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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Take a look at Kevin Love in MN for 3 mill a year. MN is rumored to want to move him as he may not be their ideal choice in the triangle. He has 14 points and 11 rebounds in a system he does not like. He is a Sloan kind of player.

DWill and the team members will always say bring Booz etc back. They are team mates. Booz had a great year. Probably the best of his life.

However, everyone is ignoring the key to victory. It is not just a matter of getting bigger. It is also a matter of improving the interior D at C and especially PF.

The Jazz do not get bombed with 3s (how many games did they lose to 3s?) if the guards/SF are not helping the interior D. The Jazz get back on D if the Guards/SF are not helping inside.

If you get the RIGHT PF and C the Jazz rebound, play better interior D, perimeter D and defend the fast break.

Figure out how many extra wins that is?

You can get some very good players who will fit the system for Booz money.


Deron, yes the Jazz management wants to play for a title. It's not that easy sir. Do you think that if you were the GM and the Point Guard (both) that you could get it done? The Jazz know what they are doing.

Many teams have had lottery pick after lottery pick, and continued to lose. The Jazz have had one They wisely picked you Deron, and moved up to do so (bold move). Again, the Jazz know what they are doing.

Millsap (stud second rounder). Matthews (undrafted stud), Boozer (a stud second rounder), C.J Miles (another find).

The Jazz are too good to draft high very often.

Smart move getting the NYK pick this year.

Smart move trading Brewer.

As free agent players, the Jazz do what they can. It's a hard sell for all teams unless your the elite NBA version of the BCS.

Society places much emphasis on championships. Integrity wise, does it matter how a team gets there? A huge payroll and a big market does provide an advantage. However, good management is needed. Some teams don't have that. The JAZZ DO! They just can't carry a $100 million payroll.


I feel that what the Jazz have to do is to get bigger in the draft upcoming next month. The front office indeed needs to look at getting a big man who have 3 to 4 years of college experience. The center's in the NBA right now are either getting older or want to much money , which I firmly believe that drafting a big man is the way to go. One of the big men in the draft who I could see Utah possibly getting would be Cole Aldrich, another would be Greg Monroe but he is still young and would need a couple years to develop. The Jazz need to keep Fesenko, since he already seems to know the system. I would prefer if the Jazz traded Kosta Kofous, who definantly is a good player but even in limited playing time, he didn't seem willing to be aggressive in the post. Another thing the front office needs to do is resign Carlos Boozer. The Jazz I firmly believe need to get a reliable backup point guard to Deron Williams. How bout trading for Devin Harris, if the Nets get John Wall in the draft.

John Wicks

If Sloan wants the same players back for another second round exit then he should be asked to leave. This group is not athletic enough to win a championship. Wake up Jerry. Making the playoffs is not enough.


Dwill just felt the Front Office needs a push... next year i hope we won't miss Memo or AK, so you've two more bigs. That's isn't enough, especially if we lost Boozer without anything back.
Draft: i'm usually a "pick the best player available" guy, but this year there's plenty of 4 and 5, unless we're so lucky in the lottery to pick wall or Turner.
Kevin Love: if Carlos leaves, i'd take him.
Devin Harris: i really doubt he'd play behind Williams. Here i miss Maynor.


Mr. Bugoff you mention that you can find quality playes for Boozer type money and I would challenge that statement.

First how many players are there as good as Boozer? Amare is getting lots of praise these days yet he cannot play d any better than Korver. His points and rebounds are less than Boozer and he is paid 50% more than Carlos.

I would suggest keeping Boozer for another 2-3 million over his current salary is a great deal for the Jazz and much cheaper than having all the fans wait another 2-3 seasons of mediocre play while a new pf learns the system and becomes dominant on the team.

Getting a veteran center may be what it takes for the Jazz but they will hve to pay for him. It would be worth it for a year or two if they insist on keeping their current big "projects" as a veteran could show them what they need to do as in the past 2 seasons those 2 bigs have not figured out how to prepare for game day.

louisiana jazz man

i think if the jazz could sign any big in the nba they still wouldnt beat the lakers. they have 3 7ft players that are good. we would have to get rid of boz sign a good big still it would come down to fes and kufus getting better or trading them for two good bigs all that is not going to happen. need to keep what we got and play fes and kufus more.fes kufus millsap matthews williams cj that is the future


I have always called Booz a top 5 PF and he has the 2nd best WP48 of all PFs. He is a great talent.

Here is why I think we have to replace Booz.

1. We have the 2 best undersized PFs. They are redundant.

2. Booz is 29. He will demand a 5-6 year very expensive contract.

3. He will be in decline at 32 and beyond. This was probably his best year.

4. He is injury prone and will be more injury prone as he ages.

5. He will never get any better at D. His D allows guards to attack the paint and draws the Jazz guard to help. That gets the Jazz bombed and attacked at the rim. The guards can't get back to defend the fast break.

6. He is too short to beat LA. There is 4 years of evidence that he is not the PF needed to beat LA.

7. The New CBA will be different.

I personally like Booz. I really do not care about his comments. It is nothing personal with me. I want to win. I realize you have to let go of good to get better.

Buffalo Hunter

How about signing Joe Johnson this offseason, letting Booz go and drafting Cole Aldrich. Gives more length inside, a scorer who can go one on one or get open off the screen and opens the middle for Millsap to operate.


With a healthy Okur and AK and a better developed Fesenko, the Jazz might have enough. Matthews should be better as well. Fesenko seemed to really bother Gasol.


Think of Mark Eaton! former UCLA, did he play much? I don't think so and same with Greg O. We did very well with Mark better than Tag kid. Who knows we will find another big who didn't play much will learn a lot with Jazz. As someone said above need 3 - 4 years of college playing time is hard to get.


Johnson is expensive and has a low WP48. Most people think Aldrich is a safe back C in the NBA. Most people also think he is not a top 10 choice unless you are looking for a safe back up.

There is no guarantee that Okur, AK or Booz will be healthy. All are injury prone.

Fes will cost the Jazz and they really need to sign him. He will get better with playing time. If the Jazz have Fes they can concentrate on replacing Booz and play Millsap and AK at PF while they develop a young PF. They will have to replace AK at SF but that is cheaper and easier than directly replacing Booz.


My hope is that we work out a trade with the new owner of the Nets - AK for Lopez and their 1st round pick. That would give us 2 lottery picks this year, a good defensive center, and enough room to re-sign Booze.

What other centers are out there would we want and could realistically get - ideas?


The Jazz could do complicated 3 ways trades with both Boozer on a sign and trade and AK (expiring contract) with teams that want them and a with teams under the cap (3rd team). However, the 3rd team gets compensated.

I am not sure how bad NJ wants AK? Besides they can just wait for him to expire.

The Nets are at 22 mill (plus holds) and have Cap space. They are not likely to do anything until it is clear they can't get James, Bosh or some other top tier FA. They may want AK if they can't get the big name they want. They can then resign AK next year under the new CBA and maybe still go after another big name next year.

The details of the New CBA are a real wild card.

Do you want to bank on CAP space that may not be there under the new CBA? What if there is a hard cap? Then all kinds of teams have to dump players.


This is a time the Jazz shoots for the fences.

First wait for the ping pong balls. If the Jazz end up in the first 3 they will be set (no one worst than Favors).

Most people look at the draft in tiers
First Tier - Wall and Turner
Second Tier - Favors and Cousin
Third Tier - Monroe, Johnson, Davis, Aldrich, Aminu, Patterson, Henry

Pretty much everyone has the Jazz drafting one of the 3rd tier players. Cousin is interesting because he might be the only one to slip out of the top 4 because he is a head case. And Favors is interesting because his numbers were as aw-inspiring as his skills. If either of these players drop the need to trade up.

Large Tuna

AK for lopez and their first round pick?! are you serious?? why would the nets trade their franchise player AND their top 5 draft pick for AK. that would be like us trading Dwill and our knicks pick for Shane Battier. The Nets would laugh at us for even suggesting that. Come on man!

I think the Jazz should start discussions with portland. If all of their players get healthy over the off season they will have a log-jam at the C position (4 of them). I'm sure they'd be willing to part with one. Yes, getting Oden or Aldridge is a long-shot, but I'd definitely take Camby or Przybilla. The Kevin Love suggestion is also a good idea. What about Andre Blatch from the Wizards, or maybe a sign-and-trade with boozer to get Joakim Noah? its a long-shot, but if Chicago would entertain the idea i'd sure look into it.


Jazz fans, please, we do not want to draft Cole Aldrich. He is wildly overrated, because he was okay on an awesome college team. He is extremely slow and has the longest release of anyone I have seen in a long time. He would be eaten alive by centers in the NBA. I agree we need a big man to combat the length of the Lakers. But Monroe, Udoh, Whiteside, Cousins (prob will be gone by our pick), or even possibly Davis, but not Aldrich. Remember Borchardt. We need athletes.

Large Tuna

Let's not forget David Lee people. He will also be a free agent. We could probably get him for less than Boozer is getting paid right now, since he was asking for less last season. He puts up boozer numbers without an elite point guard, and he gets a lot of offensive rebounds.


No way on earth the Nets would give up Lopez. Not even a slight chance.


If the Jazz do not consult with Williams about any deals or plans they should be boycotted....Jazz fans should boycott the team if they do not make any deals to get better period...Lucking out with
some second rounder is not what Williams is proposing.

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