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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Jazz are probably going to do what they did with Millsap. If they can not get Mathews and Fes for cheap (agents), they will have them get an offer and match it. If the price is to high then they will let them walk.

They have more value to the Jazz than other teams. They know the system and play better in that system.

Some teams may want to jack up the price just to shaft the Jazz. The Jazz have to have a C and Fes is it especially if Booz goes.

The Jazz only have the MLE for buying FAs. They have to keep most of their current players or replace them with old worn out VETs for the minimum.

Wes would not start for another playoff team (better next year). The Jazz do not rely on the SG like most teams.

Fes is a real wild card. Some teams want him just because he fouls hard. LA/DEN may want him so he can't foul them. He hurts people. He takes up space. He is a good insurance player/project for some teams. The Jazz may have to pay him 2-3 mill.

Chuck Nunn

Fesenko ought to be an easy match, although Dan Fegan is going to be selling the heck out of him. I'd rest easier if he just signed for the qualifying offer from Utah. But the Jazz need him, and although he'd eventually take on with whoever signed him, he's a better fit here.


Don't get me wrong - I like the guy - but did you just say the Jazz need Fesenko???


I'd keep all the two guys. They know the system,they're good guys, and the've plenty of space to improve. Wes is, right now, an NBA player, but you can find a lot of effective 2/3 in the league. I set the limit on a 4 yest/10 millions contract.
Fes is still a project but big guys are harder to evaluate before 3/4 years in the pros, and he's really big... 2 years 3/4 millions


Fes played himself into and right out of a big contract. When going against Denver he was okay until they figured out how to play him. After that he was unable to be effective against Denver and never was a concern for the Lakers who have a really smart coach.

Would another team want him? Perhaps but only if they were short of players to send to the D league, or they needed someone to teach their team how to shoot free throws.

Matthews is a keeper and I think that betweens Sloan and KOC they figured that out. Now the only thing they have to argue about is the price.

Speaking of Price is there a team that needs a back up pg that can't shoot, doesn't like to pass but can really jump high and excel at ineffectiveness?


Keep Mattews, lose Fes. I like the guy, but we're trying to run a business here.


Wes Matthews is the man... Give him a fat salary and keep him in Utah, He is an outstanding player and deserves a lot of money after the great season he had... You gotta love how he stated that he had to go get the food for the team hahahahaha... He is one guy I would love to meet and talk with for an hour or so...


HOU would jump on Fes as injury insurance for YAO. There are a lot of teams who would want him as a back up like Gortat. They would stash him until needed and help him develop.

OKC would love to have him they need someone to back up Krstic. LA and DEN would love to have him just so he does not foul them hard. Bynum is injury prone. What is a couple of extra mill to LA?

Everyone knows Fes will get better with playing time. Teams who play zone love him. Teams with simple offenses know they can plug him in at back up. Good teams can give him garbage time and develop him for a cheap couple of years. Then what do you have? At worst a cheap back up C.

Collins is still playing for PHO. Fes is better than Collins.


The last game of the season probably doubled Fes' value. Maybe we should have kept that hidden.

Ak Fan

Right on ED. Jazz tried to keep in secret but exposed. Fes will be better player with right coaching. Matt ? hmmm will see. He reached his potential I guess won't be any better.


I think KOC and Sloan have already figured it out, Sloan wouldn't play him if they didn't plan on keep him, he could use KK. He might be the key to complement a trade in order to bring a big player down here, we can sign him and trade him. But I really would like to have Fes in the Jazz uniform, he will be better than Collins and has a lot of room for development, he is young and he will get better with more playing time.

Utah Man

I love Wes Matthews. His performance speaks for itself, however, I think he should be getting a three year deal in the range of $9-$10 million in total. I still would like to see the Jazz bring Fes back but dump Koufos. Please draft Greg Monroe or Wesley Johnson.


What I'd do:

Although I like Boozer, Jazz must let him go, or risk being $20 mil. over luxury cap.

Kirilenko and Millsap can adequately handle PF position. Re-sign Matthews, Gaines (better backup than Price) and Fesenko (centers take time to develop--only way Jazz will get a decent center is draft a "project" and develop him; Fesenko could be as good as Bynum, if he develops foul shooting and jump shot within 15 feet). Fesenko and Koufos must "man" the center position until Okur recovers (which will hasten their development).

Sign Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow as free agents--both should be reasonably priced, are long, can shoot 3's and play defense.

1st pick: Long, athletic big man with potential, such as--Derrick Favors, Hassan Whiteside, Kevin Seraphin (leave him in France for 1-2 years to develop and save salary), Ekpe Udoh, Daniel Orton. 2nd pick: big guard/small forward, such as Quincy Poindexter/Lance Stephenson.

2010/2011 Line-up:

Okur Fesenko Koufos
Kirilenko Millsap 1stpickrookie
Miles Outlaw
Morrow Matthews 2ndpickrookie(?)
Williams Gaines Price

2010/2011 Salary $72-75 mil.; 2011/2012--under luxury tax with Kirilenko extension of $7-9 mil.


Matthews...... PLEASE......Take AK, Miles and Milsap with you when you become a gym rat. Anyone who works that hard to become better should take his team mates along with him.
I am all on the Matthews band wagon.


Startreatment has some very well thought out comments. They are workable. Outlaw/Morrow are nice ideas.

It is easier and cheaper to move AK to PF and get help at SF.

The big questions are how fast Fes/Koufos develop offense and how much Fes/Mathews cost?

The Jazz can afford and need to pay some Lux tax if they are serious about winning a champ. However, they have to spend it very wisely.


I would say out of the Free agents (restricted and unrestricted, so including Boozer), Matthews should be the highest priority for the Jazz to resign.

It would be nice to keep Boozer, but he will be expensive. And Milsap is good enough to start, if they also have a tall center. Thus, Matthews would be worth more for the Jazz per dollar paid then Boozer would.

Fes could work for that tall center role, especially if he decides to work out as much as it sounds like Matthews will in the off season. That could make Fes quite important to keep, especially if it becomes obvious Boozer is going to leave.

I also hope the Jazz are able to keep Korver, but sadly I might put him as the lowest priority out of the free agents, unless the Jazz can get another 7 foot+ center somehow (Kofous will not be good enough for this role, so they would need a new one if Fes leaves).


Are you kidding me about Fes?? Be patient with 7' 1" guys? How long did we wait with overpaid Ostertag?? Honestly, if we are talking money here the Jazz overpay for the production they are getting. Yes, we love our players, yes they are loyal and all want to stay here, yes we have decent season every year, but is that what we want??? Or do we actually want a championship? Probably can't afford it, but Amare Stoudemire would probably be the answer to a lot of problems.


Fes doesn't look all the good to me. I still highly doubt he turns into a consistent player, but it may be worth giving him a couple more if he isn't too expensive. I wouldn't pay him more than 1 million per season, 2 max. Let him go if it is more than that.

Chuck Nunn

The match on Fesenko is a no-brainer. The match on Matthews is a BIG no-brainer.


Fes and Mathews are obvious. Fes will develop rapidly if he gets 20-35 minutes a night. Look at Roy Williams and the Lopez twins.

A good defensive C (FA) who can put up 10-12 points and 10 rebounds in 25 minutes is usually worth about 10 Mill a year.

At 2 mill a year Fes is worth it just to warm the bench as an insurance player. Collins is starting for PHO. He only plays a few minutes. Fes is better. Bigs who can plug the lane, rebound and slam are worth more than people realize.

People knock Koufos but if you give him 25 minutes of playing time he will become much better fast. He used to be a good outside shooter. That has totally disappeared under Sloan. He is not likely to get blocked out from the basket. He needs inside moves but he can shoot from the outside if he has time to set. Much like Okur.

It is a brave new adventure. It will be interesting. At least DWill is openly calling for more talent.

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