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Published: Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan

A perfect match for Utah.


Chaffetz has been measured and found lacking. These are not the type of replicans we need in office to get things done and reach across the party to compromise. Just look at all the idiott air port screening comments Chaffetz has made the past year. He seems to be over-dramatic and under-performing. Hatch has served well and now needs to pass the torch to someone who is not a career politician and represent the people. Lets get ride of all the career politicians, like we have Bennett. They are worthless.


Chaffetz was an improvement over Cannon. That said, surely we can produce better representatives than Chaffetz? And many thanks to Senator Hatch for his years of service, but the office of Senator was never intended to be a lifetime appointment. He should start spending much more time with his grandchildren in 2012.


'Even before the political corpse of ousted Sen. Bob Bennett has cooled, Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he may run against...' - Article

I guess after working to deny marriage to DC residents, it's about time Chaffetz did something about Utah....

Mtn Home

Let the Republicants eat each other alive. Their hatred of all things that didn't originate in their own heads will doom them all. I predict scandal exposed before the general election. Burn in hell, Party of No!


Run for president not just the senate! Well, hopefully one day. Love Chaffetz!

Reasonable Person

Chaffetz says ""This anti-incumbent sentiment is a tsunami that isn't going away…"

How true. But Chaffetz, aren't you also an incumbent?


the idea here isnt so much who takes hatch's place.. it is that the convention delegates dont cast a ballot for hatch .. just like bennett , over 2,300 state delegates didnt cast a ballot for bennett .. that was awesome ..

hatch is only interested in himself .. has nothing to do with utah .. (hasnt dawned on him that that many citizens of utah actually didnt cast a ballot for bennett)

i truly hope that utah doesnt allow hatch a 7th term .. the old guy needs to retire to his lobby groups and support them ..

hatch is only interested in his records that he can set by being brought back to DC for his 7th term .. utah needs to stop what they started 36 yrs ago, cause hatch wont resign .. keep in mind that hatch has over 2 million dollars from pac and lobby money to spend .. has to be spent somewhere (let him burn it on lunches and presents to state delegates in March and April 2012) ..

then after all the spending, drop hatch in the May 2012 convention ???

dont cast a ballot for hatch May 2012 convention


Sen Hatch is vulnerable in 2010 and has many short comings. I like Jason Chafetz and he has taken the point on a few issues but he is going to have to fight a lot harder and put forth some serious Constitutional challenges (legislation to reduce the size of government) if he expects support after a second term.

Remember who's side Hatch was on with the Ruby Ridge and Waco debacles. How many times did Sen Hatch dance with Sen "Liberal" Ted Kennedy. He brought us to this dance but I'm not going home with him.


Chafetz and the tea party is what is destroying the Utah Republican party. Voting against Matheson in the primary is dirty politics. Remember "Are you honest in all of your doings?" How can one honestly vote against him in the primary if he or she has no intention of voting for the same candidate in the election. We are either an honest people with integrity or we are not. Who do you choose to be?

Mike Richards

Mr. Chaffetz, "Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen . . . "

If the citizens want you to run for the office of Senator, they will ASK you to run. You need not volunteer.


Chaffetz is doing a great job in the US House. If he decides to switch and run for the 2012 US Senate race, and if he wins, I believe he would do a great job there. We should spread those doing great jobs around and replace those not.

Hatch has been doing OK. I do believe he has been there long enough that he could be replaced with someone better.

County Resident

Chaffetz (CHA fetz) - adjective - 1. One whose bark is MUCH worse than his bite. 2. Talk without walk 3. all talk, without substance. 4. idleness, without action but much verbage.

Usage: Don't be a Chaffetz


I hope he runs and wins and does nothing for our state just like he does now. Oh wait, he is often talking to TMZ so he does do something besides flapping his gums....wait, same thing.


First, no one should be deceived about Chaffetz doing a better job. He won't. Anything you do not like about Hatch, you will not like about Chaffetz. The only difference is that Chaffetz is an opportunist with a BIG EGO AND BIG AMBITION.

We have real problems in Utah, and throwing out a Senator who votes the right way (no TARP and no BAILOUTS) just to appease the egos of the leaders of the Tea Party and 9/12 groups -- all of whom get their "creds" from knocking off incumbents -- is just plain silly.

There may have been BIG votes that we did not like about Bennett, but Hatch is not the guilty party here. Obama and the liberals in the Congress are the real enemies of the Constitution -- not Hatch.

Let's send a seasoned veteran, with clout, with credibility, and with stature to that fight. Not Mr. EGO who will inflate himself with cute sound bites and then go home and think about his next gig on Fox News. Chaffetz tries to sound humble saying he was never a real football player -- just a kicker. Well, Jason, this is the big leagues. Stay on the bench.


I can picture Chaffetz on election day....


I guess Chaffetz felt a bit 'harrased' by TSA agents ('"I feel like I was a bit harassed," - Rep. Chaffetz Gets Into Verbal Scuffle With TSA - 01/06/10 - Fox 13 - Nicole Hunter) but is ok with AZ laws asking you for documentation of your legal status...based on appearence.

Notice I didn't say WHO gets elected.


I don't want Hatch. BUT if Chaffetz is opposing him, I'm going to be one of Hatch's biggest supporters. Why? Chaffetz is a disaster, and I don't want to inflict him on Utah any more than Utah is afflicted by him now. YUCK!

lost in DC

I didn't know you were a registered republican! If not, you can't support Hatch in the nominating process against Chaffetz.

What do you call a senator who has served since 1977? You call him home.

despite what the leftist media tells you, the AZ law forbids racial profiling.


For me, if its Hatch vs Chaffetz, I'll go with Hatch one more term. I've not seen Chaffetz do anything yet (now in his 2nd year) but I've seen Hatch doing something every year.

P.S. I think the GOP delegates didn't help Utah by getting rid of Bennett but time will tell. The new likely GOP Senator will be powerless for a few years under an Obama administration and a democratic-controlled Congress. It appears no thought was given to the power of seniority IF Congress remains Democratically controlled after 2010 elections. It is a likely scenario.

Say No to BO

Chaffetz is willing to take a stand, even if he stands alone. I like that.
He could do another term where he's at before advancing, in my opinion.

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