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Published: Thursday, April 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Not likely, especially when Utah's in the Pac 12 and TCU is in the Big 12. BYU and Boise don't make a auto-qualifier.

Lifelong Republican

I hope the MWC teams will stay put and get that bid. All of this talk of expansion is ridiculous.

The Pac-10 is worse than the MWC in both football and basketball right now.

Why would any of our teams want to join them?

If it is about $$$, which it usually is, then stay put. You'll get your share.


re: royalmidnight

It won't matter whether Utah and TCU leave the MWC or not.

The 2008 and 2009 seasons are already in the books and will count towards the MWC receiving AQ status.

Cosmo's Cousin

I wouldn't mind seeing Utah leave the MWC. The conference will still get a automatic bid and we won't have to worry about those Utes and their unfair play.

I think even Utah fans can admit there are questionable calls in a lot of games against BYU, like the 2008 football game. I hate to say there's a biased but it makes you wonder...


Sorry Cosmo's Cousin, but I have to disagree.

The Utes may be bitter rivals of the Cougars, but they don't play unfair. There are always questionable calls in every game, but the vast majority of officials try to call things as fairly as possible.


Re: Cosmo's Cousin....Please ban yourself from any further STUPID remarks. Whether the refs make bad calls or not, doesn't mean the Utes "play unfairly".
Second, if you have to whine, go do it on the YBU articles.


Why would the PAC want UT? Their football attendance is poor, the fan base does not travel well, the stadium is small, the basket ball team is down and the PAC 11 sounds strange.

I live in the Big 12. There is no talk of adding TCU (well maybe in Utah).


@ Cosmo's Cousin | 9:29 p.m. April 21, 2010

You want to bring up how games are ref'd now and somehow insinuate that BYU was picked on in the 2008 game? Hall's five obvious inteceptions and lost fumble cost YBU the game - not referring.

Bias? Get overself and the loss.

@ Bugoff | 12:32 a.m. April 22, 2010

Either you don't realize you have no clue what you are talking about or your are purposely misrepresenting the truth. I hope it's the former and not the latter.

Utah's football attendance has average numbers exceeding RES official seating capacity for the past three years. Attendance is fine and is higher on average than the PAC 10's Washington State, Oregon State, and Stanford. Nothing earth shattering, but we hold our own in the stands and more importantly on the football field.


I for one wish all the speculation about MWC teams leaving and going to other conferences would stop. Twenty years ago, BYU fans were confident they would be invited to the PAC 10. Now the talk is about Utah and TCU leaving. Until there is CREDIBLE news to this effect, let's move past this tired subject.

As far as the Cosmo's Cousin post - you're talking about the game when Utah beat BYU by 24, right? The game when Hall threw five picks? Don't embarrass yourself. Complaining about officiating when you get beat by 3+ touchdowns is the epitome of whining, and I expect most BYU fans cringe when they read your post.


I'll believe the BCS expands when it happens, not before. Why would they dilute their financial interest unless the heat is so intense they are afraid their monopoly will crumble, which I don't think it is. And adding the MWC still does not solve the problem. You still have other excluded programs that are worthy, including Boise State and Cincinnati.


Uh, Esquire, check it out - Cincinnati is already in a BCS Conference. They got their BCS bowl by winning the Big East.


Either way this doesn't matter. If we get an invite from the PAC 10, fine. If we stay in the MWC, that's fine too. Utah is quickly earning a reputation on the football field that transcends the conference we play in.

@ Utah'95 | 5:58 a.m. April 22, 2010

We are beyond the point of mere speculation. The PAC 10 knows they need to expand their TV market and the conference footprint to avoid loosing too much ground to the SEC, Big 10 and Big 12. The new PAC 10 commission was hired specifically to help them catch up to these conferences where the former allowed them to fall behind. He has publicly spoken about expanding the conference and is performing his due diligence to see if it is viable for them. If it is viable for them, then they are extremely limited to what teams they could successfully target - Utah, Colorado, BYU and Boise State. If they expands, odds are minimum 50% in our favor that we would be selected, but in reality they odds are higher than this.

But again, whatever happens with the PAC 10, Utah will be fine.


Don't anybody hold their breath.


Likely scenario:

To quell playoff talk and remove the pressure the MWC is putting on the BCS, the BCS will add the Cotton Bowl to the mix in 2012, giving the BCS five bowls, plus the BCS championship game. The BCS will then add the MWC as an AQ conference.

The Big Ten is leading the conference expansion parade, and whatever the Big Ten does will have a domino affect on every conference.

If the Big Ten expands to 16 teams, as some have speculated, adding Syracuse, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, and Missouri, the domino affect could lead to the Big East conference disappearing entirely (for football), and the formation of eight 16-team super conferences.

With 10 teams in the PAC 10, and 9 teams in the MWC and WAC, that's 28 teams. Two 16-team conferences would be 32 teams.


The MWC would suffer some if Utah and TCU left. Picking up BSU would ease a lot of that pain. I would trade Utah for BSU in a heartbeat though. The MWC would not lose anything in football (I think BSU actually has a stronger argument for quality wins and consitency)and now that Utah's basketball team is bad and only getting worse, BSU is clearly better. Of course, Utah's gymnastics are better. BSU has better tennis.

Those clamoring for a BCS bid for the MWC are like dogs fighting for scraps of food from the table. Being a "BCS" conference team doesn't necessarily get MWC teams a shot at the NC, just a BCS game. We need a playoff. Ask TCU and BSU how much they like getting less money and no respect for playing each other.

BYUtah Fan

As a BYU and Utah fan, I would hate to see Utah leave the MWC. The BYU-Utah rivalry is one of the best in college football. Their proximity and the quality of both programs make this a terrific game every year. Sorry BYU fans, but losing Utah would significantly degrade the MWC and diminish the overall competitiveness of the conference.

Personally, I kind of like things just the way they are now. Hopefully the MWC will get an automatic bid and the money issue will straighten itself out. Whether or not that happens, I will still enjoy watching the games. If the MWC doesn't get any love on the national scene then who cares. It is their loss.


AQ BCS status or not, teams in small media markets have an uphill battle to get into a BCS championship game. The polls still dictate who plays, and the majority of people voting in the polls are in the large media markets.

Washington State doesn't have any better chance of playing for a National Championship than Boise State.

Utah Alum

Would Utah still want to join the PAC 10 if the MWC becomes an AQ BCS conference?

Battling BYU, TCU and Air Force for a BCS bid.


Batttling USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, California, Arizona, and Arizona State.


Utes: Let Utah go to the Pac-10, we all know that conference is weaker than the MWC especially in football and basketball now.


The big east is better than the mtn worst and wac

West Virginia
South Florida

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