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Published: Friday, May 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Senator Bennett is a very intelligent man who has been able to seek and find compromise and has represented Utah with dignity.

Unfortunately, that dignity seems to have been lost during this campaign as Senator Bennett spent so much of his time doing negative campaigning against the other candidates, especially Mike Lee. The campaign was "toxic" in large part because he made it that way.

We need someone who will be an uncompromising voice for a smaller government, and end to entitlements, personal responsibility, and a return to fiscal responsibility.

That's why I'm voting for Mike Lee.


As a write in, he wouldn't have received more than 5% of the vote, so . . good decision there Bob.

"Anyone but Bob" is better than Bob, because a new guy isn't connected well enough to the establishment to be able to spend nearly as much as Bennett was spending.

The question is whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously, I think it is an improvement to NOT spend more.

The whole bit about a possible Bennett endorsement for Granato was hilarious. See, those Dems DO have a sense of humor!



Again, I'll challenge the ungrounded nonsense posted on these threads.

Isn't it interesting that the one thing that would make a lasting difference on not only reducing the deficit but also the size of government would be to truly deal with entitlement programs like social security, medicare, medicaid and now Obamacare. All these were passed under a Democratic Congress. The first three with a Democratic majority in both the house and Senate that existed almost un-interrupted during this period for 52 years.

At the beginning of Bush II's term projections were for annual balanced budgets and a balanced budget overall within a few years. What happened? Massive new Republican spending programs, or new social programs? Not! Fiscal policy are not the only factors affecting tax revenue and the deficit. There is also an independent Fed affecting monetary policy, and the economic cycles themselves.

In 2002 we had a little event called 911. Then we had accounting scandals, bankruptcies and a recession.

Now without a 60 seat filibuster proof majority the Republicans had a hard time addressing the big issues, but there were significant attempts to simplify tax policy and take on entitlements.


Having stated the facts about entitlement programs being the only place to get the size of government and the deficit under control, it is also very interesting to me that many conservatives including those on the far right are completely unwilling to consider entitlement reforms.

Any you think politicians are the problem? They are just listening to the American people, who say do not touch my social security check and medicare reimbursement. The same people who are complaining about Obamacare don't realize that already, 50% of medical costs in this country are controlled by the federal government under medicare and medicaid and we are all forced to buy it.

Anyone who is really sincere, informed and serious about reducing the size of the deficit, needs to support reforming these entitlement programs.

Mark my words, we will never reduce the size of government until we are willing to take one for the team on big government entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare.

Being willing to sacrifice earmarks for our state, cut military spending or any other federal program other than entitlements just won't get it done.


Thank you for your service, Senator Bennett.

Much as I didn't want the Senator in office, I want the two competing for the Republican slot on the general election ballot even less. Senator Bennett, at least, worked for what he believed to be the best for the United States and Utah. Lee and Bridgewater will be working for what is best for the Republican Party, and to heck with what's best for the country and state and people.

We don't need Lee and Bridgewater infinitely more than we didn't need Bennett. I see no indication that either would reach the level of mediocre, much less any higher level. They would work for the benefit of the tea party or Energy Solutions or the Republican Party, and not the people they are supposed to represent. The people of this state and country deserve better.


The use of Bob's word "career" to describe what has ended accurately describes how he approached his political life. Rather than public service, it was a self-serving career, one that he was not ready to retire from.

I would love for some pro-Bennett supporter to show me where George Washington, Abe Lincoln, or Ronald Reagan, referred to their life in public office as a "career".

As one of the delegates who voted for to oust Bennett at the convention, I'm happy to say that I don't regret my vote at all and if Lee or Bridgewater view their time in office as a "career", it will be time kick them out too.


reSmith9294: "Career" generally refers to an individual’s work and life roles. Perhaps you assign some other meaning to the word? I suspect that you don't intend to mean that our elected officials should only pursue their public trusts as a "hobby." Personally, I think it is to an elected official's credit if they're dedicated to their public service while in office, which in my lexicon warrants the term "career" regardless of how long they are in office.


Smart move Bob, you could not have won anyway. But I've kind of lost respect for Bennett, calling this race "the nastiest in the history of the GOP in Utah." In fact, this race was completely tame and civil--except for his side. He was the only "nasty" one in the race, Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater were both as tame as sunday school teachers. Bennett, however, went hostile, spent a fortune, attacked Lee and Bridgewater relentless; of which, Lee and Bridgewater never reciprocated. I think the party made the perfect decision on May 8th, to send Bennett on a different mission.



"Career" is synonymous with profession, something that you do to advance your own state in life, which is what Bennett has done. Why would you avoid the question by attempting to get into a battle of meaning? He used it, and a close look at the results of his "career" show a leaning towards self rather than the public.

I'm still waiting for someone (maybe you can help me) to show me where our Founders and the others I mentioned refer to their public service as a career.

And no, I don't expect our public officials to treat their time as a hobby; I'm not sure where you got that from. Perhaps, you misread. I expect them to serve for the sake of service and not promotion of self.

Bennett's use of the word career is apropos; a family company that started with his father and heavily involved his son, the great retirement package he'll receive, and the great salary he received.

Again, please show me how this, what Bennett calls his "career" matches the public service of our Founders and others like them.


I hope that he will go on a mission, such a better place to be than in Washington. Just don't serve there.

Fiscal Hawk

We don't need entitlement reforms, we need to cut entitlements completely. Where are social security, medicaid, and medicare guaranteed in the Constitution?


I didn't like Bennett but he is/was a heck of a lot better than these two idiots who want his job.

On the Dems side Granato wouldn't be my first choice either. Utah had better wake up and join the 21st Century quickly or we will be left in the dust and , our kids won't be able to compete, our environment will be destroyed, our public lands will be sold off and our water will be sold off to the highest bidder.

I do not want Utah looking like the West or East Coasts, Denver or Vegas. The Christian Fundamentalists are taking over the midwest and need I remind the readers of this paper what they did to Utah's founding father Joseph Smith and his flock.

Jon Huntsman was the best leader we've had in a long time but he answered our Nations call to duty and is now serving under a great president that is being challenged daily by the republican obstructionalists who represent big business and the plutocrates.

What did Brigham Young say back in '47? "No One Shall Own the Water."


Bennett claims the recent convention race was the nastiest in the history of the state, as if his campaign was sweet and postive. Bridgewater and Lee were certainly not nasty to Bennett. Neither of them ran negative ads against Bennett. In fact, Lee didn't run any electronic ads leading up the convention. The Club of Growth was very critical of Bennett.

Lest we forgot, it was Senator Bennett who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on print and electronic media attacking Mike Lee for his stance on Afghanistan. To imply--as Bennett does and much of the coverage in the Trib does--that Mike Lee was the source of the nasty campaign is simply ludicrous. Lee defended himself in the face of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of attack ads, and now he is the bad and nasty guy?

This is truly Alice in Wonderland stuff. It's just another example of a double standard of a politician who thinks he is entitled to a seat and that anything he does to protect that seat is nice and anything anyone says that is critical of him is nasty.


reSmith9294: I believe you are applying your own narrow interpretation of the word career to Senator Bennett. I believe your argument would be better served if you stick to your disagreement with his actions/votes during his service rather than attacking the term he used to describe it. I don't believe it matters so much if our "Founders" would use the term "career" to describe their service as to the type of service they gave. Is that what you're asking, to compare the service that Senator Bennett rendered while in office to the service our Founders rendered while in office? That seems a much better question than asking if other elected officials referred to their service in the same vernacular.

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