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Published: Friday, April 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Breaking the law is breaking the law. I generally don't agree with that. When it also costs me money to have someone break the law then I get have more passion for it. So if it inconvienences me to show my ID to an officer because my skin is a little darker than the average American--so be it. It will save me time in the future by not having to pay for someone's healthcare and legal fees.


Just one comment to those of you who are bringing religion into this discussion. Is it not true that one of the LDS church's main points of religion relating to government is that we are subject to and will follow all rules of government (paraphrase)? So when someone is here (or anywhere) illegally, they are not truly following the belief.


What people don't realize is that this law essentially makes it illegal to leave your house without id.

For example, if you go for a run around the block without your id and a cop decides that you look like an illegal immigrant he can arrest you.

Do Utahns really support a law that makes it illegal to not carry identification? or are people that are for this law unaware of the ramifications?


This law is based on fear and fear alone. Very sad. It also tells me that LDS members are not entirely in step with church leadership as the brethren have said they will not turn away illegal immigrants.

But then again what would anyone expect from AZ? The only reason they finally acquiessed to mandate MLK Jr. Day as a holiday like the rest of the country is because the NFL said that they would not host a Super Bowl umless they gave in.

Tom in CA

Most who declare the AZ bill to be "unconstitutional" are ignoramuses and water carriers for the leftist ideology. They are good at declaring "racial profiling" in defense of their stupidity.

I suppose there may be justification to "tweaking" the bill, but cudos to the governor for actually being a leader and having the nerve to DO something that NO ONE HERETOFORE has had the guts to do.

If YOU want to participate in a boycott, then boycott the federal government, not the folks in AZ.
The federal government's APATHY and lack of BACK BONE is the cause of a frustrated governor.

The Real Maverick

Interesting. Only 406 people of our 2,784,572 population were polled. That's a severely small sample size. I wouldn't base any important decision on the opinions of less than .00015 percent of what the people think. Even with a larger sample size, one needs to consider the ignorance, racism, and blind loyalty to political parties that the population possesses.


byronbca is wrong too:

AZ law enforcement can only verify your legal status if they first have a lawful contact with you. say you were breaking into your neighbors house and were caught by the cops. Then you could be questioned. Joggers just out for some exercise - nope!


Any idea how many kidnappings occur in PHX? 1+ per day - most all related to drug and human smuggling. H'mmm. So yes, perhaps MESOUTE you do have a point - there is some fear - just not the kind you're thinking of.

And do tell, where have the brethren said it's OK to break the law? When have they condoned illegal immigration or called upon the US to "erase" its border? Cite it please.

LDS Liberal

Chris B | 9:50 p.m. April 29, 2010
YES, I support enforcing our laws.


Me too!!

Start with SPEEDING!!!

Illegals didn't kill 300 Utahns last year.

Patrick Henry


Brer Rabbit

NOTHING was "tossed" out of the 2008 SB-81 law after a year of legislative interim committee hearings around the state. The law went into effect as written. It was NOT changed by the 2009 legislature. Check the facts.

SB-81 mandates that public entities using taxpayer funds must use E-Verify to check their employees and those companies that contract with them. Enforcement has been weak and left up to the citizens, but nothing was changed in the law.

The policing requirements were voluntary. No funds were allocated for the implementation of SB-81

Third try screen name

Just to clarify, Mexico is the number one supplier of illegal aliens to the United States at well over 50% of the total. Source: Pew Hispanic Center.
Mexico also receives by far the most green cards of any country, about 170,000 a year over the last ten years alone.
Source: DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.
Those who claim Russia sends us more illegals are, as Obama says, "misguided."


@LDS Liberal the Mexican drug cartels did kill 300+ Arizonans (Americans) last year and are killing everyday. The Mexican drug war is America's third war and AZ has been left to fight on their own.


The illegal border issue is going to continue to be a hot political issue because the politicans don't have the moral courage to do what is right. The Democrats and the Republicans only see 50 million potential voters so they favor an amnesty program so they can hang on to power. The political parties are not going to do anything but put on their typical show and express "growing concern" over the issue and that congress will come up with a solution that will be acceptable to everyone.I will be both surprised and happy if this new law hb1070 holds up in court, the justice system is so screwed up that if the liberal 9th circut gets it, it will be struck down. The illegal imigrants will more than likely get amnesty and the border will remain open, simply because no politican has the desire to do the right thing and send the illegals home and close the border. I am curious just how many illegals get into the country every day and which one is going to get in with lets say a dirty bomb? then maybe the politcal dance will change.


Reading the article it is noteworthy to see who disagrees with this bill. I for one am all for it. Lived/worked in 27 countries and had to show my ID often. No problem. If you are legal, no sweat, if illegal you should be deported!! Thanks Rep. Pearce and Gov. Brewer for making it possible to enforce the laws of the USA. Come on Legislators, give us a similiar bill.


Arizonia took action,while the federal government failed. "This is why you pay taxes,for the authorities are God's servants,who give their full time to governing". (Romans 13:6 NIV)
The subject of illegal...: Articles of Faith,#12. We beleive in being subject to Kings,presidents,rulers and magistrates,in obeying,'honoring,and sustaining the law.'


Forget ARIZONA'S LAW? Implement MEXICO'S Immigration Law !

(Two years in jail and fine if you are caught illegal living in Mexico)!


I don't know of another country in the world that would be so foolish as to allow millions upon millions of illegal aliens to enter their country, bankrupt their hospitals and schools, sell drugs, commit crimes--and not even ask for their papers or deport them. Legal immigration is great, and millions are standing in line for the privilege to live here. Let them come, but send the illegals home. This is NOT about racial profiling. It is about maintaining a standard of law. None of us would expect to enter and live illegally in another, yet we close our eyes when millions upon millions are doing in our country. American citizens are not attempting to profile anyone because of their race or marginalize anyone. We're just acting that laws be enforced so that illegal citizens return to their country of origin.


As a thinking American, I know immigration is about national policy. Remember Reagan granted amnesty?

I also know that republicans will do nothing to help form a nation immigration law because they will put political gamesmanship over the good of America.



Why is it foolish to allow into your country a source of hard-working, low-cost labor?

Do you eat apples, oranges, or even cherries that were cultivated in the USA? You're probably enjoying the fruits of undocumented workers. (bad pun intended)

Do you enjoy well-manicured lawns? How about lower construction and housing prices? Do you work in an office building that gets cleaned over night, or have you stayed in a hotel within the past year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (and I could keep going), then you have probably contributed to illegal immigration and the "foolishness" of this nation.

The hard truth is that undocumented employment is a real and very integrated part of our economy. And having just come out of a large recession, I don't know too many people excited to enter another one. It's juts one of the many factors that makes this issue so complex and hard to solve.

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