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Published: Saturday, May 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Portland Trail Blazers

Wow, Deron Williams is the only good PG on Utah.

Lakers have Fisher, Brown, Farmar, 3 good PGs is better than one.


Hey Jody, what do you think? Is Sloan slow to make the adjustments? Sure he has had success, but it has not worked. They are bigger, but it seems Williams proposal of a more upbeat, faster pace is the real answer.


I'll say it again...d-will HAS to shoot that angle 18 footer.....when he bring sit up in the 1/2 court, it was open numerous times early, but he wasn't even looking for it. if he pulls the trigger on that 4 or 5 times, the lane will open up more, and they may even try to trap earlier....it's the shot he was KILLING denver with, and after they started running out at him, he got to the hole....
we'll see, i think he has a great game tonight...
sending good vibes to the jazz from LA!!


To those of you complaining about Sloan- I'm not a big Sloan fan...I think he cost us a couple of championships by using his set substitution pattern with Stockton even in the finals - we needed to run Stock until he dropped, which would have been never.

That being said, weak screens and not running hard are NOT his fault, nor is not running the break. If you have been a Jazz fan for long, you will know we LOVE to break, but when a team's shooting 80% in a quarter and over 50% for the game, you don't get many chances.

I'll say again that Deron needs to shoot the 18 foot jumper that is open early on in the offense. Whenever he came to the key fast, it was open, but he passed it up numerous times in games 1 and 2, trying to keep to the offense. If he does "freelance", I'm hoping it's by shooting that shot, and then the hole will open up.

Again, I'm not a big Sloan guy, but there's something to be said for a team that KNOWS who's in charge!


Maybe this explains why Price has been effective at cutting into the Laker leads in Games 1 & 2 - because he is on the floor so much less than DWill, he is more willing to free-lance and just attack-attack-attack! Let's hope DWill can make it work!


The Jazz will lose if individual players think they can score on their own. The Jazz won't win unless they move the ball and get open shots and open layups. Forcing the ball into traffic is NOT the way to beat the Lakers. So I hope Deron errs more on the side of sticking with the team concept instead of freelancing.

The Final Word

Bugoff/many other people here criticize like we are underachieving. We are not.

With Fesenko, Miles, and Matthews we have already over-achieved by getting this far. We overachieved by getting as close as we did at the end of the 1st 2 games in L.A.

Deron is great and Boozer is good. The Lakers have all their big tall starters and we have been missing two of our starters. The Lakers are the REIGNING CHAMPIONS for a reason. Duh.

Its easy to sit back and criticize lack of rebounding and Sloans system yada yada. The fact remains we have several players that are VERY young in terms of NBA experience playing big minutes and it demonstrates IGNORANT FANTASY by many of the posters here to act like we "should" be beating the Lakers.

IT NEVER HAPPENS in the NBA. NEVER. That is, young inexperienced players beating veterans in a 7 game series.

Winning the Denver series and whatever we end up winning in this series is nothing but a CREDIT to Deron, Booz, Millsap and decent efforts by "some" role players in combination with SLOANS SYSTEM.

B Russ

It's time to push the ball up the floor and use our youth advantage to wear the older Lakers down. The altitude is in our favor as well. We have looked our best this year when we run and push the ball ahead of the defense. The 3 M,s all are good in transition. D Will is more effective when we push it too. I wish he would do it more. Kirilenko is at his best in the run game when he is healthy. I doubt he can do alot of running and jumping the first time on the floor coming back from injury.

Captain L

Re Jody Genessy: Your wording is confusing, because I also felt like you were say that the Lakers point guards were superior. I even read the article to my wife to get her opinion and she agreed that the way you worded your article, didn't suggest that DWill was the best, to me you were saying that LA's point guards were superior.


THe point guard is irrelevant,

it's team game,

and lakers are a better team,

but more importantly you have to have a tall guard who can shoot and make things happen,

whether his nane is magic or ainge, dumas or drexler, or wade or manu, or kobe or hamilton, or allen or toney,

without quality big guard who can shoot and make things happen,

and a SYSTEM to take advatage of that,

you will never win a championship,

the closest the jazz came is when they had a bad knees older horny, but he was just an after thought in the system

when they didn't have horny,

it was futile trying to get ball to stockton or malone in the fourth quarter,

and they often ended up depending on nobodies like benoit or someone one else to "MAKE" things happen,

perhaps, it is the system, that is why no such player will come to utah.

and if slaon and his system is so great and liked,

then why have so many guards chosen to leave, or were let go, or traded away?

Dwill sees only willing to stay as long he a featured part of the system.


to Jer and "his Sloanaholics"

Thanks to all of you for accepting a defense that gives up one 3 after another to the same people and you refuse to make adjustments.

Thanks to all of you for not putting Fes in for most of the night when he played well while he was in. Of course the Lakers get every offensive rebound.

Much of tonight, not this series but tonight is on Sloan and the "sloanaholics"

it is reasons for tonight (i called a loss beforehand 122-115) why Jerry will never win a championship.

I have utter dislike for "jer and the majority of his Sloanaholics"

Bugoff, Jazzsmack, Jazz Cop, and my association--

we were right again

The sheep were not


WHere are the comments from the SPAZZ fans? You guys are silencing more and more each day. You guys are a bunch of sellouts.


I was hoping it was only halftime, then Artest and the Fakers could hit another 15 3s


Way to Lakers!!!!


Poor Spazz fans

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