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Published: Sunday, May 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That one song comes to mind:

Na, na, na, na na...

hey, hey, hey...


Cougar Blue

This must be a circus side show to end all side shows. It just goes to show that one can't even be conservative in Utah, he must be rabid. So sad.

one old man

The CLUB FOR GROWTH. How rotten! While Utah's legislators rail loudly against any outside influence, this outside group that supports corporate greed comes in and starts meddling in something that should be left entirely to Utah's voters.

This is just a small sample of the evils opened by the recent Supreme Court decision that calls corporations "persons" entitled to "free speech." (Which is only free if you're wealthy enough to buy it.)



The caucus system stinks to high heaven. A few anti government ideologes will decide our next senator. Shame Shame Shame on Utah. Whatever happened to democracy. This is not democracy.


The freedom-loving electorate in Utah has finally woken up and all you guys can do is criticize. Interesting.


Bob Bennett will likely end his political career today. What we need however, is a credible candidate because the Democrats will come full steam this November. The second American Revolution begins today in Utah. We can't just push back the Obama agenda, we must destroy it.


Unfortunately, Bennett is the best candidate at this time. Too bad it isn't Hatch in his place, he needs to go. At least Bennett works for solutions rather than the party purity. The country comes first, not the republican party.


re:NeilT We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. We elect representatives to study issues and vote. That's the premise of the caucus system...we elect representatives to study candidates, and party governance and vote.

re: CougarBlue When we become subjected to cynicism and anger, we become the easiest people to be manipulated. Because we'll believe the worst about anyone and succumb to the most specious of arguments.

re: freedomworks Are system is set up so we get what we deserve. If the delegates bounce Bob Bennett, then you're correct, that's freedom baby. That does not mean however that Senator Bennett deserves to be bounced. Just that we don't deserve him.


Cut taxes.
Cut earmarks.
Cut waste.
Cut Bennett


It's sad to see what's happening in both parties lately. The Utah political system is messed up. Why do the extreme minorities within each party have so much influence over who gets nominated. I mean does anybody with half a brain really believe that if elected, Mike Lee would end entitlement programs? Of course not, but if he says that he can court the extreme right wing.


mt_cicero: we do live in a constitutional republic and the supreme court has repeatedly ruled that, constitutionally, we are required to honor the premise of one person one vote - the caucus system does harm to that principle and should be struck down as unconstitutional as currently operated. Now if the parties would make some provisions to enfranchise all those who are disenfranchised by the caucus system if could then go forward as constitutional. I find it fascinating that all these "constitution lovers" seem willing to ignore the faults of the caucus system in order to control the power of those "who show up." If you want me to cite numerous examples of how the caucus violates one person one vote I will give them to you as well as cite supreme court decisions that uphold the principle. This is a total shame and I will consider any elected official that comes out of the caucus system as illegitimate until the problems are fixed.


"We can't just push back the Obama agenda, we must destroy it." Let's return to the Bush years.

The facts measured numerically are that 28% won't win you a thing. You will whine and pout as Obama is reelected. Your extremism looks ugly to thinking Americans.

You got your taxes cut only to whine about higher taxes. You claimed Obama was from outside the US. This was disproven making conservatives look stupid. Obama was going to take your guns. That was another miss that was way off target.

By your fruit.

Wasatch Al

Word's out that if Bennett loses today he will declare as an independent candidate for Senate on Monday.


Bennett as independent!


re: Homers

Your last comment "I will consider any elected official that comes out of the caucus system as illegitimate until the problems are fixed" sounds similar to the sore losers of African nations...3rd world countries.

The caucus system works well. Those who are interested will go to their precinct meetings and vote for delegates who represent them. It is not any fault of those who attend that not all do so.

The caucus system allows special interest groups to hijack the convention, but only because there is such a poor attendance and large apathy in America for elections.

A better solution (than eliminating caucuses) would be to have greater turnout at the caucuses.


I am sorry that Utah is faced with the same problem we have here in Arizona, a senator who will not go away. Senator McCain is so full of himself he feel that he is "anointed" to lead this state and his war chest may prove him correct. The big money in this state will probably put him back in power where he will remain until he finally dies of old age in Washington, he is going to be buried with full homors in Arlington as a "national war hero". A hero indeed, my big toe is more of a hero...


A little civility might be in order. Phony ads, dumb sponsors and plain old misinformation doesn't help. Whoever is selected must remember that Utah is the home of the Rocket Motor industry and this industry must be preserved. If it goes so does our national strength. Obama wants to kill it and make all the flower children happy.


I believe his support of the Illegals over American citizens has cost him a lot more than he ever thought it would!


So sad?!?!

How do you intend to pay for this massive spending? The debt is approaching $12 trillion. The much bigger bite is all of the promises that politicians like Bob Bennett have made. Those promises add up to approaching $110 trillion!

How are you going to pay for that?

And this is non-discretionary spending. That means it just flat out is paid for. At this point we are going to be borrowing money for generations to come with no end in sight. Are you happy for this? Is this how you run your household? Your business? Not even the State of Utah is run this way. In fact, only a few states are so pathetic, like California and New York. They have lost their ability to pay for the promises. California has been issuing IOUs to citizens for quite some time now.

Are you paying attention? Or do you join the club where debt doesn't matter?

Oh vey!

"Bailout" Bob Bennett has got to go!


Bennett needs to be sent home. I will vote for the Republican Candidate, but I hope it's not Bennett. He DOES NOT represent the voice of the people in Utah. Send him home and let's give one of the other Republicans a chance. Bennett has failed miserably and needs to go home!!!

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