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Published: Saturday, May 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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DWill knows the Sloan system is not going to work against the Lakers. It has not worked since they got Gasol.

He knows he is going to have to open up the floor and once it is open he can then slash.

Fish and the LA PGs are the biggest weakness on the LA team. Attack and destroy that weakness and you disrupt the Lakers and negates some of their height.

This article is the best news I have heard in a while. At least DWill understands what has to happen to have a shot.

The Sloan system is futile against the packed paint of the tall LA set D. Ramming into it is a stupid approach which has been tried and failed for how many games?

Playing harder is not going to make any difference. Playing smarter will win.


DWill/Price needs to attack Fish, Farmer and Brown as they bring the ball up. If they can alter the flow of the triangle and force LA to pass the ball to Artest (ball glue) or some other avenue that is not preferred they can disrupt the triangle to some extent.

The Utah wings have to shoot and hit. Taking good shots in very important. LA is a very good defensive team. BUT if Utah pushes the ball they can get good shots before the defense sets.

DWill needs some help at point. Maybe AK can help a little? His passing would take pressure off of DWill and get him open for shots.


When we pay half court it allows them to set their defense. I don't think the usual pass inside first, and find someone cutting to the basket, etc. works well against the Lakers. I think we should try and run against them, constantly change up the pace of the game, so they are always on their heels. It's kind of what the Suns have been doing. The key is to out run the bigs down the court.


Article says Laker Points better than Jazz?

Do not think so....I have been very consistent in my comments we have the 3 best points in the league and I would hope all 3 are here next season in the same roles...


The most telling comment in this article is the idea that the Western Conf playoff teams know the Jazz system. They know what is coming and they can stop it.

The weakness in rebounding has been there for years. It should have been fixed long before now.

The lack of outside shooting/3s which allow the paint packing is another weakness that has been there before Korver. There still is not enough outside shooting.

The Jazz do not shoot enough 3s. They shoot a good percentage. The Sloan philosophy of getting more efficiency by shooting closer to the basket is conditional upon spreading the floor. As used by Sloan it is outdated and flawed. It causes the paint packing.

They have to use the 3 as a weapon to open up the floor then the Sloan system will work like it did in Jan-Mar.

DWill should not have to make adjustments in plays on the fly (rebounders will not be in place). New plays is a coaches job.

Gentry runs D' Antoni's system better. There is someone (Horney or Stockton) who can update and run the Sloan system much better.

Just fix the obvious weaknesses and win.


Bugoff, you prattle on like you actually believe you know what you're talking about. First, we get a longwinded diatribe about how Sloan doesn't know what he's doing (and you, of course, do). Then, you tell us all the things they should do - which just so happen to be the same things Sloan has been preaching for 20 years - point guards push the ball up the court, wings taking good shots (in the flow of the offense, so rebounders are in position), slide DWill to the 2 at times and go with a two-point guard look. Good job of stating the obvious.


Jerry and the team - It's a shame Deron has to discuss this with the press. He needs to do it, Sloan hasn't had the success he imagines against Phil, and if Stockton (RIP) had changed his game just a little more like DWill is talking here - we would have a couple of banners in the "your name here" Building. Be smart - and hope the Korver is on.

the world

You mean "freewheel," right? Freelance means you're a "free lance," aka willing to fight/work for whomever.


We have some good shooters, during the games at L.A. they had pretty good looks to shoot, because they were packing the paint, they should do what Phx is doing, running the floor and shoot, if Korver comes with a hot hand, and he hasn't being that hot hand all over the play offs, he will be able to open up some space for our big guys.
AK will help D-Will to push the ball, he will create a different looks to our big guys. And if we can just get a little help from our bigs ( KK and Fes ) rebounding we should be fine, but they need to play a bigger roll on the next games at home.
We can win at home and go back 2-2 to L.A. with AK back will be a total new series. Waiting for it!

Let's go Jazz Go!!


Bigoff, I agree with your comment. Especially the part about D-Will needing "some" help with Kobe. I think he needs a lot of help actually. Look at the photo on this article, he is wrapped around Kobe's arm like a little kid.


Bugoff ... I beg to differ and I think D-Will does too. The Jazz offense CAN beat any team WHEN the screens are set hard - and that's on the player's, not Sloan.


Bugoff must have recently learned to read, now he should watch the playoffs and enjoy them. Explaining that we need more 3's is like saying we need Boozer and Millsap to grow another 10 inches.

Our designated 3 shooter Korver went 1 for 12 in two games of the Denver series. How smart is it to keep giving him the ball?

Rushing Derek Fisher bringing the ball down the court is not going to be helpful. If you watch the Lakers you will note that Odom often acts as point guard and dribbles the length of the floor.

Keeping Kobe pushed away from the rim and keeping their bigs out of our paint and hoping to get some home court calls is what will help the Jazz.


Case in point from D-Will - "I don't think we've executed extremely well. We haven't screened well at all," he added. "So if they know a play and we're not running it hard, it makes things more difficult."

Captain L

It would be nice if Korver would get hot and start hitting from outside, but I think it would be even better if CJ would get hot from 3, as long as he doesn't forget to drive to the hole as well. CJ, Mathews and DWill need to hit from 3 and we can open up the middle. Kover isn't in the game as much and his D is suspect. I'm not saying we don't need Korver to hit his 3's, I just think it would be even more advantageous to have CJ,Mathews and DWill hot from 3. They are in the game more and their D is better.
I don't know what to expect from AK, I hope he plays with a lot of energy and blocks several shots and makes great passes, like he is capable of doing.
Fes needs to play smart, clog the middle, intimidate and be aggressive on the boards. When he does get the ball he needs to be patient and not rush or hurry things. I hope Sloan doesn't think AK can take all of Fes or Kk's minutes. We need their size.


Ziggy He can preach all he wants.

What I care about is the results and I have seen the Jazz either walk the ball up the court or play a slow half court offense in hundreds of games. Sometimes they will run.

In the DEN series they won when they speed up the pace.

Now I do tend to agree with 1tobeamup to an extent. The Jazz have not done a good job on the screens. However, that does not change the fact that LA knows what is coming and is waiting on it.

The Jazz can't over power LA. Sloan has tried that for years and it works on weaker teams and especially on Eastern Conf teams who play the Jazz less.

There has to be some modifications for the big strong Western Conf playoff teams.

Sloan people do not want to hear it but Sloan's unwillingness to innovate is a major problem.

The whole organization suffers from continuity bias.

I am not talking about change for change sake. I am talking about fixing weaknesses that have been maintained for years.

Sloan has got as much as he is going to get without fixing weaknesses.


Odom is 6'10" and can be attacked and forced to give the ball up.

The Key point is simple. For many years the Jazz as an organization have done nothing to match up with LA. They have not even tried to make changes that would help against LA.

All we ever get is "try harder" or "execute better". The point is that harder is not better. If it is hard you are doing it wrong.

Try designing a team that fixes the Jazz weaknesses and is capable of attacking theirs.

I obviously am talking long run now and not about this particular game.

The weaknesses against LA have been there for years. Many of the other Western Conf teams have made changes or are trying to make changes.

Next year PHO, POR, OKC, HOU, and DAL will be better. SA and DEN will adjust. LA will be LA. Trying harder for 82 games is not going to cut it.

Smarter behavior by the whole organization is needed. The Jazz are very slow to address problems as long as they make the playoffs.

This last year they have started to be more proactive.


I was looking at the picture wondering if that is one of those phantom call against Kobe that keep being spurted out by whining jazz fans.

Captain L

Re bugoff: I agree with a lot of what you are saying, I have said for years that Sloan needs to make adjustments. All year I have been crying that Fes & KK need to get PT so they can develop, so we can compete with LA or other long, tall, athletic teams. Sloan wants to maintain that they just need to execute better, that isn't the problem with LA. The Jazz have actually executed pretty good, but LA's bigs know what is coming and with their length they block or alter shots to the extend it really disrupts our offense. The fact that Fes & KK haven't been developed means Sloan needs to adjust how he is going to attack or what his offensive approach will be. Pushing the ball is critical and making outside shots is necessary also. Using the 3 pt shot as a weapon in the offense is something I think should be implemented but Sloan has always wanted 3's as a last resort. Popovich and SA have used the 3 to kill us many times and when you are outmanned on the inside you need to adjust, make the 3apartof our offense.


I'll say it again...d-will HAS to shoot that angle 18 footer.....when he bring sit up in the 1/2 court, it was open numerous times early, but he wasn't even looking for it. if he pulls the trigger on that 4 or 5 times, the lane will open up more, and they may even try to trap earlier....it's the shot he was KILLING denver with, and after they started running out at him, he got to the hole....
we'll see, i think he has a great game tonight...
sending good vibes to the jazz from LA!!

Jody Genessy

Todd, the article clearly states that nobody would argue that the Lakers point guards are better, not the reverse. Translation: Deron Williams is better than Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown.

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