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Judge signs death warrant

Published: Friday, April 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"[Burdell] would not have wanted to be the reason Ronnie Lee was executed"

There's no reason to worry about that. Ronnie Lee Gardner will be the reason why Ronnie Lee Gardner is executed. Burdell was the victim and Gardner committed a captial crime which carries the death penalty. Let's put the blame squarely on the individual that deserves it. Time to reap the consequences.


He is wasting our tax dollars...just put the man to death.


I know it would cost money up front, but why has not the Fed. Gov. set up a 3 or 5 panel of Federal Judges, under the Supriem court to hear nothing but appeals from prisoners in all 50 states. Then maybe it would not take years for an appeal to be hear, but rather cut the time down to months.


Giantfan hit the nail right on the head... I agree with you 100%


Let's get this over with and stop using taxpayer money on this guy.


Do we know when the execution will take place?


The time has come.

We, as tax payers, demand justice in this case. We, as a people, demand that people who kill other people for selfish reasons, without proof of self defense, should receive punishment. He needs to take personal responsibility for his actions! He shot these people. What rights did they have? I have no sympathy for Gardner, but I do for his victims. Anyone who thinks differently than this does not understand justice nor mercy.

All I can say is May God have Mercy on his Soul...

When a person does this, we demand that they are punished according to the law. The law states that anyone who commits such crimes be put to death. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR A CIVIL SOCIETY! We, as a people, uphold this decision as ruled by a court of law and a jury of his peers. Unless there is new evidence to the contrary (which has been shown to nauseam that there isn't) he should be executed under the law.

That time has finally come...


I suggest Brian David Mitchell recieved the same punishment if he is convicted of his crimes. but wait, he might try to sing at his exacution.


Are any of you readers getting off this planet alive? All you fools have done is to shorten his sentence and reduce his punishment.


He talks about his Mormon Heritage, lets get something stright on this 1) if he had been true to his beliefs he would not be at this point. 2) I'm pretty sure that he is NOT a mormon anymore. 3) WHAT does the firing squad have to do with heritage? 4) WHy would the Deseret news even put that in this story? Let the Law take care of this and leave the Church out of this. It is a poor writer that can not put an article together with out somehow draging Mormon in to the story.

Uncle Rico

NOT_Scared: you represent a God-less people.
For you, this world is it, and there is no more after this life.
Before you start calling people fools, you might want to give credit to those who have lived a disciplined life who have contemplated God, Scriptures and the meaning of man's existence and who have paid the price to understand what occurs beyond this life. Rather than listening to your own Godless ramblings based on years of doing whatever is easiest.


I attended the funeral for a very good man, Sgt Mel Otterstrom, whose life was cut short by Mr. Gardner. A second was also taken because of this man's lack of care about who he hurts. It's too bad that his children (now grown and educated in the realities of their father's plight) will have to learn to understand about life and death by firing squad. It's time for Mr. Gardner to feel a little of the fear that his victims may have experienced, to feel the fleeting pain of a bullet in the heart and to meet his maker so he can begin paying the real price for his behavior.
Our justice system is a good one and usually gets it right, even though, at times, it appears that it won't. Mr. Gardner, your time is up.


You have all said what needs to be said in this case, and I would like to see our pharmacist's comment expanded, ("...why has not the Fed. Gov. set up a 3 or 5 panel of Federal Judges, ... to hear nothing but appeals from prisoners .... Then maybe it would not take years for an appeal to be hear[d], but rather cut the time down to months.") seriously our Gov. should look into this.

In some cases even having the added measure of on sight killing and clean up squads. This helps with unemployment, by giving jobs to a few people, and clear out those that are truly worthy of exit from this life to the one beyond. Frees up prison space too. Also this would move taxes from the paying years of keeping convicted killers alive in prison, to paying people to do a dirty job, but they'll also pay taxes. From months we could go down to weeks and really put some fear into the desire to kill without cause.

Bye gangs and robberies


Facts of the matter.
This man has been found guilty of murder.
He has been on appeal for 25 years.
The method, really, is a moot point.
He has lived 25 more years than his victims.


Several of the comments on this page horrify me.
I may have misunderstood his intended meaning slightly, but "jasonlivy" seems to be suggesting that a death penalty is necessary in order to maintain a civil society. This is patently untrue, as there are many societies that remain civil without a death penalty.
"chuckles55", I appreciate that you care about Gardner's victims, but your comment is sadistic, grotesque and offensive. Almost as sadistic, grotesque and offensive as the very concept of death by firing squad. I'm no too up on my bible knowledge, but I'm pretty sure God's not too keen on murder, regardless of whether the person committing it is doing so against the laws of whatever country he happens to live in, or to uphold those laws. Surely even the most fervently religious among you can see the hypocrisy inherent in punishing a murderer by murdering him.
It's not worth getting into "RichN"'s ideas for improving society. They're so ridiculous that I half-suspect he's kidding.


Sheesh, do some research.
It costs immensely more to carry out a death sentence (millions of dollars in court costs) than it does to house a prisoner for life.

Uncle Rico: thou shalt not judge

Jasonlivy: show me ANY proof that capital punishment contributes to a "civil society".

Money Man: his Mormon comment was an important (to him, thus the story) part of him deciding the means by which he will die. Just because we don't understand, doesn't mean it shouldn't be printed.

All: our prison system is horrendous. There is almost NO rehabilitation. And capital punishment isn't effective as a deterrent. If a guy is willing to gun down a bunch of innocent people, do you think he's afraid of the death penalty? I don't.

Truth Seeker

The people that benfit the most from capital punishment is the lawyers. 25 years on death row is ridiculous.


@JBear, I'm in agreement with most of what you said, but one question for you...

Why would you assert (by way of a rhetorical question) that murderers are not afraid of the death penalty? That doesn't explain why so many of them -- who have given up protesting their guilt -- still fight like crazy to get the death penalty commuted to life imprisonment. It says to me that many of them are as scared as little girls of dying. I don't know if they think it will hurt, or if they're afraid of the judgment they'll face in their faith. A lot of them have committed crimes with a high "bully syndrome" quotient: real big man while they're armed an in control of their victim, but also really an insecure child inside.

The only ones I can respect at all are those who "man up" and take their medicine. But 25 years of appeals is all too often the norm.

Last Stand

Re: JBear
Yes, it does cost more money to carry out an execution than a life sentence, but it doesn't mean the answer to that is to abolish it all together. I'm all for abolishing the ridiculous number of appeals they're allowed to make and the fact that it can take 25+ years to carry out the sentence. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to take out cost in the process and make it an even cheaper method of punishment for those that murder.

I would't go as far as to say there is "NO" rehabilitation in our prison systema but I do agree that there is room for improvment. Also, can you really quantify that capital punishment is not a deterrent? If you're right, then once again that's not reason enough to get rid of it. If it's not an effective deterrent, then we're doing it wrong. Expedite the process. Put it on display so that there is no doubt as to what the consequence for murder can be.

Should we just release all prisoners, abolish all punishment, because in your eyes, it's not working?


I'd like to add one other perspective to this discussion - that capital punishment is consistent with the religious concept of repentance. Restitution is a requirement for repentance and tru rehabilitation. For some actions, restitution is not possible and must take another form. Fortunately, for Bro. Gardner, the state is making it possible for him.

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