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Published: Thursday, May 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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$26,000/yr. That is because it's government run. $26,000 could easily be spent wisely. The first is, repealing all rights a prisoner has except a court appointed lawyer.

The 2nd is making prison so miserable that you don't want to go back. That includes causing pain and suffering to the "inmate". That way the next time they come back they either off themselves before it happens, or they don't come back at all. It's a win-win situation that leaves the general public in a situation where they are not overly burdened with taxes that could be spent on say...lights that turn green when you pull up to them and there's no on else around...(something Utah can't seem to figure out but all the other states have)


What a burden on society to have to house these criminals. Make them pay for their stay, make them work while in prison. Chain gangs could go a long way to making up for the shortfall in resources. And it would probably be a better deterent then what we currently have.


I agree with giantfan. Why can't they work??


Capsaicin, I can't tell you how happy I am that you're not in any position of power.

You are exactly what's wrong with this world. You're just like these criminals.


can't we put them in tents with bologna sandwiches like the sherriff in Arizona?


@ giantfan and lsteinbentley: Great - let's put them to work. Exactly what jobs would you trust them to do? And what do we do about those who are now unemployed because inmates are doing their jobs?

@ Capsaicin and thelogicalone: Remember that handy dandy little thing called "The Constitution of the United States of America"? I suggest you read the 8th Amendment.


Cut the funding for for parks and rec first etc. The trees will still grow without someone watching them. Let's put safety first.

lost in DC

how bout we execute ronnie lee gardner and the lafferty brothers? that will free up three more beds.

DR Hall

It is most unfortunately that we have so many people who violate the law to cause this situation to occur. But Our Political parties will not set the right priorities and just blame others. Had we not wasted our money in recent Wars and allowed regulations to be ignored to bring on this economic crisis and elected officials seting the the wrong example with their lies and very bad actions and do nothing to correct our situations that others try the same actions and get caught for it. If we would all try to be better people and respect each other and hold others as our equals, then most of these messes would not be occurring. We all need to go away from GREED for our selves and work on building our families and communities together.

You have to kidding

Waddoups said the state has a higher than average incarceration rate because it aggressively prosecutes dangerous criminals, a characteristic he said is a positive because it contributes to maintaining public safety.

I'm not sure where Waddoups gets his information from. Utah historically has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the country.


Infringing on rights and freedoms with laws is why the prisons can't keep up with prisoners. Maybe the legislators should rewrite some laws and put more restrictions on law enforcement from manufacturing crimes. Where a lot of victimless prisoners where law enforcement has created a crime and target, entice, and lure individuals to commit a crime.

If prisoners are to be released, they should start with illegal aliens to be deported and turn them over to the feds or national guard to deport them right from the prisons. This alone should eliminate 50% of the inmates. Then prisoners in as drug users and addicts should not be hard core prisoners, they can be released to rehabilitation programs outside of prisons. There are many more lesser crimes that are causing the overcrowding of prisons.

Criminals are created by laws and too many laws create over crowded prisons. Utah is a police state where police are writing the laws and punishments. They propose the laws they want and in secrecy get them passed. Or they get laws nullified because they don't want to enforce them.


"The 2nd is making prison so miserable that you don't want to go back. That includes causing pain and suffering to the "inmate"."

Wow... just wow.


They could be used in the military.


We need more tax cuts.

Go ahead and let them free so I can pay less in taxes!!!

On the other hand, perhaps releasing all non-violent drug offenders and requiring them to go through a drug addiction program would make sense.

This would free up beds for the violent offenders, and treat the addiction that lead these people to prison in the first place at a much lower cost.

Of course, that might be too logical.

Crimson Regret

I think that they need to put all of the lifers and death row inmates onto an island, and let nature do the rest. why should we have to pay for them. If they are so bad that they need to be removed from society then why should society have to pay for them.


Keep all prisoner rights. They are citizen and deserve the Constitutional protection afforded all. But, release early due to no space? What stupidity. Fenced areas with tents and cots. It is good enough for the military, why not our prisons? MRE's, no soda pop, no coffee. Nothing not on a cheap balanced menu. No toys, no TV and nothing other than educational reading material. No air conditioning.
NO reason at all to release anyone early.


GWB - Great Idea!

This has already been successfully implemented by DORA (Drug Offenders Rehabilitation Act). The problem is that it has very limited funding but it has worked wonders with those who can be participants.

This has been in place for several years but has not been fully funded by the state.

I wonder how many of our state prisoners are illegal aliens? And...if we simply deport them, won't that just give them the opportunity to come back in???


We have a real hatered for others in this Country.
Knowing about Waddups and Law Enforcement, Try looking at Arrest Requirements for each Officer everyday. The Criminals are on the outside, Waddupps being one of them. It is time we have an inside look at the Sherriffs, The Courts and the Justice system filling all of these spaces.
2.5 Million People are in Jail, Most are innocent trapped in the system. You don't need to be a criminal to be caught up. Onece caught, No one is interested in hearing from you. You are crossed off the books. No longer employable.
No longer a Citizen, so why should you follow the Laws, You can not eeven vote.


Tent City.


Rather than find the ones who are closest to being released or the safest ones to release, how about just finding the most dangerous ones or the ones closest to death and speed THAT process up?

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