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Published: Friday, May 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wow--maybe those BYU fans were right about the level of class at the U. Hmmmmm

Lifelong Republican

I think Max Hall was correct.

The utah fans keep proving him to be right again and again.

I can think of nothing more classless than using vulgar words to describe a woman or her body parts.



Probably not grounds for not letting them graduate, but it is strong reinforcement of old, tired stereotypes. Brilliant.


Zoobies, remember, when you point your finger at someone, you always have three fingers pointing back at you. FACT, my daughter is a student at YBU. She never in her life had to deal with someone who was using drugs UNTIL she had a BYU roommate who is still using drugs and is still a student there. My neighbor transferred back to SoCal because his BYU roommates had the worst language he had ever heard and one of them was violating the moral conduct code. So be careful about you general statements about how bad the U is.


clearly a utilization of improper words and only goes to reflect very poorly on the University, not to mention these respresentatives of U of U. Glad I don't have any tax dollars going that "university"...?



Who knew this kind of stuff went on there?

Of course now we have the yewt defenders like SoCal trying to turn it to something against BYU.

FACT, this happened at utah not BYU.

Are you seriously trying to defend this by saying your daughter had a roommate that used drugs?

Maverick Blue

Re: SoCalUte: No, the u is terrible. People are fallible, even at BYU so maybe you shouldn't be so ignorant in your judgement that BYU doesn't have people who manipulate. That is on them. Maybe you should look up the word "honor" it may surprise you about the definition.


At first I thought this was a "hidden" message that hardly anyone would notice, but then I saw a picture of the newspaper page in question and the first letters are considerably bigger than the rest of the test, and it is positioned straight across the page so as to make it more obvious. Someone casting even a casual glance at the page would probably see it. That said, the "male" page actually uses the anatomic term, rather than a profane or vulgar term. Haven't seen the "female" page yet, but I suppose it was in fact more vulgar. Even so, it appears to be little more than a childish and immature stunt.

Jimmy James

I'm a Ute Grad, and I do have to admit that the senior staff at the Chronicle made a really bad choice on this one. How could they not expect push back from this, even after they had been warned? It was a stupid move, plain and simple.

However, what I think is kind of funny is that this is finally what gets the chronicle really in trouble. They've published a lot worse stuff in the past that didn't even get a second glance as to my knowledge. (But that's not to say there wasn't some really worthwhile stuff in the past too, it was always an interesting read.)

Hopefully the U can use this as a learning lesson and make things better in the future. Here's to hoping the chronicle has a bright future.

PS: To the supposed BYU fans posting on here, self righteousness is no better than unrighteousness. The real BYU fans I know are humble good people. So do yourself a favor, stop posting comments that tarnish your schools reputation.

Me, Myself and I

Wow what’s all the racket about? Disney has done similar and worse things in their children’s cartoons and artwork over the years. Yet millions of children are still propped in front of Disney movies every year without a thought given. Tasteless and ill-advised yes, but until you stop watching Disney movies maybe you shouldn’t get so worked up about this prank.

SD Blue

Get off your soap box Jimmy, it doesn't fit you well.

Ricardo Carvalho

So, the students mismanage t the tune of $70,000 and print material that is offensive to the majority of stakeholders. I wonder if they realize the implications of their actions on next years' budget? Isn't it amazing how a 4 year education can result in a graduate (maybe) with little understanding of the consequences of actions or the definition of anti-social behavior?


Wow, someone else has a code of conduct? How puritanical and utterly ridiculous....

Hoosier Cougar


Hey SoCalUte, your daughter really is a student at BYU? and you couldn't convince her to go to same school that you attended? Wow! I can just imagine the conversations when she called home. Even after leaning about some of the students at the Y, she still did not transfer to that wonderful school that sits so high on the hill.


The difference between The Chronicle and some other student papers is that Jim Fisher is truly only there to advise. Nothing has to be approved by him or anyone else to get printed. And as Jim said, sometimes this allows the students to act like idiots. And that's as it should be. I just hope this doesn't negatively impact any of their job prospects.

Samuel Adams

Why are some Utes working so hard to validate everything Max Hall said? Very nice Utes!

Go Aggies!


Classless, classless. Call us what you want Ute fans, but the more you do, the more you prove Maxie right.


I love it when young journalists prove their immaturity just before graduation, and then wax philosophical about "defending" the freedom of the press. Thousands have died to defend that freedom. I doubt they had your stunt in mind at the time. So sad that so many have given so much to defend the power and freedom of the press, and you return the favor by showing how undeserving you are of their sacrifice.


Just when you think the U can't get any lower...


You think these boneheads at a university supported by my tax dollars would have more respect for a profession that once had a vital role in our society and country's history, but is dying a not so slow but painful death, partially because of the incompetence of the people in it.

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