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Former spouses call Sloops unstable, feared for children

Published: Friday, May 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A memorial fund has been set up for Ethan's family at the following location:

TruPoint Bank
PO Box 1010
Grundy, VA 24614

Pay to the order of: Memorial Fund for Ethan Stacy

At this time, the bank is only set up to receive payment by check.

six string samurai

As a father to three young sons, I cannot fathom the grief Ethan's father must be feeling at losing his Ethan. I cry for the loss of his sweet innocent child. Ethan we weep for you and your family.

I plead for justice to be swift and exacting. I hope that the guilty parties will not be allowed to hide behind the guise of "insanity" or "multiple personalities" to lessen their judgement. Ethan was shown no mercy and neither should they.


Is there anything we as citizens can do to help this not to happen? I mean for them to not get off the hook on insanity or multiple personalities? An earlier post predicted by the trial date we would see them as new people, on medication and aware of their sins...and get a more lenient sentence. It's unthinkable. Can normal citizen do anything to help?


To the father Joe: May you find peace. You tried to protect your child. I am sorry that the court system failed you and your son.

I wonder how many parents agree to joint custody because they are afraid of a court system that won't help or a long court battle.

Shame on the judge that excused this outcome because of the number of cases she sees. Replace these type of judges with people who have the will to stand up against evil, who aren't afraid to tell a dead beat mom/dad that they are done with their children.


Our condolences to you Joe... no one should have to suffer something like this...

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the unborn twins Stephanie claims to have lost was do to abuse....


TO Reasonable:

The saddest part of all is NOT that someone close to Nathan Sloop is Christian. The saddest part of all is that a young, innocent life has been taken, cruelly and unneedfully! Get your priorities straight.

Christianity had nothing to with this... so stop trying to turn the conversation to Christian-bashing.

Christ said, "Wo unto them; because they have offended my little ones... It had been better for them that a millstone had been hanged about their necks, and they had drowned in the depth of the sea."

I don't see anywhere that Nathan Sloop claims to be religious OR spiritual. If everyone in his family were college professors, that wouldn't make him smarter unless HE got an education. Same thing with religion. It doesn't matter if everyone else in his family is Christian... unless he, himself, chooses to follow Christ, he has no promise or claim.


I'm so sorry for the loss of this little boy. I've read many statements blaming courts and judges. Judges can only rule on what they see, and the fact that Joe entered into mediation and an agreement with his ex that he'd give her 1/2 of his settlement if the boy spent the summer with her, tells me that though he was hesitant to send Ethan to visit for the summer, the agreement was made and the court ruled on that -- not saying that was right. Hindsight is frightful at times, and I'm sure Joe is doing alot of second guessing right now, but who'd think a mother could do this to her child. I agree with others -- there was something she could've done even if she was afraid. If someone came after one of my children they would have to kill me first. Joe will have to live with this the rest of his life, as will Nathan and Stephanie (hopefully a short time for them). Their true punishment will come when they get to the other side and have to answer Ethan's question "why?" That will be the ultimate punishment.

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