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Published: Thursday, May 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan

What a conflict for Utonians. We want all our prisoners to serve out their full sentences. But to do that we need more prisons which will cause our taxes to increase. Decisions, decisions.


First of all, the State did try to go private on the prison system and found out that it actually cost MORE than if they ran the prison.

You diatrite "Most are innocent trapped in the system" is laughable at best and criminal at worst, I worked at the prison for 7 years and most of the people there are there for REAL reason, They violated the law. The majority of them in general population are sex offenders.

For those that don't think that the inmates don't work. A good portion of them do work, they mop the floors, they weed, they clean the highway (until recently) they fight forest fires, they have UCI where the learn a trade (wood working, printing, etc).

The problem again is that by law an inmate industry can not compete with the private sector and they lack funding.

Every inmate that is court ordered repraiations, must pay back the victims.


Many inmates in the custody of the Utah Department of Corrections have been over-sentenced.

Early release hasn't resulted in an uptick in victimization.

Let's explore alternatives to incarceration rather than enrich those who build and staff the prison-industrial complex.


"Crimson Regret | 8:30 a.m. May 20, 2010
I think that they need to put all of the lifers and death row inmates onto an island, and let nature do the rest. why should we have to pay for them. If they are so bad that they need to be removed from society then why should society have to pay for them."

They tried this once, in a little place called AUSTRALIA. Didn't work. You could remove some of the endless appeals but then increase the chance of an innocent man being convicted without recourse, so that's out. How about a REAL solution?

Endlessly long sentences are part of the problem. Five years to life isn't any kind of solution that fits every crime. And a number of years is nothing if rehabilitation is not part of the package. Prison climate is nothing like the real world, when people leave it, they have to adapt, and many fail because they are unprepared (thanks to the confinement system we currently have). Hard work is one way, but if people have no skills, then it's just the chipping rocks which really isn't doing much good.


Are US citizens the most criminal in the world?
The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.
We incarcerate more of our citizens then anyone including Russian and china.
We are about 5% of the world’s population but account for 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.
The United States incarcerates around 737 per 100,000.
Many other western countries incarcerate around 100 per 100,000
One out of every 32 US citizens is involved in some way with the criminal justice system.
There are around 7 million Americans in prison and drug offenders account for 2 million of those.
The war on drugs is a war on our own citizens.
When the mental hospitals were opened in the 80's a large percentage of these people went from the hospitals to the prisons.
It is my opinion that we lock up too many of our citizens.
We have made everything a felony.
Sentencing and justice are arbitrary.
And we do not allow those released much of a chance.
They have a very difficult time finding work and housing.
Without being able to work, what do we expect them to do?


The other thing I think that needs to be brought up is: what is crime?
Most of the laws on the books punish crimes that the poor commit.
The crimes that the rich commit are not called crimes.
Our justice system is the best that money can buy.
If you have the money you can commit crime and usually get away with it.
How much money did the bankers and Wall Street steal from each citizen last year?
Not only did they steal the money, but then our government gave them more of our money for good measure.
Why are these people not in prison?
Because the crimes that they committed are not illegal (because in a large part, they make and pass the laws)
And they have the money to fight any crimes they committed that are laws.
A man sticks a gun in your face and steals your wallet; he gets 5-20 years in prison.
A man steals all of your 401k, retirement, house, and everything in your bank account; the government gives them your tax money as well.

Law-abiding citizen

Why should inmates live in better conditions than our military? Put them in tents! Also, reduce their medical benefits to the same as our Medicaid/Medicare patients - why should they receive better healthcare than our Medicare/Medicaid patients? I also feel they should be utilized somehow in the military since we are at war.

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