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Published: Friday, April 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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CPA Howard

I live in California and worked for a company with ~90 employees and ~30 were here illegally. Everyone of them had some type of forged document, I believe that in of its self is a violation of state and federal law. The owner knew he had illegals on the payroll and didn't care. The range of salaries paid to the illegals were between $9.00 and $20 dollars per hour. California currently has ~12% unemployment and I know everyone of those jobs could have been filled by legal workers. This was pointed out to the owner numerous times, but he didn't want the interruption to his business that would be caused by having to train new workers.

I think AZ is smart because if the federal government won't enforce the current laws, the states need to protect themselves.


It's not unconstitutional to ask an illegal immigrant for proof of citizenship, nor to send them back to Mexico when they can't prove it.

It IS unconstitutional to ask a LEGAL immigrant or citizen for their papers. That is harassment. It violates the 4th amendment.

Do you understand that?

The problem is: HOW DO YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE between illegal and legal just by looking? Governor Brewer says she doesn't know what an illegal immigrant looks like. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

This bill is overreaching, Un-American, and unconstitutional and it will be overturned.

Why are the employers of these illegals getting a pass??? THAT is who law enforcement needs to go after. Just be prepared to pay more for your produce and meat. And your homes. And your hotel stays. And your fast food. And your house cleaners. And your gardeners...


Are own Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff says that it's unconstitutional and unnecessary. I stand up for the constitution. Even though I am of Mexican descent, I'm also from good old Mormon Pioneer descent. I was born in Salt Lake, so I'm guess I am already at home. Let us remember how it was to be found illegally in a state, the state of Missouri.


Here's the problem I have with the law. And as a 40 year resident of AZ I've seen the reality of what law enforcement actually does in these cases.
All branches of law enforcement are stopping people, who happen to be Hispanic, for NO REASON.
Many of my close personal friends are Hispanic, some are here legally, some are not.
So the bogus notion that the law does not allow racial profiling is a pitiful joke.
It happens and it makes me very sad for lifetime residents of the US to be detained, pulled over with a ridiculous list of excuses for being pulled over, like, "you don't look like someone who would be driving a car like this". A true sample from a US citizen.
Yes, protect our borders, but focus on the human smugglers, the drop houses, the drug runners coming across the border and the gun runners going in the other direction.
But stop trampling on these peoples rights.
And many of you should educate yourselves who pretend to know the constitution. You're conveniently leaving out the important parts.
The rights of US citizens.


The Arizona law is unconstitutional on several grounds, that is exactly why the Arizona State Legislature is already making changes to this law. They are still in session so they can clean up this bill. Someone ask why anyone would be worried if the were ask to prove they are in the US legally? How many of us carry our birth certificates with us at all times.
To many on here are just racist and blame everything wrong on the illegal Mexicans, like no one else born or legally in the states ever commits a crime. I am not defending illegal aliens regardless of where they come from but reality is reality.

The Arizona law is unconstitutional and illigal Mexicans do not commit all of the crimes.
The Federal government


No, Christy. The bill is not unconstitutional. Perhaps you should read it.

Law enforcment needs to go after both the illegal and the employer (do you let the car thief go and only go after the chop shop?).

And the price of lettuce need not go up. It just may mean not quite as fat a profit margin for the greedy employers who in their greed were willing to sell out the country.


The law does not give officers the right to ask people on the street for documentation.

What it does give them is the right to proceed against someone who is discovered to be here illegally. Example: pulling someone over, and finding they have a forged drivers license, gives them the right to run them through the Federal database.

There is way to much scare propaganda going on over this bill in an attempt to discredit it.


Who needs immigration reform? Not the american people. We the american people want immigration enforcement, not amnesty for illegals to keep looting and pilfering and pillaging this country of its wealth, our freedoms, and rights.

The only thing Arizona forgot to do was call out the state militia, National Guard, to break up this unconstitutional and illegal rioting by foreign nationals on american soil. Put all this in the hands of the military and its resources.

My conclusion is that Tony Yapais is a traitor to his country and our laws. For the sake of this nation amnesty should not be given to law breakers. Illegal foreign nationals are terrorizing america with encouragement from their president in Mexico. Who is also threatening the United States if we interfere with HIS people. We are under attack and it is by illegal Mexicans marching on our nation, its not the american people.

What we need in immigration reform will also require severe punishment to employers who hire illegal aliens. This country was forewarned to keep and maintain strict immigration laws to prevent what has happened, unrest, no jobs, and wages depressed. Not only enforce deportation by any means, include their employers.


Any time Yapias is against something, I am for it.

Third try screen name

The "yellow star" and Nazi comments need to stop.
It has been a requirement in the United States for decades that non-citizens carry their "papers" at all times.
Arizona is finally asking to see them. And the new law requires that the police promptly turn violators over to federal authorities for handling.


Patrick Buchanan gave an excellent summary of the Arizona law today:
Stand Up For Arizona by Patrick Buchanan 043010

First, it brings Arizona law into conformity with federal law. As it has long been a federal crime to be in the country illegally, it is now a crime in Arizona.

Second, just as U.S. law since 1940 has required legal aliens -- immigrants and guest workers -- to carry their green cards or work visas at all times, Arizona law now says the same thing.

As for racial profiling, the new law forbids it. A police officer, it reads, "may not solely consider race, color or national origin" in stopping anyone or in determining an immigrant's status. No cop can halt and challenge a man on the street, or sitting in a restaurant or bar, or driving a car.

jim l

Yes, the majority of americans do favor this bill. Now we just need to make the media and the politicians understand this.


Christy: I am also from Utah County and I totally disagree with everything you said about Xenophobia.

People in Utah County reach out to the world. We are NOT xenophobes. We are as international as you can get. And yes, the fact that so many have served missions in other countries and speak other languages is a factor in this.

Do you think by ridiculing others, it somehow validates your point of view. Apparently you think that by laughing at others, you win your argument. YOU DO NOT.

I understand how you feel about the law in Arizona. It's a difficult thing and many people are very conflicted about it. But, it seems your main reason for opposing it is because you don't want to pay more for services. I hope that's not true.


Wait until you are asked for proof of your citizenship. I'm betting you will change your minds about this awful legislation. It is a slippery slope to loss of freedom, and that conservatives, who decry their loss of freedom every time the President says a word, don't oppose this law shows either their hypocrisy or their stupidity.

Buy the way, if you see an illegal at a local business, ask the owner if they have an I-9 for that person. It is the business community that is creating the economic incentive for illegal immigration. It is supply and demand at work.


To Tony Yapias,

We understand very well what this law does and what it means and we don't need you to explain it to us. You need to face the fact that we are tired of illegal immigrants overrunning our state and nation. And NO we do not need comprehensive immigration reform which is nothing more or less than an amnesty for people who have no right to be here in the first place, they need to go home. What we do need is comprehensive enforcement of the law starting immediately and YES we need to ask about the legal status of anyone we suspect is here illegally and send them back. You and other open borders advocates have badly misjudged how sick and tired the people of Utah and the nation are of your countrymen thinking our laws don't apply to them.
If you are so concerned about the rights of Mexicans why don't you and them go back there? The sooner the better.

Pappy O'Daniel

I tell you right now. IF you haven't armed yourself, and I don't mean a baseball bat, to protect your property you are in dire straits. This influx of illegals will start breaking into your homes while you are away and will take your property by squatting. It has happened in St. George area already. Think you hear about it in the news? Trust me it's coming.


If I'm an eighteen year old mexican american born in this country pulled over for speeding and I forgot my drivers license, probably the only thing standing between me and being hauled off to jail is my accent and english proficiency. That's unconstitutional.

Pete in Texas

Had the Border Patrol stop by my jobsite yesterday. The painters here were asked for papers. They said they were Americans and showed their drivers licenses. After the Border Patrol left, I asked them how they felt about being asked for documentation. Not one of them cared because they ARE Americans and they understand the WHOLE picture. They know the illegals are sneaking across the border and causing the LEGAL workers to take a cut in pay because employers are paying the illegals less than what the legals make. They weren't upset at all about it. They never once mentioned "racial profiling" or felt like the Border Patrol were racist in any sense of the word. So all you people who are crying about the law being "racist" and "unconstitutional" have no idea what is going on. If someone is here illegally, they should garnish no rights under our constitution since they aren't legal. It isn't a human right to live in America, it's a privilege. If I say "get rid of the illegals" that doesn't make me a racist, it makes me a patriot. Wrap your heads around that thought.


The educated answer wouldn't to be to just follow. Smart folks wait and observe to see what the real impacts are before they march in cadence off a cliff.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

CONGRATS - Being from Florida, I'm happy that Utahns are solidly in favor of putting their own version of Arizona's controversial new immigration statute into law in the Beehive State, seeing all their law maker's ever did for decades was only talk about it, without action and had them all fooled. Utah does have those on the far right, and those on the far left, but what really creates political imbalance, is there's NO ONE in the middle, and, when that happens, for those people, from the poor to the middleclass to the "Joe Sixpacks", the same thing will happen, as it did in 2008, and cost the Sarah Palin's and the John McCain's the White House and most all of Congress to sit at home watching conservative Road Runner cartoons while reading Glenn Becks new book. When will you ever learn this?. Why did not Hatch and Bennett start to "tweaks" to ensure that his version is both legal, and aimed at effectively curbing illegal immigration in Utah before re-election time?.

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