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Published: Tuesday, May 11 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lakers shooting free throws when their opponents aren't. what's new in David Sterns NBA. Whatever happens with Booze lets get a big with the knicks pick in the draft

Solomon Levi

One thing is certain; Boozer won't be playing for the Jazz next year.

B Russ

Boozers last will and testament: Boozer leaves to find some more team mates who will cover his but on defense.


Boozer struggles against the Lakers because it's a tough match up for him. He's 6 foot 9 and goes up against three SKILLED 7 footers.

The Jazz have no big man in the middle to compensate for their weaknesses. Yes, Boozer is a part of this, but so is D-Will. It's not like he doesn't get beat defensively.

Stockton played the passing lanes (all time steals leader) because he knew Eaton had his back in the paint.


Very few players are perfect. Boozer has his faults, but is a solid baller.

The Jazz really need to make additions to match up against the Lakers.

Boozer would look like a world beater with a legit Center next to him.

I am not a huge Boozer fan, and I am 50/50 on him coming back. But I do think he is judged harshly. Finances might dictate the departure of Boozer, but mark my words when I say, we will miss him if he goes. Watch and see. I love Millsap, but come on.

Negative fan perception of Boozer is mostly based on not liking him personally. Sure he needs to play better defense. actually he has done that some. Never mind that though. Not liking him makes fans fuzzy in their thinking.

Remember those that thought Miles was worthless? They forgot how young he was, and failed to see his talent. The fans lost to O'Connor on that one.

How about when Brewer got traded. Is anybody saying that Brewer should still be the starting two guard? O'Connor was right again.

Kevin will do the right thing with Boozer this summer. Maybe Boozer gets resigned.


"Of all sad words of mouth or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been.' "


Yes, Boozer had a choppy series, but it's an incredibly tough match-up playing against two seven-footers and the Lakers clogging the middle on defense. Boozer rebounded well, but I'd like to see any commenter play against the Lakers' bigs. I don't see it as a lack of heart with Boozer, just a touch mismatch. BTW, I'm a Lakers fan who has great respect for how hard the Jazz played even though they were greatly over-matched at every position except point guard. Lighten up on Sloan. With the right players the Jazz will be there. If he coached the Lakers players, they would be very, very good as well.

Anti Democrat-Republican

I hope it's his last game.

Spokane Fan

Another year, similar emding. It's tough to see the few players who come to play every day, held back by those who suddenly seem to fade away at times, either to injury or to lack of motivation. I have followed the Jazz religously since they arrived in Utah. Seasonticketholder for two years. I have been the dedicated die hard fan who has hung in there through the good years and the bad years. It is very difficult to follow this team these days. A shake up of some sort would give me some hope but until then, this Jazz fan is out!

John Charity Spring

Good riddance! Boozer represents everything that is wrong with the modern athlete: selfishness, greed, and disloyalty. His complete unconcern for the welfare of the team and his teamates has been evident for far too long. Boozer does not share the values of this community, and it is time for him to go.

yankee doodle

You are kidding me? No way, what a shocker that Boozehound packed up his tent and went to the beach already, no I don't believe it.


A good season for Boozer and my thanks to him for the effort he put out. The Lakers just have too much for the Jazz. Too much height, athleticism, talent, speed and skill. I've said it all season long, the Jazxz are a good team but not a great one. Never the less, they gave us some great moments this season and a lot of fun. Thanks guys!

yankee doodle

C'mon gdog3, I don't disagree with everything you said, the Jazz definitely need a big man in the middle, but give me a break, finances "might dictate" him leaving? It will be the ONLY reason he leaves or stays, remember how he came back to Utah because he couldn't get the boatload of money he thinks he deserves elsewhere? And that is the reason he lied and stabbed his former team in the back because the Jazz offered him a ton of money. And he needs to play "better" defense? How about he needs to play any defense period, he did not improve in that area one bit this year, your "fuzzy" thinking is getting in the way of your comments. And I just don't get how you think Miles is now one of the Jazz best players, I just don't see that one.

Shake -n- Bake

You guys defending Boozer are crazy. Haven't you seen enough in his time here to know better? Absolutely agree with your assessment that DWill isn't the best defender either but that doesn't change the fact that Boozer may be the worst post defender the Jazz have ever had.
He doesn't play physical; he constantly gives up the low block; doesn't move his feet; and in my life I have never seen I worse big man at defending the rim. He pretty much just steps aside and allows penetrating guards free passage to the hoop.


Just STOP. Please. Just STOP dissing on Boozer. Perhaps it was deserved in previous years, but this year, Boozer has stepped up and given tremendous effort. He struggled against LA's length. So did everyone.

If you want to pound on someone, may I offer up 16,000,000 reasons why AK deserves some of this tough love. In a series and a season when his length was sorely needed, he was Missing In Action. This year, Boozer showed up. AK didn't. If you want to vent your frustration on someone not giving the effort required, focus on AK not Boozer. In my humble opinion, Boozer earned his keep this season. AK did not.

If I could find a way to keep Carlos and replace AK, I'd do it in a heart-beat.


Good article about a bad ending.

Jazz this year were a great group to watch as they did not have fear in their makeup. They did not care if they were down they always thought they could win. That is due to coaching and team attitude.

Boozer needs to return. He is 4 inches shorter than Amare, now he plays better defense and his numbers are better than Amare and he gets paid 40% less than Amare. He is number 2 or 3 in NBA as PF. If we lose him Milsap is not going to be able to replace him.

Optimitically we could do a sign and trade with Korver and get a veteran big who can teach our bevy of bigs something about this game. Till Koufos and Fes change their attitude and get serious the Jazz will continue to have a gaping hole in the middle.

Not sure a rookie bit will help us right away though


right on gdog3


Jazz Fans...You will never win a championship with Paul Millsap starting at power forward. He's a good player but Boozer is so much better. Whether he leaves or not we'll wait and see, but Paul Millsap is not the answer.

Uncle Rico

I'm defending Boozer, and no, I'm not crazy.
He faced three 7 ft. post players, the worlds best player and an elite guard in Fischer.
Boozer has played well most of the year, and I wish him the best whether back in a Jazz uniform or not.


I have been very critical of Carlos Boozer for awhile but have been pleased with his play for the most part this year. My only complaint . . . he has absolutely no clue how to play help defense. It is non-existent in his game. I don't understand why someone doesn't take him aside and show him video of Brown (a guard) shooting a baseline jumper over a flat-footed Boozer from five feet out. I have never seen Kobe shoot so many uncontested, unmolested layups in my life and most of those were with Boozer playing "Ole'" defense. What is up with that? Can anybody help me to understand why this is not being brought to his attention? I don't think it is possible for someone in the NBA to play with less effort on defense than Carlos Boozer. He could be a great player if he would work on his defense. He is very talented offensively, but his defense KILLS us. I wish we could bottle whatever Wesley Matthews runs on and inject it into every other player. He plays with heart, grit, determination, and hustle. We need others to look to the undrafted rookie's example.

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