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Published: Saturday, May 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Cop

btw, lets hope millsap hasn't forgot how to rebound, primarily thats his job, if you look at the photo in the gallery it shows he has been focusing on his improved offense, but at times he looked like he forogt how to rebound or defned.

Mr Adams

If I remember right when Milsap signed the deal with Portland he wasn't going to be a starter there. He was signing to be a backup. If he was looking to be a starter he should have taken less money somewhere else or take a one year deal with the Jazz so he could have been an unrestricted free agent the following year. But it was all about the money so he signed his backup power foward deal and that is just what he is getting. He has to live with it if the Jazz go for a "better" power forward.


Fess and Koufus will never be starting quality players. Sap gives all he has and then some. You can never have too many bigs. ( unless two of them are Koufus and Fess.)


Sloan is fully capable of running the Flex thru the C, SG or SF if he wants to. There are plenty of plays and options in plays that can be run in that system for the other positions.

In theory any play you run for the PF could be run for the SF. Just reverse it. That is why I advocated a 6'10" tweener going against shorter SFs on the weak side (strong side with play reversed). That is why a Durant type player would make them a contender.

Millsap will be fine if he gets his minutes.

You can get an early 2nd round pick for about 1 mill (last years price). There are multiple teams with multiple 1st round picks. They do not want all of those guaranteed contracts. The Jazz can get a really good SF at about 20, 1st round.

Haywood is interesting but he makes 6 mill and UT can only offer 5.5 mill of MLE. If DAL does not resign him and he can't get more else where then maybe? He is good for 8 and 8 in 30 minutes but is as big as Fes.


Millsap can do well as an undersized PF if he develops his outside mid range shots some more. Both KG and Dirk (neither undersized) are more mid range PFs than bangers.

Millsap is quick enough and explosive enough he can attack the trees. They can shoot over him and Booz so that is the big problem.

Millsap will get better. Booz draws double teams and is a true top 5 PF maybe top 2 on offense.

We know the Booz/Millsap small ball will not contend. They can beat weak teams and make the playoffs? They can not carry the team.

Take time and get the ideal player for each position in the Flex. Unless Sloan dies he is not going anywhere.

Build the ideal Flex team and contend.

Stop putting flawed projects into 3 or 4 positions. You can't contend that way.

DWill is the only ideal player for his position. Every other position has weaknesses that can be and are exploited.

Get the right players with the right talent and stop running a basketball development school.

The 2nd rounders have flaws. AK and DWill are first rounders and they match their positions best.


The management philosophies of the Jazz have produced a low level playoff team that pays the lux tax.

Some of those philosophies and practices have to change.

Dumpster diving for players will not get you the level of talent needed to contend. The continuity bias of retaining good but not great (flawed) players insures that you will not contend but will pay more in the long run than if you just got the right player for each position.

Dumpster diving is fine for cheap back ups.

Get enough talent and the right players. Stop plugging in quick fixes and max the capability of the flex and the D.

B Russ

@ Todd

" Doug likes Boozer and Okur defending in the paint "

Best line of the day Todd. Funny stuff.


i have to agree, to an extent, with bryonbca on saving money this year and going after someone next year when the money's there. in the meantime, we need to work on developing koufus (because we all know fes' agent will demand more than his worth). keep in mind that koufus was assigned to the d-league, twice, before returning to the jazz, that plays havoc on one's mind, especially someone as young as him (he's only 21). he starts to doubt his abilities and potential.

he needs a lot more playing time. period. the one good thing about him, however, is his aggressiveness. there are only three other players on the jazz with that mentality — millsap, matthews and dwill.

we're guaranteed a top pick in the draft, where we'll most likely get a big man...so maybe we move ak's expiring contract and pick up another sg/pf combo?


keep in mind that koufus averaged 17 points and 8 boards with the utah flash. he can easily develop into a solid center/pf that would definitely give us more height when we match up with the lakers in next year playoffs. :)

whatever o'conner decides, he better do it with dwill's best interest. come 2012, dwill is a free agent.



that works for me, then if I can for Salmons I will be ripped for that also because I say what is on my mind

B Russ

I believe that from now until next years playoffs that Fes and Koufos should get all the playing time they can get. Summer leagues, national leagues, pre season, regular season the whole bit. They need to be utilized. Koufos with playing time can make up for Boozers rebounding. Fes keeps people from even wanting to go into the paint. They will also make Milsap more effective.


@dwillfan. Keep in mind what Almond Joy did in the D-Leauge. Why do you think he is not somewhere in the NBA today. Greatness in the D-League is JR. High.


Since when is 6'9, 266 undersized as a power forward?

Karl Malone was 6'9, 256 and no one complained about his being "undersized." I recognize the league has a few 7-footers playing power forward now, but if you get a legit defensive center, I think everyone will stop talking about Boozer being "undersized."

Everyone talks about Boozer not being able to handle the Laker's height and length. It's not true. Booze punishes tall guys all the time. His rookie year big Z was his practice buddy and he learned how to score of 7'3 guys. Do you remember Booze dropping 40 on Yao Ming. Look up Yao Ming says he wants to Kill Boozer on You Tube :)

Booze can take it to tall/long guys. It's the fact that Gasol, Bynum, and Odom are quick that gives Boozer fits. His feet are too slow (same reason he isn't the greatest defender.)

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