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Published: Friday, April 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Still Jim

This is such a sad thing. Even without this law my wife has been profiled and stopped for such things as turning right on a green light. Those in favor of such things are those who believe they won't feel the negative effects of this law.

DN Subscriber

Utah needs to pass a copy of Arizona's law as soon as possible.

Secure our borders, and if that is not done then there are no options but to tolerate law breaking by everyone, or to attempt to find those here illegally and send them back using whatever law enforcement agencies we have.

Legal good. Illegal bad.


I spent the weekend in a Latin American country and when they came through the bus asking for our papers, I didn't think anything of it. They even went through my friends passport verifying he got into the country legally. Yes, he looks like a Gringo and I could say they were racial profiling against him, but we were foreigners in their country. I expect them to check my passport to make sure I am in there illegally.

What is the problem? The only people that should have issue with this law, are the ones that don't have a right to be here!!!


You can't go anywhere in this country as an adult and not be asked for some form of ID (i.e. cashing a check, buying certain over the counter meds, buying alcohol, being pulled over for a traffic offense). The voting booth seems to be the only place you don't have to provide ID. Now people are in a panic over Arizona's 1070 law? These same individuals are overlooking the stress illegal immigration puts on all of our nation from health care to law enforcement. Why then are these individuals not panicked when they have to fill out an I-9 form for employment?

1070 is going to hold up in court just like Arizona's state law requiring employers to verify immigration status did.

I encourage any reader of the DN to visit southern Arizona and again see the impact of illegal immigation from healthcare to law enforcement. You will then understand why Arizona had to create this law to force the federal government to do their job.

Tom Smith

Americans are already required to carry identification...why is this such a difficult issue? It is only natural that someone visiting this country would carry identification of citizenship. Considering the amount of crime and illegal activity bestowed upon the US this effort is overwhelmingly needed. Perhaps all the drug money is beginning to influence the highest levels of our government as well? One is suspicious after researching the connections between the Mafia, CIA, and FBI from 1950 thru the mid 1970's


I had to carry "papers" when I lived in Argentina. I have to show a membership card at Costco. I have to carry a drivers license to operate a vehicle. If I get stopped by a police officer for doing something bad and I have to show ID and the officer runs a check on my criminal history; why would there be any problems with the officer making sure I have proper citizenship?

I have a problem with the principles of immigration law. I have no problem with letting an officer enforce the law, something I pay him to do.

Our great country attracts people looking for greater opportunities. That is the explorer spirit our nation continues to be built on. Unfortunately, we deny many courageous and many US-educated non-citizens from obtaining citizenship. These policies are, no doubt, part of an elitist mentality and the protectionistic fear of change.

In addition, the softening of our explorer spirit and our general failure as men to provider for and protect mothers and the elderly has led to government-expansion "entitlement" programs, which we pay for dearly. These "entitlement" programs don't attract the kind of potential citizens this country needs.


Second Nephi in the Book of Mormon states that all those that come to this land are led by God.

I Florida on my LDS mission we didn't ask if people were documented/legal as a prerequisite for baptism.

People who support the AZ bill are not the people who will get pulled over and asked for an ID.

As a Native American, I'm sick of immigration laws that target Hispanics because my complexion is similar to Hispanics.

The US gets more illegals from Russia, Ireland, and Canada than from south and central america. Yet we still target them. Because they look different.


Just a few facts on the news today on channel 10 here in Phoenix. There are 50 illegals in Maricopa county jails held for murder, that is one county. DPS just caught 100 illegals this morning crossing the border. 3 drop houses were raided and in one of them they had all being kidnaped and there families were were having to pay ransom to get them released. Sheriff Joe is doing a sweep today the count at this time is 90 arrested and 60 are illegals and he did it in a high crime area. Our highest crime areas are in the Latino neighborhoods. I did a poll of my Latin friends and 90% liked the new law, one of them said that most of the protesters have family that are here illegally. My wife is a latina and was born south of the border and if I thought she would be profiled by the police I would be against bill 1070 and yes I have read the bill, have you?


@coachcarter AZ is very much under attack. Not from the hard working citizens of Mexico that are here illegally but from the drug cartels. Phoenix police officers are being ambushed, home invasions happen on a weekly basis, AZ is the kidnapping capital of the U.S., bodies are found in the desert on regular basis, and all this comes from the Mexican cartels and happens in AZ. This law was an act of desperation on the part of AZ.

I don’t agree with the police enforcing immigration laws, but what is AZ to do. Are they just supposed to do nothing and slowly lose control like the Mexican government has done?


I'm very disappointed at the marginalization and finger pointing going on here.

I would just like to point out to the various posters here that suggest that "illegals" are the source of all economic woes, all crime, and are the sole recipients of welfare, you are seriously mistaken. For that matter, those on the other side launching baseless accusations of "right-wingers" and xenophobia are out of line, as well.

The economy, crime, even welfare are all separate issues where, if you take a truly representative sample, you will find bot documented and undocumented people alike.

This segregating of "us" (the noble, legal citizens) from "them" (dirty law breaking illegals) is completely unfair.

Whether you agree with how they came to this country or not, they are still human beings (and children of a Heavenly Father). In this argument, we all deserve to be treated with more respect than that. It's no wonder that the LDS Church has repeatedly called for more compassion in this dialogue.


@dustman "The US gets more illegals from Russia, Ireland, and Canada than from south and central america. Yet we still target them. Because they look different."

Nooo.....its because AZ borders Mexico... not Russia, Ireland, or Canada....;)


I personally know a fair number of illegals who I would consider to be a welcome addition to this country, but am no longer willing to tolerate the bad that comes in with the good: the identity thieves, those who are unwilling to integrate, those who came here to work, but otherwise hate America, drug dealers, murderers, child molesters and those who come to take advantage of services. Not that we don't have plenty of home-grown troublemakers, but while we can't choose who is born here, we can choose who we let in.


The AZ law is a step in the right direction. It will need to be refined and will be over time.

I live in TX. Crime committed by illegals is a major issue here. Much of the crime is not by Mexicans, it is by illegals from other countries.

Being a sanctuary city sent a message to professional criminals all over the world that this was a much more lucrative, easier place to commit crimes. We have many illegal crime gangs who have been attracted by the money and lax law enforcement. Many of the murders, armed robberies, drug dealing, kidnappings etc are by illegals, not to mention financial and identity fraud. If caught the illegals tend to get deported. That is a mere inconvenience. They come back within weeks.

If they actually get jail time it costs the tax payers a lot.

Illegal immigration is not a costless crime. Illegal immigration is not just people looking for a job. It includes a notable percent who are professional criminals.


@ dustman:
I live in Arizona about 15 miles from the Mexican border. Someone should maybe tell the widow of Bob Krenz - a local rancher murdered by an illegal alien - that God was leading him to our country. Maybe all the drug dealers and Mexican Mafia fighting for control of the best smuggling corridors should just remember that God is leading these people. Maybe our YM & YW that can't use a church-owned property without armed Border Patrol escort should just remember that God is leading these people. Maybe I should remember when it's not safe to drop my kids at the bus stop because Border Patrol is in the neighborhood looking for illegals that God is leading these people. Maybe the ranchers whose land and livestock is being trampled and destroyed that these people are being led by God... Come on! Are you serious!?

I will prefer to remember that we are to honor, obey and sustain the law!

Man, I'm sick of seeing lives and property DESTROYED and people incorrectly invoking compassion and justice and as a hollow end to justify bad behavior.


to jp71 where are you getting you information from or were you pulling if out of your hat. If you are going to make a statement like that prove it with you source material.


406 Utahns does not equate to Utahns as a whole. This is a very misleading headline - come on D-News. It should read: 406 registered voters favor AZ. law. Very misleading!



Compassion for ALL, not just illegals.

Tell Bob Krenz who was murdered by an illegal just weeks ago and was well known here in Southern AZ for helping illegals who were suffering on their journey through the desert that he should have just shown some compassion. Too bad he can't - he's dead. Stop trying to apply your Utah (or NY...) mindset to an AZ problem you are obviously ignorant of.

The border is porous, dangerous - even murderous! Shootouts in the streets in Agua Prieta, Nogales and Naco are not uncommon. What happens when these spill over to the US? Into my world? Easy for you some 900 miles away to spout compassionate ideals. How about a reality check. Peggy Noonan has an excellent article in the WSJ today about this - I suggest it to all. It's linked off Drudge... suggest you study up!

The Great Houdini

These Mexicans are hard workers for the most part,lets have em come here when we need them to milk our cows,clean our motel rooms,wash our soiled clothes,work on our farms and yards,pay em cheap and then boot em out when we`re done with em,I`m sure that`s what Jesus would`ve done


dustman is wrong when he says "The US gets more illegals from Russia, Ireland, and Canada than from south and central america. Yet we still target them. Because they look different."

OTMs (Other than Mexican's) make up a small percentage of the few hundred thousand illegals detained by the border patrol in AZ each year.

And AZ is striving to be careful regarding racial profiling. It's illegal and LEOs must have another lawful contact (e.g. pulled over for speeding, etc.) with someone before they can ask about their legal status.

Please, stick with the facts.

just sayin'

No surprise here. Utah is one wacked out state.

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