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Published: Tuesday, April 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Just one politician returning the favor of another. Nothing new or surprising.


I'm a state delegate and Romney introducing Bennett simply doesn't help. Romney is a career politician -- one that has shown again and again his predilection for pushing incumbent party members over any pesky principle.

There are eight choices for GOP State Convention delegates to consider for U.S. Senator. At least five of them have impressed me as being better prepared, better suited for the job, and more likely to be effective than Bob Bennett.

Romney could have the best hair day ever the morning of the convention and it wouldn't solve any of that.


If Utah voters were honest, they would realize they voted for Romney in the primary (90%+) because of his RELIGION.

He certainly does not fit with many of the principles that dominate Utah political discussions (especially fiscally, and he flip-flopped on many other ideals). I thought it was just as embarrassing as seeing people vote for somebody because of skin color.

I don't think he will help Bennett enough. Too many delegates are sick of the same old politicians. Throw the bums out does not make exceptions for your "elder statesman."

Fiscal Hawk

Bob knows his days in DC are numbered. This morning I heard an advertisement from him on the radio attacking Mike Lee's position on the war in Afghanistan. WE ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN RIGHT NOW.

Bob should have started fighting runaway federal spending a long time ago.

He's a day late and a dollar short.

Bye bye Bob.

Fitness Freak

"Bailout Bob" thinks if he makes enough "press releases" and brings in enough Republican "big names", oh, and SPENDS ENOUGH that Utah voters can forget and forgive.
Please don't forget "Bailout Bob" voted FOR AMNESTY for illegals!

Too bad he doesn't just contribute his extra lobbyist money to the homeless shelter or some other deserving charity rather than dumping the funds into his losing campaign!

Chris Cannon didn't think amnesty mattered to Utahns either, so "Bailout Bob" can join former Congressman Cannon in retirement!


This is a very bad move for Mitt. He needs to distance himself from the old establishment to further his campaign for the presidency. I would urge Mitt not to do this. The state is heavily divided on keeping Bob Bennett and Romney's support will insure the wrath of the tea parties. For your own good, Mitt, stay away from Bennett. It's doubtful you will help him and he will surely hurt you.

DN Subscriber

Bennett's attack on on Mike Lee is just one more example of his career politician skill of taking Lee's comments TOTALLY out of context and twisting it to suit his needs. His "backup chorus" of Jake Garn just reinforces how much he has become a creature of Washington, not of Utah.

Romney's introduction will not help.


The fact that 90% of the bloggers here are anti-Bennett and anti-Romney, only shows how out of touch they are with what the majority of Utah Republicans believe.

Many delegate bloggers have cited Senator Bennett's lack of listening to the concerns of Utah citizens as one reason they will not be voting for him. Isn't it ironic that they only believe "they" should be listened to, forget about the majority of Utah Republican voters who are not delegates.

If these folks were really worried about what the citizens of Utah thought, they wouldn't be so afraid of a primary election, and so intent on knocking Senator Bennett out in convention.

An April 8th Rasmussen poll shows that if a primary poll were held today this would be the result:

Senator Bennett: 37%
Lee: 14%
Bridgewater: 14%
Cook: 6%
Eagar: 4%

A 23% victory for Bennett.

Now, we see just how much these delegates would listen to Utah citizens if they were the Senator from Utah, not!

Utah, don't confuse them with the facts, their minds are made up!


DN subscriber,

How is it that an endorsement from Jake Garn makes Bennett a creature of Washington? Last time I checked Jake Garn voluntarily retired from the Senate in 1992. He has been a regular citizen living in Utah for 18 years, after three terms in the Senate.

He was the strongest of advocates for balanced budgets and was consistently rated number one or two most conservative Senators throughout his career. Check it out.

You, DN subscriber, are the one who appears to be twisting the truth to suit your purposes. If anyone was not a part of the Washington D.C. beltway mind set it was Jake Garn.


First mandatory insurance for Massachusetts, and now cozying up to Bailout Bob. I'm questioning Romney's judgment more and more all the time.


Wow...great move for Senator Bennett!!! Who can the others get that might pale this nomination? Cherilyn: Joe the Plumber; Bridgewater: his wife Laura; Mike Lee: Dick Armey (who???); Merrill Cook: his mother-in-law (if she is willing)....


Dear Doug B: Romney is NOT a career politican. He served ONE term in office. That's all. President is NOT an entry level position. You need someone with some executive experience. Hiring a "community organiser" who had NO executive experience is one of the reasons we got in the mess we are in today.

I reiterate--it is clear that many of these bloggers are from the senate campaign staffs. I get it. As a former campaign staffer I've done it. But, it doesn't help.

I wish everyone would quit worrying so much about Bennett and start putting their efforts to where they might actually make a difference. That is in getting rid of Jim Matheson.

A vote for Matheson is a vote for Pelosi. The ONLY thing we, here in Utah, can do this year that will make ANY difference WHATSOEVER is to vote out Jim Matheson.


So -- one dishonest political panderer is going to introduce another dishonest political panderer. Sounds like politics as usual to me. Personally, I don't see anyone supported by either of thge majority parties who is worth anything. Does anyone know of any good third party candidates?


Nate, if you look at the total situation you would be able to make some clear distinctions. First, it really does matter that MA is a state based plan designed to fit MA. The same plan would be an absolute disaster in UT. Why?

Because Utah has the lowest healthcare costs and is one of the most conservative states in the nation, while MA has among the highest healthcare costs and is one of the most liberal states in the nation.

The details are complex, the fundamentals simple. MA needed a plan to cover everyone because their non-insured HC costs were already bankrupting the state. Romney was also working with a liberal legislature, and had to compromise.

The mandate actually does not require one to become insured, it merely says that if you are not insured you have to help pay the unfunced medical costs of the uninsured, since no one is denied care. That is actually a conservative principle. You must pay for what you get.

Not to many people opt to die if they don't have health insurance and can't pay the high costs of major medical care. So who pays? We all do.

Cougar Blue

Oh my heavens. Watching this Republican cat fight is more fun than watching a mule eat cactus. I love it, I dearly love it. Grrr, spit. hiss!

Informed Voter

I no longer support Romney. First he endorses McCain and now Bennett....Both of those senators represent what is wrong with Washington....and Romney is all for them?! Mitt must think Mormons will vote for him anyway no matter what he says or who he endorses. Not this time Mitt!


What a disappointment, Bennett is so clearly out of touch with Utah and what is going on in the country it is pathetic. Now Mitt is going to throw himself under the bus for the guy. WOW! Endorsing McCain is also a big mistake, these two relics need both need to go. These two RINOS have pushed illegal alien amnesty every chance they get and that is against the will of 80% of the American public. A major battle is looming on this issue and those on the wrong side are going to regret it. Mitt what are you thinking?

Cosmo's Cousin

I'm disappointed Mr. Bennett would allow a big liberal like Romney to introduce him. I think Bennett is a trueblue conservative while Romney is a big-government liberal.

If you look at Bennett's voting record, he's almost always on the right side, like voting against health care. Unlike Romney who supports huge-government health care plans.

Mike Richards

Mr. Bennett co-sponsored a federal health care plan with Oregon's Senator, Ron Wyden, Democrat. The plan would force all Americans to pay for health insurance as part of their federal tax liability. It would also force employers to pay their employees the equivalent of the health insurance premium. It would force employers to pay an additional tax of 3% to 26%. It would phase out some of the people from Medicare.

Utah does not need a Senator that does not know how to read the Constitution. Unless Mr. Bennett has a special health-care version of the Constitution, he has no Constitutional authority to force any American to buy health-insurance. He has no Constitutional authority to tax any business 3% to 26% for health-insurance. He has no Constitutional authority to force employers to pay one cent additional to their employees.

Mr. Bennett and Mr. Wyden showed that they are two Senators who deserve to be retired at the earliest possible moment.

We need a Senator who does NOT take pot shots at his opponents, i.e. radio commercials against Mike Lee.

If Mr. Bennett had a leg to stand on, he wouldn't need Romney.


Mr. Richards,

The Bennett/Wyden bill was intended to be a starting point for discussion on alternatives to the Democratic health care reform bill that passed. Elements of the Bennett/Wyden bill enjoyed wide bipartisan support, unlike Obamacare.

One key provision was the elimination of the tax advantage for employer provided health insurance. Thus an individual purchasing health insurance on their own would be also be able to take a tax deduction. The conservative Heritage Foundation said of this provision, "The reform repealing the unlimited tax exclusion for employer-based coverage is a bold step in the right direction..." "Senator's Wyden and Bennett and their co-sponsors should be commended for their willingness to forth a comprehensive proposal to address shortfalls in the current system..."

The report went on to suggest important changes to the bill which I completely agree with. For example, even more individual choice and competition, less Federal regulation, and improving existing state regulation of insurers. And of course looking at other drivers of health care costs other than only insurance.

The point is, Senator Bennett should be praised for being willing to put his neck on the line with reasonable alternatives to Obamacare.

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