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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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When Representative Wimmer called for crossover votes, he termed it "chaos Utah style." Fairly scummy.

Poli Sigh

Haha, let's do it! Republicans lost a seat in the same way and later closed their primary.

It's payback time!


Democrats and independents have the ability to vote in the republican primaries if they are too register as a republican the day of the election, then re-register back after 10 days. This is another closed door tactic the republicans use to oppress voters they do not want, they close all primaries, caucuses and committee meetings during the legislative sessions. Wimmer uses the Patrick Henry method to spew his intolerance of others and people of color. Patrick Henry realized the errors of his ways and changed his political views to become a strong federalist, supporting a central government, defense and commerce. We continue to hear the spew over the Founding Fathers, the vast majority of these were also Federalists, not Democratic Republicans.
Rewriting history may be effective for those that are naive or unwilling to research for themselves the history of the states, but the history is out there research it for yourselves.
Wimmer has been making a lot of noise for our state yet his extensive education is POST at Salt Lake Community College. The man is not formally educated and is a bully paid by the state taxpayers!


Utah is the Republican version of Chicago and the Democrats. All we need now is the Republican convention and a repeat of 1968.

They'll write songs about us.


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING Utahns can do this year to have an effect on the nation is to GET RID OF MATHESON.

A vote for Matheson is a vote for Pelosi. He has played a dishonest game for years of supporting Pelosi in Washington and pretending to be conservative at home. He votes for legislation all the way up to final passage and then he is "released" to vote "his district" in order to protect his seat for the Democrats. He votes the way Pelosi ALLOWS him to vote.

I am one Republican who will be crossing over to vote in the Democrat primary. Whichever Republican wins the Senate primary will be a good Senator for Utah. But, in order to make a real difference, we need to get Matheson out this year.

I encourage all Utahns to vote in the Democrat primary to get rid of Matheson. THIS THE MOST IMPORATANT THING WE CAN DO TO CHANGE WASHINGTON.

Don't be fooled by Matheson's games any longer. He does NOT represent Utah values.


I encourage all Republicans in the second district to cross over and vote against Matheson. It's our best shot of saving our country from these guys.


Once again, the Republicans are out to get more of their buddies in office. With the likes of Wimmer, Chavez and Butterfield and let us not forget the Govenor of this State. These men are all jokes!!! They should have never been elected. Their "conservative ideas" come from their religion, not the voice of All the people of Utah.

lost in DC

that's the idea of a political party, get more of your guys in office. Don't you think the dems work to elect more of thier guys!??

Bet Matheson wishes the dems had a closed party like the repubs.


Doug Wright (not exactly a flaming liberal) had the right mix of disgust and sadness yesterday when he criticized these low ball tactics on his show yesterday.

Morgan Philpott came on KSL with a half-hearted dismissive shrug of "I have no control over these people". Then Rep. Carl Wimmer came on with an even worse non-apology "apology" for his dog whistle twitter message to Rush Limbaugh fans.

Neither of them (or anyone in mainstream Republican leadership) has manned up and just flat out said "This is wrong".

And then we wonder why people disengage from participating in our democracy?


I'm a lifelong Republican and after reading this article I will DEFINITELY be voting in the Democratic primary--for Scott Matheson.

Now that my party has voted out Bennett, our state's most sane representative in Washington, there seems to be very little difference (other than a few years maturity and Lee's slightly more blatant pandering) between the two. So I will be voting against my party's co-option by the extreme right to work to see Matheson survive this primary.

The fact that this will foil Wimmer's most sincere strategery makes it all the more an attractive proposition.

Thomas Jefferson

Poor, sad, fake conservatives.

Fiscal Hawk

What, exactly, is wrong with crossing over? As an American citizen, and a resident of the district in question, don't I have the right to vote in any election?

Henry J.

This one life long republican that has become embaresed with the republican party and will be voting for good honest men like Jim Matheson and Petter Coroon. I pray for our state.

Lane Myer

Well folks,

This is what's known as ethics. Either you have them or you don't. Either you allow the democrats to vote in their candidate or you fix the election so that your candidate has a better chance of winning.

You must decided individually whether or not you will stoop to the level of win at all costs, and to heck with ethics.

It is your choice.


Forcing and seizing total dominance by low underhanded tactics such as sabotaging elections doesn't sound particularly "American" or sound very in line with the Founding Fathers' intents.

Lane Myer

Fiscal Hawk | 8:47 a.m. May 12, 2010
What, exactly, is wrong with crossing over? As an American citizen, and a resident of the district in question, don't I have the right to vote in any election?


You CAN vote if you want to vote in the democratic primary. Whether or not you SHOULD vote in it if you are not a democrat is a different subject.

It is your choice.


I believe Henry J. and JCO are the same person. Anyway, I don't believe either one of them are "life-long Republicans."

As an American citizen, I have a right to use my vote to fight for my country. I intend to vote legally and ethically in the Democratic primary against Jim Matheson. There's nothing underhanded about that. It's completely straight forward.


Dear Cedarite: Let me tell you what's underhanded--pretending to be a conservative in Utah and then going to Washington and voting for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. How about voting for legislation in committee, voting for the rule and voting for amendments all the way up to final passage. Then, getting permission from Pelosi to vote "your district" on final passage so you can claim to be a conservative back in Utah. Of course, this is after Pelosi knows she has to votes to pass and let's you vote "no" in order to protect your seat.

That's the UNDERHANDED game that Jim Matheson has played for years. No man can serve two masters, but Jim Matheson has been trying to do that for years.

It's time to get him out.


I don't agree with Wimmers take on things.

I won't be voting in that election, we have a senator to choose from, I think Philpot will do fine against either Matheson or Wright, I have heard his plans and I think he is a more substainitive candidate than people are giving him credit for...can't wait for November!

Fiscal Hawk

re: Lane Meyer

Haven't the democrats lead the way in "winning at all costs" by jamming healthcare, spending, and other legislation down our throats with zero bipartisan support? They have declared war and it's up to conservatives to either fight back or be overtaken.

By the way, THERE'S NOTHING UNETHICAL ABOUT VOTING IN AN ELECTION IN YOUR DISTRICT, but that's what scared democrats would have you believe.

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