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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I like Booz. I do not care about his talk. The only problem I have with Booz is that he is not the PF to beat LA. He had years to do it and he is just not the right player to do that.

I agree with DWill's attitude. Build a championship. DWill will not say it but that means replacing not just adding key players.

The Jazz have to get high first round picks and get the right players to augment their strength of getting roll players from the 2nd round.

They need to build a team from the ground up. At team that can beat LA. A big athletic front line good at both D and O. Enough length and shooting at SF/SG etc. A lot of depth. There are always injuries.

It is time to move forward. Okur will not contribute until next year some time. Booz will bust the bank or move on. The Jazz will have to re sign or replace Korver, Mathews and Fes.

It is time to rethink and rebuild a much better team without the weaknesses.

Enough continuity. We know what this team can do. 4th/5th seed.


Deron, yes the Jazz management wants to play for a title. It's not that easy sir. Do you think that if you were the GM and the Point Guard (both) that you could get it done? The Jazz know what they are doing.

Many teams have had lottery pick after lottery pick, and continued to lose. The Jazz have had one, they got you. They know what they are doing. Millsap is a stud (second rounder). Matthews a stud (undrafted), Boozer a stud (second rounder), C.J Miles (another find).

The Jazz are too good to draft high very often. Smart move getting the NYK pick this year.

Smart move trading Brewer.

As free agent players, the Jazz do what they can. It's hard for all teams unless your the elite NBA version of the BCS.

Society places so much emphasis on championships and titles that it often doesn't matter how a team gets there. A huge payroll and a big market does provide an advantage. However, good management is needed. Some teams don't have that. The JAZZ DO! They just can't carry a $100 million payroll.


Some so called superstars who can't win rings on their own supposed star takeover merits, will sell out and join the evil empires of the league.

Deron don't piggyback in two years.

Many great players don't get rings unless they join the Lakers or Celtics. Garnett was a better player in Minnesota than now, but he joined an unlimited funds franchise (Celtics), and got his ring.

Karl Malone tried the piggy back ride, and looked foolish when he still lost out on his ring (even with Kobe and Shaq).

The great LeBron doesn't have a title yet. Kobe got a couple WITH SHAQ and one with Gasol. Without those Hollywood advantages, the so called greatest player wouldn't have any titles.


Deron if you were the Point Guard in Boston or Los Angeles, you would get a title for sure. It would not make you a better player though. It would mean that you would get more pub from the title worshiping media (all because of the play for a media annointed franchise factor).

Championships are special, but so should how you earn them.

Deron, I know you are a great player but listen up please. Earning a title in Utah would put you on an elite pedestal.

Without checking my memory with the full update (refreshing of my mind), I think only eight teams have won titles in the last thirty years. The Lakers have nine, the Celtics check in at four I believe, Spurs have collected four, the Rockets are at two along with Detroit (maybe they have three).

Deron, the full run down is there to check.


Where is this big man the Jazz can pick off of a tree Deron.

Everybody knows what the Jazz need. Furthermore, most NBA teams are looking for a legit Center as well.

There are maybe seven Centers in the league that leave their team no urgency to replace them at the 5 spot.

Top 10 Centers
1) Dwight Howard (brightest star)
2) Pau Gasol (elite talent and PF tweener)
3) Tim Duncan (old champion who also plays PF)
4) Andrew Bogut (injury prone stud hiding in MIL)
5) Brook Lopez (potential likely to be filled)
6) Shaq O'Neal (over the hill)
7) Andrew Bynum (still waiting for the hype)
8) Omeka Okafor (has leveled out/is what he is)
9) Marc Gasol (had a much better second NBA season)
10)Kendrick Perkins (understands role of enforcer)


Sorry Deron the tail doesn't wag the dog.

The Jazz can take down any team in the league short of the Lakers. Some suggest blow up the team and rebuild but the Jazz have been doing that for decades and so far it has not been wonderful.

Knowing that no team in the league likes to come to Utah is great and wonderful.

Knowing that the Jazz can thrash Denver, Dallas, Phoenix in the playoffs and this year it would seem they could have done in the Spurs as well has to mean something.

Everyone wants to put together the winning team, that happens only in Boston, LA or for the Olympics.

The Jazz seem to be the band of Robin Hoods taking from the rich like stealing wins from Dallas, Boston, Miami, Denver, piercing the heart of Cleveland this year. Those are victories that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

Is Dwayne Wade a loser? Only by judging the number of NBA championship rings he has on his hand would you call him a loser.

Play on Jazz, no team has more fan support, and goes as far with such questionable talent.


If Nowitzki opts out, do you think the Jazz could convince him he's the missing piece to a championship with the Jazz, which is what Dirk is after (supposedly it's not the money)?


Is Chris Kaman available?


Finally a great article... Keeping Williams happy will keep this franchise happy and the fans happy!! If he leaves I will follow him wherever he goes, He is an animal on the court and if we don't do our best to get him the players he needs to win a championship then it is just like Lebron this year, Looking for a team that can bring in guys to flow with his style of play to win the big one!!


The team has already blown up. Continuity will not save the Jazz. DAL, PHO, OKC, POR, SA, HOU, and DEN will be better next year. NO may be. LA is not going to be worse.

If the Jazz keep Booz they will cost more and be no better. A big new contract before the New CBA is really DUMB.

You can draft a big in this draft such as Udoh (maybe Monroe) and have him playing well by next year's playoffs. Millsap and AK can cover the PF until he learns the system (Mathews is a good example).

AK/Millsap will produce just as many points and rebounds as Booz in the system. However, AK's production will have to be replaced at SF. It is easier to get a SF.

You might be able to get Love or Beasley at 3-4 million. Both are being shopped.

The big problem is C. Will Fes and Koufos progress enough to cover the C position next fall until Okur can fully return (March?)

What if Booz gets injured again?


Say Sayanora to Boozer. Get a couple of big guys that can shoot and play defense. The Jazz have traditionaly not had a great center. They need one. That is the big weakness that really showed against the Lakers. The lack of a big man. Memo would not have made a difference.


If I was D-Will I wouldn't stay either, if the Jazz don't add anyone new. As a fan, I'm frustrated that things don't change year after year, I can only imagine how it would be as a player. D-Will put in another year of hard work, play 82 regular season games and then have key people get hurt the last couple of games, lose to the Lakers. Didn't that happen last year?
On a side note, why in the heck did Sloan take out Price in the 2nd and then not play him again for the rest of the game? Ronnie put a good foul on Odom, in the paint, which was better than Boozer ever did all game. So Sloan takes him out of the game? Ronnie Price plays harder than anyone on the team except D-Will.


gdog3, you forgot Joakim Noah on your list. I'd gladly take him over any of your bottom 5. He talks a lot, but he works his butt off.


Ok, so you hit the nail on the head here. It's true that the Jazz need to keep D-Will happy and in a Jazz uniform, but you said it yourself "if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll get what you've been getting"...with that in mind, why do we keep extending Sloan as the coach??? Sorry, but in his tenure he has achieved little. Yes, He's a great coach, but maybe, just maybe, when his contract is up, the Jazz need to stir the pot and get a little new blood in the coaching seat. All in all, keeping D-Will happy will require a strong presence in the middle and somebody that can take the pressure off of him once in a while. Boozer just isn't that guy right now.


Here is my blasphemy: Trade Williams while he has a lot of value for the #1 pick in the draft, along with whatever the Knicks pick provides. Let all the free agents go. Have a low budget, losing year to get another lottery pick. AK is off the budget in 2011. We have a payroll of $30 mil; three high first round picks; and a lot of money for FA.

Wait two years and lose Williams anyway.


My hope is that we work out a trade with the new owner of the Nets - AK for Lopez and their 1st round pick. That would give us 2 lottery picks this year (or one this year and one next year), a good defensive center, and enough room to re-sign Booze.

I agree with gdod3 - what other centers are out there would we want and could realistically get - ideas?


Love the Jazz!!!
Better than every team in the League but one!!
Thanks for the Season..
Will look forward to draft and management getting yet another step closer to the top.
Thank you for everything Greg and Kevin, keep it up.


I agree with ed. Williams won't be happy here anymore getting snubbed by the All-Star voters and being the 2nd or 3rd best team in the West. Ship him out and get a quality package for him before he leaves on his own in 2 years.

The Jazz might be able to get the whole Bucks or Grizzlies starting lineup for him. They should have looked at deals like the one Dallas pulled with Washington. It would have been great to add a Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson and Brendan Haywood to the team at the deadline, even if it meant losing D-Will. Then you only need a point guard and not an SG, SF, and C.



That is the worst idea I have ever heard. You want to risk losing the best point guard in the NBA for John Wall and depend on the draft to build your team for the future?

You know how long of a turn around that would take to get where we are now? Lebron James the best player in the NBA still hasn't won a championship. You can't expect one player to turn things around like that. I believe patience is something the Jazz are very good at using.

Look at Phoenix they didn't make the playoffs last year and made very few moves.


Why would you trade Williams? he said we need a couple of pieces, and I think so. The Jazz need to develop Fes and KK, and with Booz's departure we need to look in the draft for Booz's replacement, and on the FA we can find a Center, some one who can mentor our youg guys and can be a leader on the locker room. The front office will have a busy summer and I agree with the article, they have to do what ever they have in order to keep D-Will and the fans Happy.

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