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Published: Thursday, May 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Cats" Bennett's seniority does not help on the specifics you listed.


Wow, facts_r_stubborn...you seem to have a lot of time on your hands to defend Senator Bennett. Any chance you're a full-time employee of the Senator or his campaign? What other usernames are you employing on these boards?

And since you have so much time on your hands, how about rebutting my previous question about the Senator's involvement in the Transatlantic Policy Network? Or was your claim that you had refuted every argument against the Senator just an idle boast?


SoUtahbites: I'm just wondering. How much experience do you have in Washington? How much? I have spent many years of my life on Capitol Hill and have a pretty good idea about the way things work. Anyone can make sweeping statements with no supporting evidence.

I believe most of these posts are written by members of other campaigns that are trying to fuel the hysteria and denigrate the importance of seniority because their candidates HAVE NONE. I've been on campaigns, I know just what you're trying to do and I'm not fooled.

I am NOT opposed to Mike Lee or Tim Bridgewater. I'm only pointing out how important seniority is.

Please, delegates, let the voters decide. Let Senator Bennett get to a primary and then the voters can decide.

Kaye Possa

Though I like and respect the Senator, this time he will not be re-elected.

The best thing he can do is lead the way for the old guard to stop hanging on to "seniority" like a crutch, and encourage all the "professional Senators" to do the same.

Please, Senator, announce your withdrawal from this race. You can do more good from outside.

John C. C.

So many oppose Bennett for his bail out vote. Yet, I haven't heard any realistic alternative. What would have happened if these large institutions had been allowed to fail? Who out there has the experience and knowledge discuss these details with the seasoned senator? He knew he had to do even as he held his nose. The bailout stunk to him just like it did to us. But what else could have worked?


TARP was a bad idea, necessary, but bad. I work in the financial services area and they had to have help to keep the entire industry afloat. And unlike the borrowed money for stimulus and Obamacare, half of the money spent has been returned already. People forget some things and do not know others.

First since Bush got TARP passed, 345 billion has been spent on banks. According to the US Treasury website, as of Wed, 146 billion had been repaid with 14 billion more in interest earned.....Hello people, we have not lost a cent.

Lastly, remember this is the last go around for Bennett. He is essentially a one term Senator and no one else running has even been elected to a city council seat before. Let's send someone with NO elected official record to battle Pelosi right now....HA


Please, pretty please, continue the status quo. . . answer: not this time. . .

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