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Published: Friday, May 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fiscal Hawk

Good move, Bob. Hopefully the other incumbents who are voted out will follow your wise example.

Johnny Triumph

Doesn't mean we can't write him in. We need experienced voices in Washington that won't get walked all over like newbies will.


Bennett may finally be coming around to an understanding of why he was defeated to begin with.

Thanks for your service, Senator.


Senator Bennett, I'd vote for. Not his replacement.

We the People

Goodbye, Senator.


If Utah the Republican party didn't have such a fear hold on people, I would love to see Bennett run as an Independent. But, the political system (which encourgaes people to vote only along political lines) and the ignorance of many people (thinking they should vote for a party, instead of a person and their credentials and beliefs) doesn't seem to work, here. It is both frightening and a shame.


Thanks to Senator Bennett for his 18 years of exceptional service to the people of Utah and the nation. You have accomplished much on a variety of issues and in defending Utah interests including important Utah/federal land use issues. In the last two years, you made politically courageous decisions in supporting the Bush TARP and in offering a free market and state regulated alternative to Obamacare. I agree with both those decisions. You still have much to fight for before leaving office.

There is still much to be done. The next senator from Utah needs to be a quick learner. There are many important issues at stake. Let's show up at the polls and may the best candidate win.

i am hank

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Thank you, Senator Bennett, for your years of dedicated service to Utah and to the nation. While I wish you would run, I respect and understand your decision not to. It demonstrates to me that you are truly a statesman who can see the bigger picture. I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do in the future.

As a sign of respect and gratitude for your service, I will still be writing your name in on June 22.


re: i am hank,
Writing him in June 22nd wouldn't do any good.
He can't and won't get the GOP nominee.

If you really want Bennett, write or type him in November 2nd.


A decision made
Late can nevertheless be
A good decision.


Thanks Bob!

Get ready for that presedential bid in 2012!


Thanks Senator,

I really am sorry to see you go, and truly wish that more people would have had a direct say in the matter since your candidacy did have direct consequences on our lives. You've represented the state well, and have been fine example of a Conservative individual not driven by ideology.

I only hope the others can do the same and put the good of the country over the whims of these interest groups that have too much nomination power.


sad that modeates are being trashed so we can go to another swing instead of doing what is right by our people.


A wise move.

Sadly, from his comments I still don't think he understands that he was a contributor to the toxic political environment...the GOP has failed miserably to follow through on their promises and principles.


Thanks to Senator Bennett for eighteen years of dedicated service to Utahns. The only sad part is that he could have exited gracefully of his own accord. That said, he's a good man and we're all better for his contribution.

Mike in Sandy

Good. Save yourself the embarrassment. Go plant a garden. Go fishing. Go away.

sid 6.7

Ahhh ultra-conservative Tea Party fear mongers. You guys have really stepped into it this time. Did you seriously just kick this guy out? Do any of you realize what your misguided anger and haste have done not only to the citizens of this state but to your own party as well? You sent a much respected and very well connected Senator packing? And for what? One of two guys that it will take the next 20 years to get where the guy you just kicked out was, if they’re that good that is.

It's going to be awesome watching you guys implode of the next couple of years.

John Wicks

Good. No more voting for a pay increase!!!


Meh. I'll probably write him in anyway.


I'd have made the same decision given that he is 75 years old, I would want to take life easy.

The one take away from all this is we should change the electoral process so that a minority of conservative (or liberal) Utahns never again get thier way over the wished of the majority.

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