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Published: Sunday, May 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Still Blue after all these years

Putting a RINO on the ticket is still a losing ticket. Given what the federal government is doing, we cannot afford Dem's or Repub's that believe in spending. What part of "get rid of the nanny state" is everyone not getting? Or does Greece look good to us?


Greece is Greece, and its not America. Whose the great decider of whose a republican? How as driving sane people away from the GOP helped you?

Did Fox News tell you all the facts on Greece? I bet they didn't.

"Wall St. Helped to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis"

"In 2001, just after Greece was admitted to Europe’s monetary union, Goldman helped the government quietly borrow billions, people familiar with the transaction said. That deal, hidden from public view because it was treated as a currency trade rather than a loan, helped Athens to meet Europe’s deficit rules while continuing to spend beyond its means."

Those gosh darn socialist!

Brother Chuck Schroeder

Utah Democrats trying to take advantage of GOP bloodbath, it's bleeding wide open. We'll address this this way, say, "someone from Utah", see's a Congressman, (same happens on a City or County or State level to), and says to them, " I want something in a Bill, "fair and balanced". He says ok, looks at it, writes up a ammendment to that Bill, passes it along to committee of ways and means, to TAX something, to pay for it, it's signed into law, and it's law, "however", other's around the country have to pay that "fair and balanced tax". That's not fair and balanced, now is it. When you say, quarter of the people who received the first bills to help fund Salt Lake County's contribution the new Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area did not pay them. I guess those are all the illegals that live in Utah your talking about?. After all conservatives comply with the law's, so to does the liberal's. So what's the problem?. Your right, "illegals". I did try to educate you real fast here, from an outsider that knows better. You Betcha.


Who will beat Obama? His approval rating may be in the 40's, but the next closet challenger is in the teens. If everyone voted in this country, the GOP would never have won an election in the last 30 years.


I hope Matheson proves he is fiscally conservative by helping to rein in some of the left-wingers who are in charge of Washington now. The same people who complained that Bush was spending too much are now seemingly happy to vote to triple our deficit spending. We cannot afford to keep growing our government, especially while we at the same time discourage people from starting new companies and profiting handsomely when they DO help grow the economy.


Does anyone know if Allen is member of U.E.A.? That would explain a lot.


Obama will be one and done, and the majority of Democrats will be voted out of office just watch and see Libs!


After viewing past performances since 2003, I am voting for any new blood to be found! All these has beens are just that! To turn all this around, don't vote for more of the same!

Robert in St. George

Since moving to Utah I have voted for Matheson, but not this year. Whoever is his opponent will be the one who gets my vote this year. His whole silence on the Health Care Bill did him in for me. I am against the Health Care Bill and wanted Matheson to be out there but instead he hid in the closet until the absolute last minute when he needed to vote no to win in Utah. Yep, time for a change.

Dixie Dan

Matheson showed absolutely no backbone as evidenced in his "no" vote on the health reform bill.


Matheson does not represent his district well or he would not be facing a challenger. He routinely refuses to meet with ordinary citizens and ducks in his car, sneaks out of back doors so he can avoid mingling with the "masses". Utahns deserve better representation in DC, someone willing to talk to them and treat them with respect. Claudia Wright has inspired voters everywhere she goes and speaks. She is attracting the attention of Republicans and Democrats alike who want government back in the hands of the people.


Live Hard | 2:27 p.m. May 8, 2010
Democrats are destroying this country, thank goodness many will be removed from office in the months ahead so that we can tilt this country back on to its feet and get it going in the direction is should be going.


Get it back in the direction it should be going? Back in the direction? You mean screaming downhill with no brakes? What a joke! Democrats are trying to FIX this country thank you very much, while the Repubs do nothing else but whine and cry and stomp their little feet and hold their collective breath.

And just WHO do you have to offer up that could possibly beat Obama in 2012? WHO?

Utah Dem

Pollyanna - according to Allen's legislative bio it does not show her affiliation with UEA.

I am not in Matheson's district but I still have an opinion - I don't have to agree with everything my representative in Congress does, but my rep does need to agree with my opinions the majority of the time. I could not support Wright first because of her lesbianism nor do I think she represents the people of CD2. She seems to have garnered some support from a group of frustrated women and has latched onto Matheson's no vote on health care.

I too do not support the current health care bill it did not go after control of health insurance companies which I believe to be the biggest problem in health care; they are greedy corporations that only care about money and they are too controlling in determining health services.

Remember the state convention only reflects a small group of voters, just wait for the primary, Jim is safe.


Rep. Matheson is the only Democrat that can win any Utah district. If the Democrats really want to lose this seat, select anyone else.

Being part of the minority party, in Utah, he has been forced to serve all of his district, not just one party.


The most important thing Utahns can do this year is to send Matheson packing.


Maybe Republicans should flood the Democratic primary to vote for Wright. If she wins the primary, she's a sure loser in November.


Though Democrats do not like Mattheson's blue dog moderate position in the House, he represents Utah well. If he loses in the Primary, Democrats will lose that seat.

That would be ok. Though Mattheson's votes often represent Utah, the one vote that definitely does not represent us is when he votes for Pelosi as Speaker of the House. For that reason alone we need a Republican in the 2nd district seat.


I know that many Republicans have wondered if Sheryl Allen was really a Democrat.

I feel she is extremely brave. She stood up for ethics serving in the House. She is willing to build a concensus, crossing party lines to do what is right.

I often vote Republican. But I will be voting for Carroon and Allen in November.


Do we want a Democrat who votes Republican, or a Republican who votes Republican? Honestly, if a Republican wins this seat, at least we will know where that person stands. Matheson acts like he is a Democrat, but votes Republican. What good is that?

Matheson voted against me having health care. I'm going through a tough health issue right now, and if my health insurance provider drops me because of it, I am in trouble. Therefore, I am voting against Matheson. I really do not care if Wright wins or not. Matheson voted against me having health insurance, so I will vote against Matheson having a job.


Jim Matheson represents Utah. He represents his constituents. As an uaffiliated voter, party politics is meaningless to me. I vote for the person who best represents the majority of his or her constituents. From what I have read and heard today, The "R"s want an ultra-conservative (whatever the costs) and the "D"s want an ultra-liberal (whatever the costs). I choose the moderate centrist, Jim Matheson, because a moderate centrist best represents Utah's majority.

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