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Published: Sunday, May 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Seen in the context of Sen. Bennett's loss at the Utah State Republican Convention, Rep. Matheson's being forced into a Democratic Primary made me realize that perhaps the more extreme elements of the delegate process allows for the general public to see a greater distinction between the parties and affords a better separation of the more fundmantal issues between the two major parties instead of the more middle of the road politics - offering the voter a much more distinctive choice between the parties. Perhaps, this is a good thing, instead of a bad thing, now the final candidate picture is being made clear.

On the other hand

Re: Cats

Yes, who needs Matheson when we could elect someone who will try to shut down the United Nations (because we stand strongest when we stand alone, right?) and use illegal immigrants as a scapegoat for all of America's problems? Now that's progress.


Interesting the disparity in treatment of the Matheson and Bennett stories. With Bennett and his challenger it's these 'crazy right-wingers venting their anger' at Bennett.

With Matheson and his challenger it's these 'soft, nice, well-meaning progressives just wanting something better.'

As for those criticizing the convention process: at the 2008 convention Jason Chaffetz won 59% of the delegates. He went on to win 60% of the primary vote. Sounds like a sound process to me.


Has government and the people really creeped to a new level of low to vote for socialism?

Is socialism the new form of government? Do these stupid Utahn's think government is there benefactor?

It took a lot of backbone to vote against socialized health care and he gets my vote for that, although I have yet to see a real 'for the people' candidate.

We don't want any socialized welfare programs, that's what's wrong with the country now, everyone is tired of being independent and self sufficient and care for themselves. Let government tell me what I can do is not a freedom, its a submission to surrender yourselves to socialism.

What the american people have to do is fight business leaders who are behind the scene robbing the people of the right to the pursuit of happiness by cutting wages and employing illegal aliens and rampant tax fraud. Business has been forcing americans in to socialism and dependence on welfare because they don't want to pay decent wages.

The candidate that demands independence from government, no handouts to illegals, and believes in our constitution will get my vote.


I am a registered Republican. Matheson is the only politician for whom I have placed a sign in my yard. However, I think it is time for him to go.

I don't think I am the only person that thinks Matheson would have voted for health care if Nancy Pelosi needed his vote. He was undecided until he knew that the Stupak group was in.

Therefore, while I have been happy with Matheson's performance in other ways, I don't think he is worth the risk anymore.


Tax is the cost of civilization. No one in the USA pays too much tax. It is the corruption and waste in the spending of the tax payer's money that defeats the nation's purpose to build a more civilized state for all its citizens. Matheson failed in his role to serve America.


Rep. Matheson is the only Democrat that can win any Utah district. If the Democrats really want to lose this seat, select anyone else.

Being part of the minority party, in Utah, he has been forced to serve all of his district, not just one party.


Republicans are very likely going to pull a Matheson trick from 2000.

If you remember that year, Merrill Cook was being challenged by Chris Cannon's hand picked candidate, Something Smith. A poll was done and Matheson lost by 10+ points to Cook but beat this Smith guy by a big margin. So the Dems showed up in the Repub primary and voted for Smith, beating Cook. Then Matheson trounced Smith.

Repubs are going to vote for this Claudia women in mass, beat Matheson then watch as Philpott thumps Claudia.

What goes around comes around!


I'm going to probably vote in the Republican primary (for the first time). I don't think I would want to register as a Democrat, just to vote for Wright. But, then, I'm not vested in getting a Republican into Congress. I just want someone who represents me, as best as I can determine. Wright certainly will be handing the seat to the Republicans if she beats Matheson.


Wow, the ideological hubris going on in Utah right now is astounding. I am a native Utahn living in "the mission field." I'll give you my perspective:

The ultra-conservative right-wing of the party has now successfully thrown two sitting incumbents out of office - Bob Bennett and Chris Cannon - and replaced them with ideologically "pure" conservatives through Utah's arcane caucus system. For both of these men their primary crime was that, in rare instances, they worked with Democrats and had ideas of their own that were not drawn verbatim from the Republican Platform.

Now state Democrats have used the same wacky system to force their only federal representative into a primary that could easily be manipulated by Republican voters resulting in Wright gaining the nomination and then ultimately losing the general election something like 21 to 79 to Philpot.

The final result? Utah will permanently seal its public image as a backward state full of right-wing crackpots. The LDS Church may then need to move its headquarters to some other state in order to distance itself from the antics of Utah's federal delegation. From the state that brought you Chaffetz, welcome Lee and Philpot!


RE peterslu: It's a good thing we don't vote based on what other states think of us. Other 'enlightened' states may very well view us as a 'backward state full of right-wing crackpots." But consider this: The Great, mainstream state of California is bankrupt and New York is really close. The one state that is weathering this storm relatively well is Utah. I don't really care what others think of us as they go to the Federal Government with hat in hand.


Re: B

Actually there are a number of states doing as well or better than Utah. Everybody looks good compared to Cali, Michigan, or Rhode Island. There are many quiet, moderate places that are doing well and look quite sane compared to California on the one hand, and Utah on the other.

Unemployment rates by State:
Rank State Rate
4 KANSAS 6.5
7 IOWA 6.8
8 HAWAII 6.9
11 MONTANA 7.1
12 UTAH 7.2


I can't see why liberals aren't as disgusted with the Federal Government as many of the conservatives are. Every politician who has held office since 1990's should be fired. You can still vote for the best liberal challenger but get rid of the incumbents.


During the last election, I always felt that the one main reason Matheson got elected was that he came across as "nice" and "respectful" to others. He didn't bash his opponent like his opponent did to him.

I have high respects for Matheson for that very reason. He speaks to the issues and stays with the issues. Though he is not my representative, I do hope he does return.


Matheson needs to go. He hides from his constituents and shunned the over 200,000 Utahns without health insurance. Let's hope Bennett also decides to wage a "write in candidacy" so that, if ms. Wright wins, Utah will have two Democrats in Congress! Granato and Wright '10

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