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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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How is fez obvious...the only obvious is that they should let him walk....what a waste of space....

anyone that thinks the Jazz will win or even progress with this guy at center is insane....

to bugoff.....don't ever use Championship and Fesenko in the same paragraph...they're not a fit...


If Fes is so bad why is his plus minus the highest of the Jazz players? Why did the Jazz consistently play better with him in and worse with him out?

What is insane is failing to admit there have been serious problems at C/PF for years with the Jazz.

I can easily see Fes and the word championship in the same sentence. What if he played for OKC or backed up YAO? For that matter is he worse than Mbenga? LAs back up.

He beat up Melo, Lawson, Kobe and Gasol. He is worth 2 mill just for muscle. He rebounded against the big LA front line. Who else does that? Boozer, Millsap and a few other elite rebounders.

When he gets to the point of putting up 10-12 points with 10 rebounds in 25 minutes he will be better than most NBA Cs. He will do that by Christmas of next year with the playing time.

Insane? Wait and see.

Chuck Nunn

A clown hiding behind his initials wants to call someone else insane. What's insane is failing to see this kid's potential. Fesenko will be a good NBA player given the time. Utah might as well be the team to benefit.

Captain L

I can't believe that people can't see that Fes has tons of potential. He is exactly what you would want to pick up in the draft. He is 7'1", 300 lbs, agile, & athletic. He may not shoot that well now but his form isn't bad and all he needs is PT and confidence. Malone didn't shoot 50% from the FT line his first year. Fes will be at least decent as a shooter, watch and see.
I like to look for young players with potential to root for and watch to see them develop. CJ is one that has a lot more potential still to develop but at least he is starting to show some of his abilities. Fes is another player with tons of potential, he is coordinated, especially for a big man, he runs the floor very well, his problem on offense is he rushes and hurries things. When he learns to slow down and take his time and concentrate he will be fine on offense.

Re grj : I agree with Chuck, the Jazz need Fes, he could be really good if given the chance and the right coaching.


Fes will not become D Howard. He may never be as good as Shaq or YAO. The Jazz do not need him to be.

They need him to knock down cutters, rebound, muscle C/PFs, block shots, take up space and get a garbage baskets.

He can do that. In time he will get some inside moves and get more points.

Fes gave more hard fouls in the few minutes he played than the rest of the Jazz team in the whole playoffs. That alone made a big difference.

I still see Lawson running away from him. After he hit the floor once he would circle thru the paint. I remember the look on Melo's face as he rubbed his head.

I remember the look on Kobe's face as he took his fouls shots after attacking the rim and hiting Fes instead. Ask Gasol, Bynum and Odom (disappeared) how they like playing against Fes. Ask Nene (disappeared) and Kmart (disappeared).

Don't tell me Fes does not change the game.

He is very raw. He does not know how to switch well. He is not going to score a lot.

UT loses to DEN without Fes.

Captain L

Re Bugoff 7:39 : Very good.


Fesenko is a surprisingly good passer for a big man. And, as Captain L pointed out, his shooting form is not that bad. If he could develop a decent foul shot and a decent 10-12 foot jump shot (which appears to be possible based on his current shooting form), he would be a real load for other teams to contend with on offense--and we have all seen his potential on defense.

Furthermore, if the Jazz could sign him to a 3-4 year contract at between $1.5 and $3 mil. per year, that would be a good deal by NBA standards, even for a back-up center.

Finally, I have noticed tremendous improvement in his "floor sense" within the past three years. When he first came to the Jazz he always seemed to be out-of-position to get a rebound, to run the offense, or to block or alter a shot. Each year he has shown marked improvement in that aspect of his game. With increased playing time, he finally seems to be getting a better overall feel for the game--even though he still seems to be out of position for rebounds on occasion.


I want Fes to stay, but I predict knowing Miller, Sloan.,"his sloanaholics", O connor

fes will be in another Jersey next year

By the way the Jazz "are not serious" about winning titles


I think Fes will be here. Sloan actually likes him as long as he keep the team rules and is on time and somewhat serious.

What might cause Fes to go elsewhere is a really good offer that the Jazz will find painful to match.

Mathews can get up to 5.5 Mill from another team (Hoopsworld). I am not sure if that rule also applies to Fes but I think that is the ceiling that another team can offer.

Many teams would not offer nearly that much but he just had a decent series against LA and DEN. He had bad nights and good nights but he has shown potential.

He ranks 97th and Koufos ranks 99th out of 120 listed NBA Cs (that includes a lot of PFs) in WS40 score.

They both have a long way to go but they are not the worst Cs in the NBA and both will get a lot better with playing time.


The Utah Jazz are a lot closer than many apparently think to competing with the Lakers. They have to concentrate on keeping only those players who can play decent defense. That means keeping Fes and Matthews and Miles (jury still out) and letting Boozer and Korver go. That means drafting either Derrick Favors or Donatas Motiejunas this year, even though Donatas is not yet the defensive force that he hopefully will prove to be. Since the Jazz will have to be lucky to get Favors, I think Donatas is their best bet for a superior power forward. In just two years, he and Milsap, along with Fesenko and KIrilenko/MIles, will form an awesome front line. If Kirilenko retires by then, the Jazz might be able to woo Ante Tomic from Europe to help fill his shoes. One other plus...Donatas (from Lithuania) actually speaks pretty good English already.


Great year and future for Wesley Matthews. However, I believe that he should do as D-Will did in the off season. Go spend the summer with one of the greatest 2/3 men ever in the NBA and learn, study and learn. May I suggest Hornacek. There are worse things you could do with your off season.


Wes is a diamond in the ruff...an NBA player that loves to play defense !!! You rarely get a player willing to lay it all on the line using up most of his energy on the d-end....I've never seen a player in 40 years get his body into position so many times to take a charge & he kept doing it to melo & kobe...more calls should have gone his way (CHARGES), but this is the NBA & david stern instructs the refs to treat rookies like a piece of meat...The double standard in this league since M.J.'s days is ridiculous...God for bid a ref EVER calls a foul on Kobe & allows kobe to go off on him without giving kobe a technical...Wes is a MUST sign who will be a star for many years..Even if his offensive skills don't improve greatly, he's a monster on defense...Utah shouldn't rush into the F.A. market if the right player isn't available..Living here in N.Y. I saw many Big East games & Greg Monroe can do it ALL..He just needs to get tuffer & play with an edge.


I can't help but laugh at anyone who says we need Fez. Did I miss something? Does one of our good players need a kidney from him or something? He is an oaf. He's a huge liability on offense, and his defense is barely passable. People like him because he's tall, and 'you can't teach height', but folks, this guy is not the next Mark Eaton. He is not even the next Greg Ostertag. Carmelo Anthony kept repeating his name in that interview as a joke. He thought it was funny that the Jazz were playing this doofus that wouldn't even be able to get into a pickup game at the park.

Everyone (Deron Wiliams) sees that the Jazz need to make adjustments, but no one (Deron Williams) is willing to part with any of our players.

Williams talks about how the Jazz need to change, but every player he's asked about he hopes they'll be back next year. The Jazz aren't quite good enough to win, but they're good enough that everyone is afraid to give up any of the pieces and make a change.

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