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Judge rules Am. Fork teen who rapped his order was no threat

Published: Wednesday, May 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcdonalds needs to get a sense of humor.
The marketing department could have turned the whole thing into a cool commercial.
The teenagers in American Fork should all go to Burger King.


Very funny, the McDonalds marketing does it's best to make the place some sort of youthful hip hop urban thing and you've got a manager that calls the cops cause someone raps an order? Priceless.

And the cop actually cited this kid?! You've got to be kidding. Note to self: never visit American Fork. Stay far, far away from it.


City Prosecutor Kasey Wright needs a dose of reality. Of course it was a case of wasted resources. Anyone with common sense could have told him that.

Does this guy have a license to practice law? If so, it should be revoked for stupidity!

I hope the boys go back through that same McDonald's tonight and rap the same order!!!


Spenser DID NOT Rap! Spenser DID NOT Swear! Spenser drove the car! He has been accused of ALL of it, but his part was very minimal! He became the target of the media because he was the ONLY ONE that was 18!

The McDonald's manager, Ilene Timoko, lied and LIED SOME more (probably at the advice of McD's Legal Dept), only to be proven WRONG as the video's played! She walked to the building, and only when she was UP ON THE CURB, is when Spenser chose to drive away--WHEN SHE WAS SAFE! HE NEVER YELLED ANY OBSCENITIES TO THIS WOMAN! She stated she "felt" like the boys were following her!

This boy should be Exonerated! His reputation has been tainted, and integrity challenged for the past 8 MONTHS! Not a way to live, if you ask me!

Isn't there a charge for the manager for FALSE ARREST? Sue them! Sue them GOOD!


This boy was on PRIVATE PROPERTY and the article makes it clear that they ignored "a request to order normally or leave." The moment they chose not to comply with that request or leave they were guilty of disorderly conduct and trespassing and should have been charged and CONVICTED.

Those who are criticizing the McDonald's manager, police and prosecutor should give us their legal definition of disorderly conduct because Utah's legal definition in part is:

"A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if: (b) intending to cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, he:...(ii) makes unreasonable noises in a public place;...or (iv) obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic...(3) Disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor if the offense CONTINUES AFTER A REQUEST BY A PERSON TO DESIST. Otherwise it is an infraction."

These boys were guilty of disorderly conduct because they a) obstructed vehicular traffic after being instructed to order properly or leave, and b) made "unreasonable noises" in a public place which was intended to cause public inconvenience and annoyance.

To argue that this is a free speech issue is wrong. It's a private property issue.


Solomon, make up your mind, either they were on private property or they were in a public place, it can not be both.
Obviously they were not in a public place, therefore the law clearly does not apply. The appropriate law for someone who will not leave private property after permission to be there is trespass, not disorderly conduct.

Another Perspective

The kid ought to sue McDonalds and the police department. This is a lot of hassle he didn't deserve to have.


I would like someone to rap a case in this judges courtroom. As a business owner I feel that my rights to conduct business are being taken away.

The Sensible Middle

To say this is private property so the owner of the business can do what ever they want is off the mark. This is a place of public accomidation.

To get upset for someone rapping an order indicates the people running this business need to find an other line of employment, away from the public.

Critical Thought

And which nation on Earth has the largest percentage of it citizens in jail? This wasn't a fight worth picking. Complete waste of resources.


Don't these kids know that you should never aggravate a food worker unless you have your food in hand first?


I think Soren Kierkegaard best summed up this case when he said:

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought, which they seldom use."


Waste of resources


All I have to add is "lighten up" geeez.


anyone get their mouth washed out by their mom ?


This was a joke.

Oh, and the rapping too.


.....and it took all this time, effort and money to figure this out.....


funny..they never really done no harm.
The employee said to speak clear on food order/or LEAVE!
They Did not of course this was aJOKE some way of thier own way of dumb humor!!


Whatever this case may be about, it is NOT about the First Amendment!

The First Amendment does NOT give anyone the right to clog up a place of commerce located on private property, harming the business position of the landowner and preventing others from conducting their business, in a presumptuous and thoughtless attempt to advance some juvenile cause.

From the facts laid out in the story, proper exercise of prosecutorial discretion probably should have seen this individual charged with both disorderly conduct and trespassing. And proper trial advocacy and the exercise of proper judicial discretion would have seen him convicted of at least one of those offenses.


re: procuradorfiscal

yea, well the problem is that the judge, and law does not agree with your point.

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