III, and NAIA.

Then a National Champion will be decided on the field.

Maybe the BCS would eventually come asking to merge the mid-level division into the BCS, like the AFL into the NFL, and ABA into the NBA.

How could they not, with the most exciting brand of football being played in the WAC and MWC.


It's easy. Tell the idiots who run the organization to name one sport that doesn't determine a winner by a playoff system. That will tell them how lame their organization truly is.

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