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Published: Thursday, May 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Yes, and the civil war occured during Lincoln's watch too. When challenging events in our nation's history occur, it is what you do about them that counts.

Senator Bennett's votes and record are not the slightest bit responsible for the financial crisis, nor could he could have prevented it, but then I've already explained that in detail.

In summary, there were two primary regulatory failures, both occuring under the Democrats' watch. One, the 1999 Clinton administration rule allowing "naked credit default swaps" for the first time since the great depression. Two, relaxed underwriting standards pushed on a willing Fannie and Freddie by Democrats intent on pushing home ownership, leading to destructive competition and a flight to the bottom by private lenders in the mortgage market, then securitizations where the mortgage originators were left with no skin in the game, the housing bubble, yada yada.

Republicans and the Bush administration did push for reforms at Fannie and Freddie but were blocked at every turn by Democrats. Of-course very few saw the full extent of the looming risk.

Hind sight is 20/20, and financial computer models showing safety in diversification and securitization were wrong.

Viva la Migra

Bailout Bob should be as voting as often as possible right now. There probably aren't that many votes left this year, so he should participate while he still has time.

T. Party


The Shelby bill from 2004, which attempted to reform Fannie and Freddie, died because Bailout Bob had added an amendment to it which weakened it to the point that its own sponsors could no longer support it.


Senator Bennett made the right call on the Bush Financial TARP. He made the right call in not supporting the wasteful spending of TARP funds under Obama, Obama care or Obama budget. He made the right call and showed great political courage in offering to begin a dialogue for alternatives to Obama care. Something that with skyrocketing health care costs and the burden of medicare and medicaid is sorely needed to save the nation from bankruptcy and mediocrity.

Senator Bennett is an expert on many important issues affecting Utah, including Utah/federal land use issues where he has done tremendous good for the state. Far from pork barrel spending he has supported jobs in Utah, and Utah getting its share of federal funds for important military, infrastructure and other needed projects.

Senator Bennett has the skill, experience, seniority and clout in Washington to move the nation back to right of center when the Republicans retake Congress. He is the best qualified candidate for Utah's Senate seat this year.

Vote to move Senator Bennett forward to the primary and to re-election.


It is tiem for him to go. You show you can't fulfill your responsibility. You don't need another shot. We need someone with real conservative roots, who won't bend, and then not stay there forever.

Patrick Henry


we will loss the seniority in 6 years when Bennett retires. So the real question is do we want to loss the seniority now and get someone in who will defend and uphold the constitution or do we want 6 more years of Bailout Bob and his seniority?


Forrest: You don't have ANY idea what that seniority might have gotten for Utah. You just threw that out for something to say. You have nothing to back that up. The fact is, you don't know anything about it.

Having said that, I have no doubt that much the nastiness against Senator Bennett on these posts has come from members of the other campaigns. It's a cheap way to make points--especially when you can't raise any money.

When the Republicans take back the Senate, Bennett will become a Committee Chairman. That's a lot of power for Utah.

If you are a delegate, please think very hard about that. I've spent a lot of my life in Washington and I know how much that seniority counts. Please let Senator Bennett get out of the Convention and then let the Republican voters make the decision in the primary.


I'm so tired of my father's generation screwing up our country. It's time to vote this generation out of office. Let's start with Bob Bennett!


I am just amazed by the tone of desperation in these posts. Here we are just a few days from the convention and suddenly Mr. Bennett's campaign decides he is in trouble. Somebody on the campaign should be fired for not reading the signs months ago. That is when this reelect Bob campaign should have started. This appears to be a case of too little too late.

The Republican Party created Tea Party is going to backfire on the old guard Republicans and they just now are beginning to realize it. Their creation has gained a life of its own and the end result could be more losses for the GOP brought about by vote splitting.


"I won't break Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment like so many conservatives on these threads have. I'm sure a few of the challengers are very capable and qualified individuals in whatever professions or business they have been involved with."

You put a president that had the most federal convictions within his administration on level ground with Moses? Interesting.


facts_r_stubborn .. must be a staffer.. cant have it both ways sir ... if bennett has all this influence in DC as he suggests .. how can he miss so many votes on the important committees he sits on??

you see sir he has 18 yrs of taking lobby money, voting lobby ways , shoot he voted for the deregulation bill for banking which in turn lead to the world wide meltdown .. lost jobs, lost pensions, lost homes ,, then of course he had to vote for the TARP and bailout his lobby buddies demanded it .. otherwise the money would have dried up that he is currently spending now .. and just how many days has he missed being in DC and just how much money (not his) has he spent all the while complaining about others spending money 'against' him ..

if anybody with logical reason listening to bennetts word is saying excuse me .. you claim influence but you can miss 6 weeks plus from being on the job ?? you started the world wide meltdown with your voting, and continued the mess with helping the lobbyists rather then the americans keeping their jobs and homes

incumbent out and challengers in

hatch is next


I wrote Senator Bennette and told him if he votes for the TARP bill I will not supprot him for re-election. Now he is acting all surprised.


ok facts look at it this way

bennett's influence didnt help when obama took over the student loan issue and utah was left out

bennett's influence with oil hasnt done anything, production up , nowhere to put it and still oil goes up .. what influence

bennett watches his senator peers double their personal wealth and does nothing

bennett started the whole economic mess, lost jobs, lost homes with his YES votes on banking deregulation

bennett's influence has done nothing for corn subsidies which causes the rest of world economic meltdown in trying to grow corn and cause ecoli here in america with american beef (not grass fed anymore)

bennett's influence with monsanto and supreme court judge clarence thomas (former monsanto lawyer) decisions (all in favor) of monsanto suing soybean growers out of business

bennett's non-influence on committee meetings where john Q public cant attend from waiting in many hour long lines cause lobbyist dont have to wait in line and crowd the room full

and the list goes on

and just how exactly when bennett ousted his incumbent 18 yrs ago how wasnt that a horrible awful thing??

utah has had enough bennett 'influence'



Just because you write every detail of your opinion doesn't mean we're reading it. I have skipped over your comments...too long...boring! Make your point quick! Here's mine:

I don't want Bennett in there anymore. Term Limits! This keeps the process honest.

@Cats Get off your "Seniority" kick. That is all the "Big Boys Club" can use in favor of Bennett. You talk about how it's important, but don't add any detail. Utah-It's time to show Washington that We the People run this place...watch what we do this Saturday, and in November!!!


facts_r_stubborn you did not read JMT post very well he/she said "debt and obligation." Anyway, I have tried to find these types of numbers and I have compiled my own and these are pretty close to what I have come up with. I would love if an official source released these kind of numbers, but it would be extremely depressing to really know what is handing over the next generation.


ScatteredRain: You clearly don't have ANY idea about how important seniority is. Chairmen of Committees have the ability to push all kinds of legislation that benefits their states and all kind of ability to stop legislation that hurts their states.

Having a powerful chairman can have A LOT to do with opening up energy production in Utah, with stopping unreasonable wilderness expansion, with helping maintain the charitable contribution deduction that MANY people in Utah need in order to continue to pay their tithing, etc, etc, etc.

There are MANY, MANY reasons to want a Senator with a lot of seniority. ANYONE who has spent ANY time on Capitol Hill knows this. It's only people who have no experience there, but think they know everything, that believe it doesn't matter. IT DOES.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big supporter of the Tea Partiers. I think they're great and I agree with them on just about everything. I'm only trying to point out that this hysteria against Senator Bennett is just that--HYSTERIA. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.


There are people posting here who are trying to pretend that seniority doesn't matter. BUT IT DOES. IT MAKES A GREAT DEAL OF DIFFERENCE!

Give Senator Bennett a chance to get to the primary. Then let the voters decide who they want to have the nomination. Don't let a few angry delegates make this decision for everyone. Let the voters decide.

2nd lantern

Interesting image of a future teeter-totter:
Mr. Bennett sitting as the Chairman of any committee in Congress, claiming accountability to "we the people", and on the opposite end, Mr. Bennett as the (current) Chair of the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) which is accountable to none of us.


Bennet only comes out of the closet every six years...you never hear about him and what he is doing for the state the rest of the time...but now that it appears he is on the threshold of going down in flames...suddenly, he's there, he's here and wow want a job he has done for Utah...too little, too late...so sad...Goodbye

2nd lantern

Concerning inability of a Junior Senator from Utah not having the ability to accomplish much in Congress until better seasoned. Since when do we expect Seniority to be the superman cape for Utah or America?

Thomas Jefferson was 32 when elected to the Continental Congress; the next year, 1776, he was chosen by his illustrious, seasoned colleagues to serve on a committee to prepare a Declaration of Independance. Though the youngest and most inexperienced member of that committee, he was chosen by that body to serve as Chairman; he was then given the task of drafting the document, to which few changes were made by the greater Congress:
to which 56 seasoned representatives pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Where are the statesmen of 2010? Mr. Bennett had waffled too many times on his oath to the Constitution in my book.

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