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Published: Tuesday, April 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bob Bennett's son Jim "Permanently Daddy's Employee" Bennett promises more surprises in the future of the race for his father's Senate seat.
Jimmy, here's a surprise from Utah voters: your pa has had a good run, but it's over. Maybe you can get a job with his political consulting partners next January.
Mitt can't change it, and he's wasting political capital even trying.


With Romney have 90% Republican support in Utah, this could really help Bennett. Romney is smart, capable and knows about the U.S. and Congress.

Plus, between Mike Lee, who doesn't seem to know what's going on at all, and McCain lovin' Bridgewater, Bennett is the only good choice.

Fiscal Hawk

Bob could be introduced by Mitt Romney, President Monson, Donny Osmond, Ryan Seacrest, Steve Young, and Sarah Palin.

It doesn't change the fact that he helped accelerate our advance toward national bankruptcy by spending his little heart out while in office.

I'm looking forward to his speedy return to this great state.


Wont help him enough, but will hurt Romney

Dixie Dan

Yup, let's restore the Republicans to the White House. They did a great job during the Bush Administration.


Bennett is good for Utah. The out of state organization Club For Growth loaded the caucuses to get Bennett out of office, while the majority of the state supports him. Hope the delegates pull it together and understand the Mitt is trying to re-unit the party.

I pray the delegates will be smart enough to see through all the rhetoric and allow Bennett to face a challenger in the primary.

Let ALL the voters decide or are we no longer in favor of the popular vote? Say no to Utah’s Republican Electoral College(convention/delegate) and encourage delegates to take it to the primary.


Am I reading the comments wrong, or is notepad saying to dump the way we do things because it might go against his chosen candidate?

Let's have some perspective. If you wanted to save Bennett's job you should have gone to the caucus. It is too late now. From all I am seeing, he is toast.

From my dealings with his office, it is about time, too. I have never had worse answers from a senator in my life.


Well, it's obvious that all the senate campaign staffers have gotten on the blogs as fast as possible.

Mitt is a loyal person who is reciprocating for the support Bob Bennet gave him in his presidential bid. That's as it should be.

I think all the attacks back and forth between the senate campaigns are getting a little ridiculous. Having spent a lot of time on campaigns, I totally understand it, but it doesn't really work. So, why don't you guys just cool it and let the delegates decide who they want.

I respect Senator Bennett. I also met Mike Lee a number of years ago and he is a really outstanding guy. So, let's just have a little class and let the delegates decide.



While there are many who always take the cynical view, I believe both Bennett and Romney serve and run for public office for the best of motives. Neither one needed a career in public office to be successful personally.

Senator Bennett does his research, (so does Romney), and is generally quiet but effective behind the scenes. He gets the job done for Utah. He is an expert on issues affecting Utah, especially on Utah/Federal land issues. He is in line if the Repubs take over this year to be the Chair of the Senate Banking Committee.

While I would have preferred a different approach to stabilize financial markets, similar to the resolution trust corporation during the savings and loan crisis, or financial guarantees of troubled assets, rather than direct capital infusions, it now looks like the financial institution portion of TARP will return 100% to taxpayers with interest.

I don't agree with Bennett on every issue, but neither do I with any elected official. I generally agree with this effective and conservative Senator and he has done a great job for Utah.


Speaking for myself, I have no affiliation with any of the campaigns and am just speaking as a concerned citizen. Based on the ungrounded and wild accusations of many of these bloggers, I certainly hope none of them are campaign staffers, (as one blogger asserted without proof or grounding.)

If that is true, I would never vote for someone who makes arrogant, unsubtantiated claims about other candidates. Good leaders, educate themselves and make principled decisions based on study, talking with experts in specific domains and walks of life, hard work and research. They don't just have opinions, and blert out assertions without knowing the facts and taking them in context!

Many of these outside special interest groups are guilty of the same arrogance and demagoguery. For example, the Club for Growth web site suggesting something is wrong with the fact that Senator Bennett talked to President Obama (about health care reform), on the phone which was handed to him by Senator Dodd. Apparently, this somehow proves Bennett is a liberal or that he agrees with the HC reform bill that passed.

You get what you pay for. Is it any surprise then that blogs are free, and anonymous?


spend, spend , spend .. bring on anybody you think is supposed to make you out to be a worthwhile re-elect ...

you lied, said two terms, now trying for 4 terms, you voted for the world wide meltdown for banking deregulation (because banking gave you all that money) ...you have no influence on anybody or anything ..

you belong in the pockets of lobby and interest groups (your voting shows that) and the best thing going .. utah citizens have finally awakened and will personally knock you out of office just to get anybody else in there .. pretty sad to think anybody will do to replace you

keep spending all that lobby group money .. it isnt yours so keep spending ..

the sad thing is that a lobby group will hire you for 6 figures when utah throws you away .. DC business as usual

i just hope utah can be this angry for two more years to get hatch out as well (you know, the other two term guy who is finishing up his 6th term)

glad to see utah waking up and voting the incumbents out ...

good luck to us all


I believe Bob Bennett and Mitt Romney are cousins, aren't they? A lot of politics and other organizational activities in Utah are dominated by extended family relationships.

I'll be voting for a Republican opponent.


Romney will introduce Bennett... if he does not FLIP-FLOP between now and then!!


hey myturn ... apparently you dont do your research? hatch and bennett both voted YES to the banking deregulation bills that lead to the world wide meltdown .. how else would these guys vote other then to bailout their $$$ bags ??

the reason bennett is quiet is because he votes for the lobby and interest groups .. not utah ..

if you think bennett has influence how come he didnt get utah in on the student loan takeover by the president ?? doesnt get oil prices down when production is 7% higher and no place to store the oil and yet prices keep going up .. no influence in keeping the fed's from taking 80% of state of utah land keeping utah from commerical endevors .. bennett couldnt get one democrat to swing sides on the healthcare (and couldnt get his own to go anywhere )

get the picture here .. bennett is using utah for his own (his lobby groups) interests ..

bennett be gone (hopefully in the May convention)

time for utah citizens to do some research and see bennett's true aliances ... quiet cause he doesnt want utah to hear or see what he really does do for others


Mitt is out of step with Utah. Bennett is running far behind Mike Lee and for good reason - people in Utah don't want any more "good ole boys" in Washington who cozy up to the democrats. Mitt ought not to side with Bennett just because Bennett is backing him.


notepad you have to be a staffer ... 18 yrs of bennett traveling around the world on lobby money .. where in utah is that lobby money ??

did bennett move the FBI fingerprint facility from DC to utah .. no byrd did to west virginia .. did bennett build an airport like murtha no he didnt did bennett build a bridge likes stevens no he didnt ..

what did bennett do, he voted for the banking deregulation bills which lead to the world wide meltdown .. and what influence and expertise does bennett sitting on the finance committee mean .. oh, yea world wide meltdown .. banking lobby money in his back pocket and of course the bailout because of his YES vote on banking deregulation ..

just what utah wants to be known for .. keeping the starter of the world wide meltdown in public office .. so he can do it again and again and again ..

utah is angry and mad and has had enough .. way to go utah .. it's about time

just stay this mad for another two years to so we can remove hatch from his lobby interest group post

DN Subscriber

I was already having doubts about Romney, but this alleged appearance just convinced me that Republicans need to find a Presidential candidate other than Romney for 2012.

No more good old boy big government cronies are needed anywhere within 100 miles of Washington, DC.

Bennett is worthless.


Republicans supporting republicans, nothing new here.
My question would be if I would vote for Bennett. Romney does not want a local seat to represent you.
I would then ask why Bennett was first in line to ask for $151.3 million dollars in earmarked "pork" spending in appropriations bills. (04/14/10 - Utah No. 13 in federal pork-barrel spending - DSNews)
Or how Bennett supports spending $50 million per year on helping libraries preserve records? (DSNews - Hatch wants to create grants to preserve records for genealogists - 04/19/10)
During one of the worst economies America has seen?
Also amongst cries that the federal government should stop 'meddling?'
If that was the case, why ask the federal government for money?
And if Bennett’s record was above reproach why attack the record of Lee?

All questions you must ask yourself.


Romney got the presidential votes from utah becasue he's LDS. Is this going to change because he's pitching for bennet, don't think it will sway that much. But I do think we're smart enough to see through Mit's marketing.

DN Reader

Mitt just returns favors. Bob Bennett seems like a nice man, but nothing about him excites me as a voter. I really wish Jason Chaffetz would have run against him. We need someone with ambition who represents our best interests

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