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Published: Thursday, May 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good luck Dennis, we will miss seeing you compete at the Y but look forward to your success with the Ravens.

Chris B

Dennis was ok. How many other picks did you have in the draft cewgs? That's it? Can't wait for the 6-7 year for tds this year. Going to be a great year up north, with only tcu being a potential roadblock to our 3rd big game!


RE: Chris B

Who will the 7 teams be that BYU loses too? Dennis was more than just ok. He is a very good ball player. Please try to be a little more objective.


More utes were drafted and they still lost to the tds? Would they then be considered underachievers since they lost to an inferior team? Or is this just a statement of the quality of the coaching staff?


Realistically BYU will start the season 0-3 and possible 0-4 if they don’t have it figure out before the Nevada game. Add on beat downs from TCU and Utah and your looking at 5 or 6 loses next year.


Given that the mighty u had 6 players drafted it is even more embarrassing to look back and wonder how they lost to the Y 26-23. Can you please explain that to me? Chris and hedg are the same "experts" that predicted doom and gloom last year, starting with the Oklahoma game, LOL. How did that work out for you :)


"More utes were drafted and they still lost to the tds? Would they then be considered underachievers since they lost to an inferior team? Or is this just a statement of the quality of the coaching staff?"

Only an inferior team would need to resort to this argument. You won’t ever hear the Alabama’s USC's or Texas having this as a response.

Just saying...


hedgehog, beat us then come talk.

Also, you catch any of those CSU - Utah bball games this last year??? LOL!!!

Jealous U

Utah's likely losses next season:

Pittsburgh -- ending Utah's BcS hopes in the opening week

at Air Force
at Notre Dame

back-to-back-to-back losses

then after a breather at SDSU to lick their wounds


7-5 for 2010, but they'll beat Fresno State in the New Mexico Bowl to keep their chesting beating string alive


Both teams are unproven this year and so we will have to wait to see how things start and finish. How does a benign article turn to such insane comments? Let's go back and read the article and keep the comments to the contents of it and not turn to others stupid ideas!


Chris B. And Hedgehog:
please present some proof that Utah will be better that BYU this year. Go look at your roster... Ouch. You may have sent 6 players to the NFL, but if you couldn't win with them, how do you expect to win without them? Sorry, but Jealous U hit it right on.
Pitt-L-Deon Lewis will run all over you.
AFA-L-U defense always has trouble with the option
TCU-L-No chance of competing with team speed
ND-L-New Coach,good talent. will be TOUGH this year
BYU-L-Like I said, you could not beat the Y with your 6 draft picks. What will you do without them? Not to mention talent is far better across the board at the Y. QB is the only position you may have an advantage at, but that is only because the Y has not even named a starter yet.
Enjoy your 5 losses. I would love to hear a rebuttal from one of you. But I doubt you have anything convincing. Show me where we will lose 6 games? I see 4 at most.


RE: hedgehog | 9:07 a.m. May 13, 2010

"Realistically BYU will start the season 0-3 and possible 0-4 if they don’t have it figure out before the Nevada game. Add on beat downs from TCU and Utah and your looking at 5 or 6 loses next year."

LOL! Thanks for the comic relief.

Rise & Shout!!

Naval Vet

So "Jealous U" sees a 7-5 season for Utah. Is that your REAL prediction, or was that merely a "Jealous" jab of desperation?

The traditionally cougar-friendly Lindy's poll just came out. TCU is a preseason #7, while Utah is a preseason #25...just 2 spots behind the cougars. Well, the HOUSTON cougars that is. The tdS wasn't ranked. Funny thing is, even as an unranked team, the tdS was STILL overrated.

So if the Utes are a 5-loss team this year, and the tdS is overrated at unranked, utwingnut would like the swami "Jealous U" to divulge who will be the 7 teams the "why?" will be losing to in 2010. I'm curious too.

joe in dub j

@ Naval Vet:

Are you really going by standings to see who is better. Last year BYU was ranked below utah to start the season. And where did they end up in the end? ya ABOVE the utes. im not saying the same for this year but dont start predicting utah to be way better than BYU when the season doesnt start for 3-4 months. and the 5 loss year is realistic. but expect more of a 3 or 4 loss year for utah. just dont base everything on the polls because we all know what happened to USC last year


oooo Naval Vet is in the discussion now... fun! Still waiting for a rebuttal from a U fan for what is special about the Utes team this year,and how in the world you could be predicting a BCS game? You are looking at best a 3-5 loss season. I would love to be proven wrong. Just present some evidence that the U is NOT overrated...??? How is BYU overrated if they are not even ranked? Go check your facts before making predictions based on nothing more than hatred.


"How is BYU overrated if they are not even ranked?"

BYU is not overrated by rational experts, their overrated by delusion BYU fans, coaches and players.

Being unranked is just about right. Don’t expect to see your name on the board anytime soon.


Geeze Hedgeman, Chris, and Naval dude:

Did you really need to come on an article about Dennis Pitta, that destroyed you guys to talk about "next season" again.

Props out to your SugarBowl victory, but other than that, there is really nothing to brag about from the hill in the past four years in any sport other than women's gymnastics.

Really, are you so desperate for a "ego fix" that you need to come on here to get your mind off the scoreboard?

Do it on the field and then talk.


Any Utah fan who doesn't seriously consider these opponents as legitimate challenges, and possible losses for Utah, isn't being realistic:

Pittsburgh - a preseason Top 25 team

@Air Force - nearly beat Utah at Utah last year

TCU - a preseason Top 10 team and the best team in the MWC the last two years (despites Utah's upset win in 2008)

@Notre Dame - if the Utes think they're going to walk into the most storied stadium in college football and expect a cakewalk they're only kidding themselves

BYU - all that talk about BYU having to break in a brand new quarterback will be meaningless by late November and BYU another heartbreaking loss to the Cougars is a very real possibility


Best of luck to Pitta and all athletes with connections to the state of Utah on the Ravens roster. I don't understand why some still want to make rivalry smack involving BYU/Utah athletes in the pros. Can't we just hope they all succeed? It wouldn't hurt anyone.

MUSSing with U

One game at a time Utah fans and Pittsburgh is going to be a very tough opening opponent.

I'd hold off making bold predictions about BYU. The Cougars could turn out to be much better than people are expecting and Utah has lost three of the last four games against BYU. There's no guarantee that the Cougars won't make it four out five this year.

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