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Published: Thursday, April 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The archivist decries "merely bringing in any contamination, such as "blue jean dust," the cotton fibers created by brushing pant legs when one walks."

And then the photo shows an employee wearing blue jeans.



Really interesting story. But it's funny that they say they don't want people wearing jeans because of the fibers that can come off of them, but then the guy in the photo is wearing...jeans.


I work in a different photo archive in the valley and I understand what the archivists are talking about. We are trained and know how to handle the materials properly. For example, while we require patrons to wear white cotton gloves when handling any materials, we usually do not because we know how to handle the photographs in a non-damaging way. I've never heard the bit about cotton fibers before though...


Regarding the "contamination" issues stated by the archivist:

In addition to the male employee wearing blue jeans, there is also a young woman shown in the photo gallery wearing jeans. Neither employee is wearing gloves to protect the records, the guy doesn't have "booties" over his shoes and the girl doesn't have her long hair pulled back. Neither one has protective clothing (and besides it's 55 degrees!). Some inconsistencies here.

Johnny Triumph

At least they're protecting 'Johnny Lingo', we'd be in dire straights if we ever lost that gem!


My dad has worked there for almost twenty years now. really boring actually, Ive heard about it every day at the dinner table for all of those twenty years now. they really dont want people up there mostly because so many nuts used to bother them. apparently some people think there all kinds of crazy things in there. I only went on a tour once about a decade ago. once again, very boring. you can tell nothing is going on when they are doing stories on stuff like this.

Floyd Johnson

Ammonium sulfate and diesel.... Sounds like a good way to spend the weekend.

The question all of us want to ask. How long will it take to get all of that garbage out of there and convert it to a long term survival shelter in event of a meteor threat.

I remember the day I walked into the BYU library and discovered the card catalogs were gone. Is the microfilm being disposed of as it is being digitized, or are they holding onto them as redundant copies? It is incredible that billions of records have been condensed to fit into a single location, and that they will again be condensed to fit on a few hard drives.


Wow, nice pics, love those jeans. I kind of think that there needs to be an exclamation about the photos with these people in jeans. Maybe it was a area where there are no records and so the issue of clothing was not there and also flashes of cameras. But we need to know about the jeans, it totally is distracting from the rest of the information.


@9:41 - Really? Come on, man.


inside views on who were really related to


It is microfilm storage not microchip manufacturing.


inspired information thru so much History

Hank Jr

Great story, but you forgot to mention the website.


I worked there 18 years ago. Nothing secretive only a storage. There is duplication being done so that the originals never leaves the place. The blue jean thing was weird as I use to wear them every day. I think it is misunderstood what he is talking about becuase he is talking about tour groups rubbing against each other, blah blah blah. It is a controled environment to help preserve, nothing more.

wild horses

I think this was a terrific story.
Thanks for sharing!


thank you for the story
very interesting news

Hugh G. Hater

I want to know how the water tastes.


get some from store sounds
like you never been too utah


Hugh, if you want to know how the water tastes, just check out your bottled Mt. Olympus Spring Water (even though Mt. Olympus is one canyon over). After filtering through all that rock it must taste great.


I do remember a cartoon from Grondahl years ago that depicted Wild Willy who lived in the underground vaulds. Hysterical.

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