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Published: Sunday, April 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Poli Sigh

Two weeks out and still no clear winner, sounds like a primary to me, let's just hope it's Lee and Bridgewater, not Bennett.

Stinkin' Romney.


The Republican Party Central committee seems to manipulate things the way they want without regard sometimes even to the individual precincts. This year was a shocker in that regard.

It will be interesting with the dynamics of a Mitt Romney, if the delegates will have enough backbone to follow the voices of those who attended the caucus meetings and made it very clear we want an new Senator, instead of getting caught up in the shadow of a great leader like Mitt Romney and listening to one voice instead of many.


It's no surprise that registered voters are lagging behind delegates in their realization that Bob Bennett should go. Most delegates have invested the time and effort to get to know the candidates and are pretty well-informed. I'm not a delegate this year, but have been in the past, and you get plenty of opportunities to assess strengths and weaknesses.

The many voters don't really fully engage until it's time for their role in the primary stage. The few that do are the ones who went to their caucuses and elected the state delegates, most of whom pledged in their meetings to not vote for Senator Bennett at convention.

If you want a real eye-opener, Google Transatlantic Policy Network, and read up on Senator Bennett's role in this organization over the last 20 years. Then do some checking into the key thinkers that have influenced TPN's thinking and agenda over the decades. This is a group dedicated to creating a transatlantic market, similar to the European Market, where trade decisions are optimized for the good of the whole, not any one nation within. Scare you? If not, it should!


Bennett should not have hitched his wagon to the RINO party.....he and Orrin are history!


The crazies are out. Only in Utah would Bennett be seen as a liberal. Bennett is well respected and Utah's only appropriator in Congress. Yes, I'm sure he's involved in lots and lots of conspiracies to undo the Constitution and our free market capitalist system. Yea, right. More Kool Aid, anyone?



IS NOT THE CURRENT "Utah closed primary system" a blatant and callous violation of national voting rights, on its face?

A LOT OF "non-partisans" are military war veterans!

BEING DENIED[!] OUR "right to vote" IS ASSUREDLY NOT(!) WHAT WE SERVED OVERSEAS -- in uniform & during wartime -- to guarantee on our homecomings!


The people who attend the caucuses typically have a higher level of engagement in the political process. They study candidates and issues. Because of that they make more informed decisions long before the glitzy ads flood the news print and airwaves a month before an election.

The delegates elected at caucus meetings spend time attending functions where they interact face-to-face with the candidates. In these forums, detailed questions are asked and candidates can engage in lengthy discussions about their philosophies and outline proposals.

Given that level of engagement and understanding, it's little wonder that so many of the delegates indicate they are not going to give any support to Senator Bennett. They know his record: what he has done and what he hasn't done. They've made an informed decision.

Is the caucus system unfair? Any registered Republican can attend caucus meetings. To suggest that those who take the time to engage in this effort don't represent the will of the people is lame. Nonattendance indicates abdication of input, essentially delegating the decision to those who take the time to engage in the process and educate themselves on the issues and the candidates.


Dear aceroinox,

While I agree in sentiment, it is a false notion that all conventions were adamantly against Bennet. As a State delegate, I have listened to very many who said that at the caucus they wanted Bennet. One even told me that someone was not elected a delegate because he said he would not vote for anyone but Bennet. So, your info is incorrect. Other than that one thing, you are correct.


I can only speak for myself -- as a state delegate this year, believe me, Mitt Romney's impact is zero, and The Club for Growth's impact is zero, the Tea Party is zero, the 9/12 initiative is zero, and so is the influence of anyone else who attempts to influence my vote.

My mind was settled in January. I endorsed Mike Lee. That's why I went to my caucus with the express purpose of supporting my candidate and got myself elected.

What many fail to recognize is that political power resides with the people who care enough to caucus. The system is wide open, and there is zero manipulation in a state that prides itself on individualism and independent thought.

The Bennett phenomenon in Utah is only the canary in the mineshaft this year -- it is a pattern that is going to repeat itself again and again throughout the country.

Congress richly deserves its low approval ratings, and the tsunami that starts at the Utah State Republican Nominating Convention on May 8th is finally going to clear the beach of the jetsam and flotsam that has accumulated over the years with career politicians, Bob Bennett among them.


As a new resident to Utah and a state delegate this year, I am convinced that the delegate process is better than the primary system in the state I left. Every other delegate I know has met with, seriously analyzed, and assessed the candidates to drill them on the issues that matter to the delegate and to the comments expressed by their neighbors at the caucus meetings. In my opinion, primary systems elect people with the best ad campaign, money, or soundbites, while the delegate system allows citizens to elect people based on the issues. I truly hope Utah never goes to a primary system as the caliber of candidates would suffer.

The Utah Republican

My prediction - based on previous observation: Bennett will finish second, smear Lee in the primary, and win re-election.

His father was a Senator. He grew up in D.C. He represents Utah the way Karl Malone does, i.e. not much.


The poll is interesting since there has only been two recent polls at County Conventions of county delegates, both showing Bennett in 3rd or 4th place behind Cherilyn Eagar, who was in 2nd place for both straw polls. That was in Weber County and Utah County.
Bennett got 3rd place in Weber County and 4th Place in Utah County.

I remind myself with how far off Dan Jones was 2 years ago when he polled Chaffetz a distant 3rd place.


It's my understanding that Bridgewater has a very high percentage of second choice votes. If he continues gaining momentum, I see no reason why he can't pick off Bennett and then the whole thing goes to a Primary where all voters within the party would be able to chose their new leadership.

The voters in general have made it clear they don't want Bennett. The best thing for delegates to do is make it a Bridgewater/Lee Primary.


In the case of the incumbant, look at his record on illegal immigration. That should tell you all you need to know about whether he represents the 75-80% of citizens - who want illegal immigration stopped.

As far as the rest of them, look at their positions on the same subject. That puts Bridgewater out, and Lee right behind him. Neither appears willing to support the will of the citizens in this issue. One must ask why....


I'm a State delegate from St. George. I can tell you that at our caucus meeting there were about 55 people that showed up. (Three times the amount of two years ago). Of that 55 there were 2 in attendance that supported Bennett and one of them said Bob (Mr. Burns) Bennett is the only name she had heard....

It is to bad that so many people can't see through Romney...The fact that he is not only backing Bennett but will be "Nominating" Bob Bennett at the convention should put people, not only in Utah but in the Republican Party in general, That Mitt Just Don't Get it.

I ask you. If Mitt Romney was President. Would the size of the Federal Government continue to grow Larger??? Well the answer is 'Heck Yes'....He is backing big government/spenders like Bob Bennett...Now isn't He!?

I will not be one of those at the convention that will go all Ga-Ga when Mitt takes the stand---I tell ya' what!


By the way, Bob Bennet's negative ads about Mike Lee have indeed settled my opinion... I will be voting for Mike Lee... I pray he retains the level of gentlemanly behaviour he has presently engaged in and doesn't stoop to the negative level.. don't do it Mike... it is hurting Bob...


I was at the Utah County Convention. Delegates are well educated about the issues and the candidates and take their job very seriously. They know they are representing their neighbors. I am personally an independent, but I register republican so that I can be part of the process, not excluded from it. My leanings are conservative fiscally, so that works for me. But I have been a politics junkie since 1968 when as an 8 year old I watched the national conventions on TV, fascinated. Through the years I've written to presidents, senators, congressmen, representatives, and governors. Bennett, by the way, only answers me during election years. The Utah political system allows each citizen to be as involved or as uninvolved as he or she likes. It gives the citizenry immediate access to the process if desired. While Utah as a state has four parties: extreme republicans, independent republicans, party-line republicans, and token democrats--and this is out of balance--the actual system for putting people in office works.


Regarding the conservative and effective Senator's in this state, and limited by space, I'll give you just one example each for Bennett & Hatch of how they have been effective.

Bennett, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, helped pass a Utah/federal land swap bill last year after four years of effort. This increased revenue to the School trust fund, protected sensitive lands and opened others to energy and other private uses. Bennett is an expert on land use issues and it would be a shame to lose his experience here.

After pushing the Justice Department for months, Senator Hatch got the first immigration enforcement court in Utah history that has grown to two judges in five years. Since 1998 he has brought, quick response teams, a field office director, enhanced enforcement, a 287 G program allowing local law enforcement to work with federal immigration agents in enforcement and recently expedited shared communities in Utah which allows local law enforcement to share biometric information with federal immigration agents.

Looks like Utah's Senators have been busy effectively addressing issues of great importance to Utahns.


People should support the candidate of their choice, not use ad-hominem attacks without basis against a candidate. Apparently, many delegates made up their minds prior to the caucus meetings without even listening to the candidates first. Instead some appear to listen to outside special interest groups with ulterior motives, who use demagoguery and obfuscation to defeat strong Republican incumbents. A delegate has a unique opportunity for direct access to candidates.


I tried to get elected as a Bennett delegate. It was obvious I didn't stand a chance. The Utah Republican party is being taken over by right wing anti government extremists who don't represent me or the majority of Utahns. They are hateful people with a mean spirit about them. I will vote for the democratic candidate rather than any of Bennett's challengers. God save Utah from the right wing Republicans. Utah doesn't need their hate and fear mongering. We are a better people than that. And God bless our immigrant brothers and sisters in the gospel. They deserve our love and support, not our hate and predjudice.

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