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Jazz arenít biggest losers; Wizards are biggest winners

Published: Tuesday, May 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain L

At least we didn't drop and now we can concentrate on who will be available at #9.
Like I have said I like Epke Udoh but Greg Monroe would be good also. As workouts start and more info comes in on how the players perform opinions can and probably will change but Udoh is 6'10, athletic, 7'4 &1/2 in. wing span, defender/shotblocker (3.7 per game last yr). good ball handler, lot of potential.
Monroe is 6'10/11, lefty, good ball handler, good passer, good rebounder.
Both of these players give us the length we need at PF.
Montiejunas would be a possibility, 7' , good offensive player.
Aminu would be a possibility at the 3 if he is available.


Since New Jersey did not get the number one pick, will this make them more amenable to a working out a trade with the Jazz?

Korhorov mentioned twice on ESPN that he wanted to make the Nets an international team with global players.

Adding AK to New Jersey would certainly do that.

It will be interesting to see how badly he wants a Russian Hero on his team.


And the Jazz will make some stupid pick and forget that they have no one in the middle to help their team. Anyone want to bet that even with the 9th pick the Jazz still won't find a center?


This is a WEAK draft! It doesn't matter who the Jazz PICK!....The Jazz need a proven SUPER STAR! If the Jazz are ever to win a championship, they need to get one of these free agents out there. BIG TIME move= BIG TIME results!


probably Austin Ainge or someone from a parts unknown no one has heard of


I agree with rvalens2, but fear the Jazz will trade AK for Keith Van Horn. I will not be surprised to see them pick a 1 or 4 when we desperatly need a great 5.


What are you talking about? The Jazz are one of if not the best drafting teams in the NBA. The Jazz will dramatically improve their team with this pick.


mr. duh, there is always someone negitive. lets have fun to hope we will get a good player. quit being a grouch and go fishing.

B Russ


Some very interesting senarios cold develop with this years pick whether we keep it or use it as bait to swing another deal. The new Russian owner looked disappointed losing out to Washington and Philadelphia.(Ouch) The Jazz are loaded with trade ammunition for teams looking to wheel and deal.

Captain L

Re Duh : Nobody knows what the Jazz are thinking but there probably won't be any centers available that are worth the ninth pick and the Jazz already have two 7 footers that just need developing. If you picked a center in the draft they would be in the same pickle Fes and KK are in. Sitting at the end of the bench hoping for playing time so they can develop.


Keep in mind that the Jazz have some assets to move up if they need to ie: the future lottery pick from Memphis, the rights to Ante Tomic, and all of their future first rd picks.

But also keep in mind that it took 3 1st round picks to move up from 6th to 3rd in 2005


Re captain L
The Jazz actually have three 7 footers in development with 7'"2 Ante Tomic, but I still think you go after the best big you can get whether it's a 4 or a 5.

Just keep drafting and stock piling big guys until one of them works out.


The Jazz need to trade Boozer their first round draft pick, and a the memphis pick to the 76ers for the sixers pick and either Brand or Dalembert.

What do you guys think of that one?

Did you see KOC I should be the GM and Cowboy Joe the owner

Captain L

Re Miles : You must think alot of Brand and Dalembert.
You trying to ruin the Jazz?

Captain L

Re byronbca : That is why you go after Udoh or Monroe both are 4's,6'10, both are long, athletic,defender/shot blockers and there aren't any centers worth picking that will be available at #9. The Jazz should be able to get one of those two without giving up any of their assets.

Aces in the Hole

ARG............. I can't take your silly Jazz fans. We need a center, trade Boozer, are you serious! Boozer is a top 5 PF in the league, and no Milsap is not the answer as a starting PF. The Jazz have the best point guard in the league, good role players and the best coach in the league. The problem is the Jazz don't have a closer, look at games 1 2 and 3 against the lakers, the Jazz were so close just can't finish! DWill needs to find a way to close games, or the Jazz will be a really good team not a great team.


A few thoughts on the lottery: I was happy to see the top three picks go to eastern conference teams. I would have hated for the Jazz to deal with Wall or Turner if they had gone to a western conference team like Minnesota or Sacramento. The west is tough enough already.

Also, I really like the possibility of the Jazz trading to move up. A few teams that expected to get top two picks didn't, and they might now be much more willing to listen to trade offers. I don't think the Jazz will stay at 9. I think they will trade the pick one way or another. I just get the funny feeling they won't stay put.


Dang Knicks! Had to stop being lousy at just the wrong time...


SLoan "the best coach in the league"

Hee Hee
Hee Hee

I am rolling over laughing, thanks for the laugh...

Oh yeah the very best

22 years

rings won

Much better than Jackson and all, Auerbach, Holtzman

I was hopeful we would see a plaque of "Mount Jer"

in the same photo surrounding him would be his "sloanaholic leaders"

Doug10 (a leader of the Sloanaholics):

Doug, you bag on Korver, Fes and Koustos much as I do on "Jer"

Are you a hater?


RE: J1232 | 7:34 p.m

Do I need to post, Again, the history of the draft to show HOW BAD the jazz are at draftng?

IF they so great why are there only 3 1st rounders on team from last decade?

The list is long of players they missed on in BOTH the first and second rounds,

who are having careers in NBA,

while we don't hear much about those great jazz picks.

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