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Former spouses call Sloops unstable, feared for children

Published: Friday, May 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'd like to know if the father is financially able to handle the cost of coming to Utah, taking his son's body home, and all the rest of the expenses of this horrible situation that he is now faced with. I'm certain hundreds of thousands of Utahn's are anxious to help him. Does anyone know if a fund is set up, or how to organize suich a thing for him?


So sorry for your loss
keep strong take care
rip`Ethan~His Spirit rest n
blue sky Heavens above~

Utah resident@


Thats a Heart breaking Story.
"A story of Unwanted love and
as killing Laughter of Abuse to a Child"


To grj:
Your post is very useful. I do not live in Utah, but would be happy to contribute. You could contact a local bank and they would know how to set up a fund and could help. Also, the newspaper (DN) could advertise and such a fund.


I heard of a charity (that I now can't think of the name of) on X96 the other day that does exactly that grj. Hopefully someone with a better memory will post it.

Mr. Stacey, the system failed you. I feel for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.


I personally hope the judge who forced the father to send his son to his mom is held accountable for part of this.

Such a sad and tragic thing to have happened. I have 4 sons one of which is a 4 year old. This has really hit home to me. As a father, I know we are supposed to be forgiving, but I hope for the worst for mom and step dad. It would be a shame to have them spend life in prison costing me tax dollars. A .223 round is only 40 cents each. I would gladly donate!


I'm heartbroken with your loss. But I know that Ethan is at peace. Bless You Always!

Long Hair Pete

I was wondering the same thing about the dad's financial situation. I am one of hundreds, if not thousands, who will contribute.

I still cannot read about this without crying. I am a stay-at-home dad with a son in kindergarten. He wears glasses and he looks so much like Ethan Stacy. It hurts to think what the small child went through at the hands of these monstrous people.

How and why can anyone do this to a child?

I love you Ethan. You are in a much better place. I pray for your father that you may find peace and comfort during these extremely painful time.


My heart goes out to Mr. Stacy and his family. Nothing can bring little Ethan back right now, but at least Ethan knows that he has a very loving father who really wanted to do the right thing, and tried to do so. What an absolute heart breaker.

On the other hand

I also want to offer my condolences to Mr. Stacy. If any good can come of this, let it be more caution on the part of judges who make custody decisions on behalf of America's most vulnerable citizens. If laws need to be changed to make that happen, let's make the changes, and quickly.


Sounds like another stupid decision made by a divorce court. Still I would like to be fair and to know more details if the judge concerned will comment.


I dont understand, I used to live in an apartment, you can practically hear everything that goes on. How come no one heard anything? Reported anything in the apartment complex?
This is heartbreaking and unacceptable.
Both the so called man and the woman should be punished the same way, burned, hit, and left to die in their own feces and vomit.
Please god make these violent images go away.


SHe was afraid for her life? Her son was being tortured, why couldnt she just grab him and run? She recorded the abuse. What kind of sick person(sic) is this?

Mom of 8

If anyone deserved the death penalty, it would be these two. I've never heard of such a selfish, sickening case. I'm praying for the ex-husband, and so grateful nothing happened to the ex-wife's daughter.


My heart breaks for you Mr. Stacey. I always read comments but have never posted one. My anger is paramount! I wish Mr. Stacy could a have a few moments with those peices of trash!! NOTHING in this world is as precious as a child! I hope with all that I am that justice is served here and beyond!!!! Be cautious people, they move among us.....


Mr. Stacy there are thousands of Utahans (Myself included) that pray that you find peace and know that you son is safe and is surrounded by people that love him. My family's prayers are with you at this time. If there is any way for us to help in anyway please let us know. You have more support here in Utah than you may know. If anyone knows if there is a trust set up please post it for all! God Bless you til you are reunited with you beautiful son.


Mr. Sloopy has a daughter and could do this to someone else's child? I hope his child is spared the same treatment.


"Because the case was still active, meaning the court has jurisdiction over the divorce to make sure all stipulations were being met, the judge said she could not talk about specific details regarding the case."

Ummmm, isn't murdering the child breaking one of the stipulations, and if the child is now dead, wouldn't that make the case moot.

With the type of evidence out there, I would assume it would be time for the judge to explain why she forced this child to Utah. Then hang up her robes, and go teach law at some small university.


okay, so I tried to post the link to a site with the information for a fund, but it won't let me. If you go on facebook, you can search for "Justice for Ethan Stacy," and click on events. They are doing a teddy bear drive and taking money for the family. It's on the 29th of May, from 11am-3pm, but they have posted where yet. Hope that helps!!


We need PUBLIC Funding of Child Custody and Visitation Litigation in this Country! No child should ever die again because of the expense involved in custody matters. I read that the boys mother agreed to let his DADDY have primary custody after he agreed to give her ($$$$$) part of a work related injury settlement. Mr. Stacy should not have had to fear a legal system, a system that has traditionally been tilted against Father's being awarded custody, let's stop this now! What happens to cars, the boat, the bank accounts, etc., should never play a part in the safety and well-being of a child, Public Funding would stop this, every child in a custody case would be appointed an attorney and any custody evaluations would be free of charge, it would give every person equal protection under the law, every father, every mother and most importantly every CHILD!

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