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Published: Friday, April 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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wild horses

Not only Utahn's favor this, but others in other states favor this also.
The crime has to stop.
Make the illegals build the fence around the borders.

LDS Liberal

JP71 | 1:04 p.m. April 30, 2010
@LDS Liberal the Mexican drug cartels did kill 300+ Arizonans (Americans) last year and are killing everyday. The Mexican drug war is America's third war and AZ has been left to fight on their own.



LDS Liberal

Tom in CA | 11:31 a.m. April 30, 2010
Most who declare the AZ bill to be "unconstitutional" are ignoramuses and water carriers for the leftist ideology. They are good at declaring "racial profiling" in defense of their stupidity.


Only one word comes to my mind Tom in CA....


This is why I ignore the right.
This is why I lef the GOP years ago.

No serious discussion.
No exchange of thoughts or ideas.
No Christian behavior.

Just these mindless rants, raves, and constant NO.

If have a thought - share it.
If you have something constructive to add - by all means, say it!

But town-hall shout-downs and
yelling "You Lie!" in a formal Government setting.

I can only shake my head in utter disbelief.....


There are many ways to look at an issue, you can justify either side of it. There are problems with the arizona law
1. It creates an enviroment in this country where people can not feel free to move from place to place. As people have said they had to carry papers when in other countries. Note they are other places. To make the law just all people will have to have their ID's checked legal or illegal(as in other countries). How will you feel when you are asked for your papers? Will you feel safe in your own country from police harassment? How about the day you forget to carry your birth certificate.

2. As we see in the comments here it further fuels an air of contemption and anger towards a group of people. People will justifiy their feelings of hostility toward these people by a law passed against them. It does nothing to resolve the issues, all feelings of empathy is lost and our humanity is diminished.

This country has always looked at immigrants as scapegoats, ie chinese exclusion act, japanese encampments. lets not repeat history... Have we not risen above that?


oh and by the way... since when does Utah support something when only 406 people where polled? It is a very small sample size with a large margin of error. If you took those same 406 people and asked them if they had been directly impacted..ie lost a job to an illegal, lost a love one to an illegal, lost a house, car, money to an illegal what would be the result? Very small I am sure...

Pete in Texas

Okay... one last shot. Time to get personal.

Let's break this down very simply. I'm betting everyone has locks on their doors at home. Why? To keep out everyone they haven't invited in. If someone snuck in and started living in it because they were needy and didn't speak your language, your Christian attitude might let them stay for a while, maybe forever. What about if they started taking a couple of dollars a week out of your bank account? You've asked them nicely not to, and encouraged them to speak your language, but they cry to you and tell you that this is only temporary, to just hang tough and it won't be forever (through an interpreter). Okay, now your generosity makes them tell another person who is needy to come on in because you're so kind. And then another, and another. Where does it stop? How is this situation any different than America and our borders? It's easy to say "let them stay" when you can't understand they ARE in your homes and taking money from you. How long will you put up with it? When is enough enough?

Say No to BO

LDS Liberal.
So....you find "Christian behavior" in the Democratic Party?
Or are you otherwise affiliated?

LDS Liberal

Say No to BO | 8:00 a.m. May 1, 2010
LDS Liberal.
So....you find "Christian behavior" in the Democratic Party?
Or are you otherwise affiliated?

I'm 100% Independant.

Actually I'm not a member of ANY political party.

I try to find the truth for myself.

Not to sound sacrilegious but;
In my heart and in my mind,
I feel that I should join none of them.

...their creeds were an abomination in my sight; that those politicians were all corrupt; that: "they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me,"

If it was good enough advise for a 14 year old boy asking a SIMILAR question (about which sect to join).

It’s a good enough answer to for me - a 49 year old man.

But - I think the Democrats are more correct in ideology and party platform,
whil having more integrity than the GOP.

Personally -- I lean Libertarian, that's why I'm a "Liberal".



One thing you left out of your scenario -- the fact that your guest is fixing your meals, doing the dishes, cleaning your house, doing your laundry, mowing your lawn, harvesting your garden, painting your house, fixing your fence, washing your boat, changing the oil in your car... all for pennies on the dollar.


This is easy. If you are really out of work becuase an illegal "stole" you job, go take the job.

If you allready have a job then go take the job away from an illegal anyway. What better protest than one you get paid for?

Any takers? Somehow I don't think so. And if you are a republican on unemployment, get of your rump and take the illegals job and stop being a hypocrite. The market says work all day for $7 an hour and no benefits. Why don't you listen to the market? The FREE Market is always correct. The Market, the market listen to the market!


The silent majority in every state want this to be done in every state. Some will remain silent because they afraid to say so in public for fear of being called racist, or something else they are not. Most Americans understand that a law has been broken and must be enforced by someone. It is not that they do not want any people of any foreign nation to be here...they just want them to be here legally. Does it effect families? Of course it does but those people who came here illegally should have thought about before coming here. What we are witnessing in this nation is a change to the foundation of how this country was intended to be, and be for a long time. Societal changes do not warrant changes in the constitution. But, what I do know is that there will be a large, united international group of moral men who will save this nation and it's constitution when it is about to fall. Then there will be one government with one clear leader. So, in all this mess beyond immigration, be patient and continue to do what is right.


'What we are witnessing in this nation is a change to the foundation of how this country was intended to be...'

Few points about this comment.

1) No one knows how this country was intended to be. That is why the constitution has amendments.
2) This country was built on the expulsion of Native Americans.
3) Based on the knowledge that, unless you are 100% Native American, you cannot call yourself native, please tell me again about the problems of immigration.

The law is biased, as AZ's own Gov. cannot tell you what an 'illegal' looks like.
With no more information given to local police, this law is rife with abuse potential.
As the law is not clear, I cannot see how it was passed.
Only the 'silent majority', those who look in the mirror and think the rest of the country should look like them, would try to justify acts of racisim.

LDS Liberal

Screwdriver | 3:22 p.m.


Well said!

Cut and pasted,

Pete in Texas

So Christy, you're telling me it's fine with you since they're doing it for less than everyone else is offering to do it for? Am I to assume then that you don't care about what's right and wrong, all you care about is that you're paying them "pennies on the dollar"? I guess my values aren't up for sale quite as cheaply as yours are. To me, right and wrong aren't equated by how cheaply they can be purchased for. I guess I'm old fashioned. What can I say? Unfortunately, they're telling you they're doing it cheaper than the rest BUT they're not paying legal taxes, (that you and I are making up for), not paying health costs when a family member gets hurt, (that you and I are making up for), and causing everything to be reprinted in Spanish and reiterated on the phone in Spanish, (at a cost that you and I are making up for). Still think you're getting that "cheap" of a deal? Because while they've convinced you that you're getting a deal, your decision is costing ME money as well.


Hey Pete, I was just calling you on your biased scenario of having someone (Mexican) break into your house and out of the good of your heart you let them stay and they steal and take advantage of you. You said all that.

I reminded you that those people you speak of work really hard. They don't just live off you and steal your money.

And no, I think they should be paid what everyone else is paid. They work just as hard. They want what's best for their families, just as you and I do. We need to have better immigration laws so that good, hard working people can be naturalized and then pay federal and state income taxes on their wages. As hard as they work, why shouldn't they be able to contribute via taxes, and receive health insurance? Wouldn't this lower our insurance premiums because they wouldn't be forced to go to the ER when their child has a fever?


Home invasion...

More like you hired a guy to clean your house, walk the dog, cut the lawn, take care of the kids and then after doing all that your wife comes home and starts screamng, "Get him out!, Get him out! He broke in and won't leave! Police!"

Yes, you who support deporting them are the wife and the man of the house in in fact "the man" who hired the foreigner and asked him if he knew anybody else that needed a job.

Your hypocracy and ability to be scared is legendary. Well done, well done....

John Adams

Christy @ 7:49...

You never answered Pete's question. What would you do if someone broke into your house? Exercise the law against breaking and entering, or call the police?

Which would it be?

Pete in Texas

Christy, I agree that there needs to be better immigration laws. America truly the land of opportunity. These illegals know it, that's why they come here. However, you're making generalized statements by believing they all work really hard. I know there are those that do as well as those that don't simply because I work construction and I see them on my job everyday. My major concern here is that they're illegal. They take our money while keeping their allegiances with Mexico. They could care less about our country or it's economic situation, except where it affects their jobs.

You keep saying they pay taxes so they ought to receive health insurance. Answer me this.... how CAN they pay taxes? They don't have a legal social security number! SINCE they don't, why should they receive health insurance? They are having babies here, paid for by OUR money, getting health care, paid for by OUR money, and not paying into the system themselves. I am a compassionate guy, but I don't have a big enough bank account to keep this up. I'm glad you do. Mind paying MY share? I'm broke.


We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform...not states making their own rules on it and people going to different states wondering what is going on there. We need to be the United States on certain important issues as this. Of course states are going to have some differences, but not on such an important issue as this!


If all the illegal Mexicans get deported, will I still be able to get Mexican food 24 hours a day? That is all I am concerned about ha ha.

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