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Published: Friday, May 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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T. Party

@sid 6.7

1) You're assuming something that's not true about my political affiliation.

2) If one of these guys gets in 20 years to where Bennett is now, it'll be time to kick him out, too.


So sorry. i liked him. I'll write him in in November, just to make my point.


I am glad for the good he did for the state of Utah, that being said he should have simply kept his word when he said he would only run for two terms and all this humiliation and embarrasment for him and his family could have been avoided. I am so tired of politicans who will not keep their word which seems to be quite a few these days. I would suggest if he wants to serve people that he pack his bags and go on a mission for his church, it will get him out of the public eye and allow time for us to forget about him and get his tail out from between his legs.


Mike in Sandy: show some class for once in your life. Nobody likes to see someone get kicked when they are down - it is one of the basest attributes of human nature. You appear to be the kind of guy who would beat someone and then make fun of them. Classless, classless.

track coach

This is simple

To Senator Bennett sad to see you go!

To those of the far right wing of the republican party, your not getting me to vote for choice for senate...I will still write in Bob Bennett as my choice.....because it is the right thing to do for our state.


“TRANSPARENTLY”, the following is [not] endorsed by Sen. Bennett or the Deseret News; "I alone accept full responsibility"……

Considering [THE OBAMA, REID, PELOSI APOLOGIST'S] Mr. Lee, Mr. Bridgewater nor Mr. Chaffetz denounced (rather graciously accepted) the outside LIES and vitriol levied at Sen. Bennett and using that as the standard of [their] level of integrity to the state of Utah, I have no other choice then to denounce those who are hell-bent on increasing Utah's unemployment and economic downward spiral to bankruptcy, by using my Constitutional guaranteed right to Write-In Sen. Bennett.

America ‘HAS ALWAYS’ set her sails [against] the winds of oppression and tyranny (UNTIL REID, PELOSI, OBAMA), and I will stand up to those who float on the winds of “HOPE AND CHANGE” who are uncompromisingly [using] Mr. Chaffetz and are going to uncompromisingly [use] Mr. Lee or Mr. Bridgewater to further the downward degeneration of Utah and THE UNITED STATES of America.

Look at where the winds of "HOPE AND CHANGE" have gotten us….. (China ‘spending’ America’s future prosperity) Quit being tossed to and fro by the deceptive wind devils of the [OBAMA, REID, PELOSI] "REGIME"!


To all you nasty people on here...I hope you're proud of yourselves for kicking someone when he's down.

Senator Bennett is an excellent Senator and a very good man. I will be supporting whoever wins the nomination and either one will be excellent.

Let's keep fighting for our country against the administration in Washington that's trying to bring us down.

We have just begun to fight.


Bob, your recent vote AGAINST auditing the fed just confirms how out-of-touch you are. You care more about the banksters than the people you supposedly represent. Enjoy retirement. It's good to see you go.

2 bits

I agree Bennett has served well. I applaud him for moving on with dignity.

If I were him I'd see this as a blessing in disguise. I can't think of ANYTHING I'd like less than being his age and having to run another tiring and contentious campaign. Dealing with the media, rabid partisans, bickering matches with opponents, the TOXIC atmosphere in Washington, etc.

Maybe now he can retire and enjoy the rest of his life and look back on his accomplishments.

Nobody should have to be a politician their WHOLE life.


Johnny Triumph | 10:54 a.m.

What if you write him in... he wins... and he won't go?

What if he decides he LIKES the idea of retiremnt?


Dang, wanted to beat him twice in one year.

2 bits

JMT | 4:10 p.m. just sharin' the often-touted liberal-love-tolerance-and-compassion, right?

That's what I call class.


I'm sure he's a good man.

Unfortunately, he's forgotten the oath he took to uphold the Constitution. He's voted for a lot of stuff that should never have passed, and ought to be thrown out by the SCOTUS (yeah, I know, good luck with that...). Just because he's in good company with the 99% of the other Congressmen who ALSO don't uphold the Constitution, and he's a leader among them for his seniority, is no reason to send him back again. The longer any of them are there, the worse they all get, no matter how principled or good they were to begin with.

If we can't get term limits in the Constitution, by all means let's get it in at the ballot box.

Enjoy your retirement, sir. You'll probably get appointed to something anyway.

Uncle Rico

Bob's "write in" vote campaign would have fallen short anyway. I regret taking the time to listen to his "speech" on KSL today. Nice of Bob to point out how his potential earnings are significantly larger in the private sector. Just don't forget Bob, who put you in the public sector so you could reap those benefits.

C. Darwin

Bob, if you had not lost touch with want Utahns want you would be returing to Washington to finish your carrer. You just would not listen to what your state citizens were telling you.

Teha Rangi

After reading all of the ill-informed, bigoted, nonsensical, hate-monger comments against Sentator Bennett, I'm trying to remember why I moved back to Utah.

Funning thing, though. In the Northwest I was considered a John Bircher. Here in my home state I am regarded as a communist.

Guess I must be just about right.


Pity. Spoil sport.

DN Subscriber

Right choice.

Thanks for your service.

Hope we will see you supporting the Republican nominee after the primary.

Now, even though you are a lame duck, you still have the power to slow down or stop much of Obama's agenda. You don't need to worry about ticking off Harry Reid or other senators, or the news media.

Do what you know needs to be done, even if it is violates the chummy traditions. We must stop the destruction of our country by Obama and his pals. Object to every single "unanimous consent" request, if nothing else. Maybe if you had been fighting harder you would have won more delegates.

utah state graduate

I think it is high time that senators and representatives realized that when they win office it doesn't mean they will stay in office for life. The seat doesn't have their name permanently written on it. Edward Kennedy was replacable--even by a Republican. These congressional people need to start listening to their constuency and stop doing only what they want to do. I hope most of the incumbents get beaten.


2 bits, thats funny!The touchy feely life you share must rock you to sleep at night with tears of joy.

Bob has added tens of trillions of debt and obligation to our lives. The harm he added...

What is soooooo ironic about my leftist, marxist buddies across America is they have spent years attacking Bush and his policies of invading the world, massive debt, etc and now they cry as his henchmen are removed from office. Make up your mind. Did you love or hate the Bush years, multiple Bush doctrines, etc. Which is it?????

I for one thought the Bush years were horrible in many different ways. They have brought us to where we are at now. As part of this, I want his cronies gone with or without the graceful exit. This means Bob thrown out on his ear.

No, he was fired. I am not going to romanticize it. He was fired for supporting almost every single hair brained big government, Washington scheme even half thought of.

Sorry you can't make your mind.

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