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Published: Tuesday, May 11 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am so disgusted with the Jazz. Getting blown out on their home court by 16 points in the second quarter.

Sloan needs to go and the management either needs to bring players in who have heart and pride or they need to get out of the basketball business.

Go Suns!


Sloanaholics will hate this but the Jazz played well and were ahead when Fes was in. He hit Kobe in the head. He disrupted Gasol, Bynum and Odom. He did a good job of stopping Gasol. He contributed in scoring and rebounded.

Sloan went small ball and the LA bigs went wild. Then the LA guard got going as the Jazz guards tried to help inside.

I have grown weary of it all. Sloan cares more about his rotations than winning. I am really tried of it.

Fes has a long way to go but this is pathetic. If it is going well then stay with it.

Booz is just to short. I am grateful for all he has done but the Jazz front line is just to short. There has to be changes.

However, as long as Sloan insists on his predictable rotations the Jazz will not win.

Compare Gentry's coaching with Sloan's.

The Jazz will never change.


Look at all the open seats! The Lakers have taken the hearts of the fans team etc. HAHAHAH kinda hard to be LOUD when people don't show up.


Bugoff, great point about Gentry. I was actually thinking about that today. You will get heat for your excellent takes, but accept from me..No one wants to hear the truth..


They say how Sloan develops young players (Fes and Kous no comment)

Meanwhile, the Suns are doing without one possibly tough defender Lopez

It is a team that has had youth develop

The Suns back up point, Admondson and Dudley to just name a few, and look at Frye improvement..

Also, Gentry is positive, youthful and energetic.

It all translates into this miracle team..


I called before it happened. Shannon Brown all by himself

sure enough as certain as taxes he gets the ball and drills the 3


Love the Game

Jerry just said to Phil Jackson. "I hope you win it all". You have got to be kidding me. They just knocked us out in 4 straight for the 3rd or 4th year in a row and you "hope they win it all".

I don't even know what to say except "pathetic". How about "Congrats" and then move on. There is not one Utah fan who hopes the Lakers win it all. More like anyone but the lakers.

Come on Jerry how old are you?

Nice year by the Jazz. They are still not good enough to beat this team, but most others teams are not either. So we add another 50+ win season and Jazz fans will continue to buy season tickets. So.... Mission accomplished management.


Any fan base that would boo the guy who left their team so he could get his sick kid better medical treatment deserves seeing their team swept. You stay classy, Utah.


Sloan is way past retirement age. Whoever the next coach is going to be should have a say in all the off season trade/freer agency decisions to be made this summer, so Sloan needs to sail off into the sunset this year. Sloan is a good coach, but needs to go out with a little grace and style, not in a wheelchair with the fans all calling for change.

P.S. What is the NBA going to do about the biased referee calls for all stars and big market teams get (Kobey & Lakers) even on the road! They are losing more and more fans the more they allow these biased called games to go on! Sometimes you need to win by 20 to win by 1! I don't like Booze much, but boy he got hosed by the refs tonight!


Nobody thought they would make it out of the first round. Nice season. Hopefully koc will work some magic in the offseason to improve the team.


There were some important events in this game. Sloan did go back to Fes after being down big and he stayed with him until he put the closers in (small ball) and went behind more.

I will give Sloan credit for doing a lot with limited resources. I disagree with some of his approaches but he gets paid 5 mill to make them.

The most important thing is Fes established himself as the C of the future for the Jazz tonight. He hit Kobe hard at least twice and also Gasol.

The Jazz for the most part played better with him in. He got 12 rebounds. It was obvious all he needs is playing time. If he had only been developed earlier.

He has a long way to go offensively but that will come with time. He did get 4 points but he played really well. He affected the Laker bigs and made the guards pay when the came into the lane.

The Jazz are 1 big very good PF away from matching up with LA. They can draft 1.

Mathews could not handle Kobe but he will be better next year and did pretty well.


Now onto the off season

I used to be on the fence but i'm now completely against Booz coming back, even if reasonably priced. If he's not the answer now against the Lakers, will he ever be? He's not getting any better. And I honestly think Milsap has passed him offensively. He's consistently hitting that 18-20 foot jumper and is a better finisher. Way more crafty around the hoop. Give me Paul and AK at the 4, Fes and Kosta (until Okur gets healthy) at 5. Draft an athletic 4/5 with the Knick Pick, key word is athletic. Our front line will be fine, maybe improved. Korver can walk and CJ can stay where he is and hopefully we can add a better wing player to go w/ Mathews, although he can walk if he so chooses. If the right big man doesn't fall to us in draft than maybe go w/ best wing player available. If we have to, use Memphis' pick next year to move up to get a top guy, wing or big man.


One other thing missing is another player besides Deron who can create his own or others shots. Maybe moving up for Ohio State's Turner would be an option. Bottom line is that they can't miss on this pick, too much riding on it. If they do we'll be set back a few years.


CJ has come into his own. He fouled hard, shot well and has a complete game.

Booz had lots of rebounds but did not shoot well. Millsap has a different style. He shot well but could have had more rebounds.

The Jazz can get by with Millsap/AK at PF until they can develop/get the PF of the future. Koufos had limited minutes but played well.

For the Jazz to beat LA they have to have enough size inside. Then the guards do not have to help inside and leave their man open. The help defensive scheme has lost the Jazz a lot of games. The constant compensation by the guards to help inside have gotten the Jazz bombed quite a few times this year. GET a PF who can defend and score.

If the Jazz have enough talent/depth to match up with the contenders and Sloan plays the match ups then they can contend.

The Jazz have to have more talent. Sloan has to use the talent right and play the match ups.

Gentry is a better coach at this point. He is more flexible. The Suns can play gun and 1/2 court.


Terry: Those two push in the back fouls were legit calls. If he would stop playing lazy D and start moving his feet, some of his fouls would go away.


The Jazz have to go bigger at PF. Booz is a great talent but he is just over matched by LA. Millsap is younger, cheaper and has more upside. This is the best Booz is ever going to be (at least for the Jazz).

Millsap will still get shot over by Odom/Gasol/Bynum. But if he has a big tall good back up and IF Sloan would play match ups the Jazz could live with Millsap at PF for a year or 2.

The Jazz do need another wing who can shoot and defend. They need an other AK with a better shot.

Gaines shows promise. OJ should develop. I like his play a lot. Mathews will get better fast. However he is a little short and not quite quick enough to guard Kobe. However, the more he plays the better he will get. He did a remarkable job for a rookie.

I have some hope for the Jazz IF the front office will just make the right adjustments.

I think draft a PF in the first round. There are a couple 6'10" SFs in the 2nd round who might help a lot.

Design an LA killer.


Nobody thought they would make it out of the first round. Nice season. Hopefully koc will work some magic in the offseason to improve the team.

Ak Fan

I'm with you Bugoff. Sloan has preset rotation and follows, did not want to change no matter what. Where was AK. Boozer place was in bench. Deron can't handle pressure (He let Fisher go under skin). Millsap too short even plays tough. I pleased to see Fes slowly start playing true center. That hoop was very good. Sloan needs to go leave Jazz alone. He choose Boozer over AK (destroying his career)and failed big time.


@ utahswept
I agree it is classless to boo anyone or especially to say "they suck" for that reason. However, Derek Fisher could have easily commuted to LA to get the care he felt his child needed. In contrast, the much hated Boozer had his equally ill child with sickle cell anemia treated in Florida yet he stayed with the team and honored his contract. The Fisher case illustrates how it will be difficult for Utah to ever contend for the title again because they can't attract superstar free agents. Fisher took an $8 million pay cut to play in LA.


I still don't understand why Jazz fans are chastised for booing Fisher? Look, the organization showed unbelievable class by allowing him out of his contract (name another NBA team to do that - ever!). It was Fisher, not the Jazz, who chose to go to a hated arch rival (29 other options) and his former team only two weeks after being let out of his contract on grounds of finding better medical coverage for his daughter. Jazz fans are understandably suspicious because Fisher was flying back and forth to NY (not CA) to help his daughter while on the Jazz. If he is being honest and made that request with integrity, then he shouldn't regret his decision. But why are Jazz fans precluded from doing what any loyal fan base should - boo the enemy. IT'S A GAME!!!

Booing is not necessarily calling his integrity into question. He chose go to LA and signed up for the consequences of Jazz fans casting him as a villain. I wish Fisher and his family ALL THE BEST - but GO SUNS! Time for Lakers fans to get a reality check and realize booing is part of the game - not life!


utahswept | 11:34
Any fan base that would boo the guy who left their team so he could get his sick kid better medical treatment deserves seeing their team swept. You stay classy, Utah.
NO ONE is angry at Fisher for seeking medical treatment for his daughter. NO ONE.

We object to a person who asks for his contract to be torn up "so he can do what is best for his family," and in return does what is worst for the man who helped him.

Fisher's daughter was being treated in NEW YORK. Fisher could've gone to the Nets, Knicks, Rockets (Houston was an option) or Clippers. No, he went to the Lakers, the only team of those five which could hurt the Jazz. Who returns a favor by spitting in someone's face? A "Classy" narcissist or Laker fan (same thing).

"Thanks for helping our family Larry. To show my appreciation, I'll go to the Lakers and act wounded when I know I conspired, lied, and spit in your face."

We've never ONCE heard Fisher express gratitude to the franchise or Millers since he left. NOT ONCE. That speaks volumes.

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