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Published: Sunday, April 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: williary

Be careful what you wish for.

Utah moving to the PAC 10 with Colorado, TCU moving to the Big 12, with BYU and Boise State now part of the newest AQ BCS conference, the MWC, could easily lead to a scenario with BYU or Boise State playing in a BCS game every year, while Utah, now a little fish in a big pond, would likely spend the next 10 years wondering if they'll ever get to play in the Rose Bowl.

Utah may be a done deal; but the PAC 10 won't expand to 11 teams. It'll either be Utah and Colorado, with the above scenario, or Utah and BYU.


College Football Hall of Fame inductees

Gifford Nielsen (QB), 1994
Marc Wilson (QB), 1996
Jim McMahon (QB), 1999
Steve Young (QB), 2001
LaVell Edwards (Head Coach), 2004
Gordon Hudson (Tight End), 2009

Ty Detmer, Chad Lewis, Steve Sarkisian, and others will soon follow



RE: Sports fan

"It really doesn't matter what I think will happen this year does it?"

Just can’t seem to confront and answer the question can you LOL. Right about now it’s much more comforting to reminisce about what was (regional mediocrity) as opposed to what will be (this season). Just wondering, how will a 6-6 record fit into PowerPoint presentation? Let me guess, it’ll be written off as an anomaly.

Not to fear. When the cream of the crop ( Utah and TCU) leave for a big six conference next year you can continue your destiny of beating up teams know one cares about.


re: hedgehog

aka utahcountyute

BYU has a tough early season schedule, especially for a team that will be breaking in alot of new players, but the Cougars have a good chance of matching Utah's 2009 10-3 record. The Cougars won't be any worse than 9-4 and could equal their 2007 "rebuilding" season of 11-2.

Utah is no shoo-in to even equal last year's record of 10-3, let alone win a MWC championship or make it to a BCS bowl.

Given Utah's track record during the last 5 years of losing TWICE as many MWC games as BYU, plus some difficult OOC opponents, Pittsburgh, at New Mexico, at Iowa State, at Air Force, TCU, at Notre Dame and BYU are all possible losses for Utah.

Utah won't go undefeated with that schedule, so the possibility of finishing ahead of Boise State, TCU, and even BYU is slim.

As they did in 2007, BYU has the potential to be a legitimate MWC title contender.

Only a delusional BYU hater would predict a 6-6 season for BYU.


"When the cream of the crop ( Utah and TCU) leave for a big six conference" ... BYU and Boise State will quickly become kingpins in the newest BIG SEVEN conference, the MWC.


@ TrueBlue | 10:34 a.m. April 20, 2010

"In many ways, what BYU accomplished in 1996, FAR EXCEEDS what Utah accomplished in 2004"

Careful ... you are sounding a lot like an SEC homer or a BCS homer. That is their classic argument --- a "good" loss in more impressive than a win. A 13-1 or 12-2 season is more impressive than an undefeated season. It seems college football is the only sport where this argument is accepted and in many cases, promoted.

Facts are: Utah's 2004 undefeated season is more impressive than BYU's undefeated season. Utah's undefeated 2004 season is more impressive than any BYU season where they took a loss. And BYU can't match Utah's undefeated 2008 season.



Washington Lose: (With the best QB in the nation WU will be favored... so your picking an upset?)

@Air Force Lose: ( Young BYU defense against a veteran AF offense on the road)

@Florida State LOSE (FL St. will expose the athletic gap between the two programs — not close)

Nevada LOSE (I’m guessing at this point a BYU QB change will have happened — BYU in total disarray )
@Utah State WIN
San Diego State WIN
@TCU LOSE (Offense is yet again exposed as pretenders. BYU only scores 2 field goals)
Wyoming WIN
Colorado State WIN
@New Mexico LOSE ( BYU lose in last second)
@ Utah LOSE ( BYU loses by 24 points — Heaps is taken out of the game in the 2nd quarter


True Blue, I really hope (and think) that you are a ute pretending to be a BYU fan, because I really dont know if I have ever seen such a pitiful attempt at an argument. Pitiful.

If we wanted to discuss the history of BYU football, we would come over to your articles and discuss them. This is a ute article. Please escort yourself back to those articles.


Any predictions for this years UTE team? I see us going 11-2. I hope we can do better though. This team has a lot of promise. I really cant wait for football to start up!


re: SportsFan

FYI - If Utah leaves the MWC, that kills any chance of getting AQ status. The BCS season of 2008 would go with Utah, as would the 13-0 and 10-3 records of the Utes the previous 2 seasons.

Considering that even if the MWC were to add Boise St. with all current pieces in place they still would not be in a position to be an AQ, if you think losing TCU and Utah would do the trick you are completely irrational.

Think of it this way. Utah could finish 7-5 and 5th place in the Pac-10 and play in the Vegas Bowl. And as we've seen, the ceiling for BYU is the Vegas Bowl no matter where they finish in the MWC.

That's pretty sad.

Solomon Levi

Utah 2004 #5/#4 12-0
BYU 1996 #5/#5 14-1

Quite obviously, the poll voters didn't see much difference between a 12-0 record and a 14-1 record.

I wonder.

Would Utah fans rank a MAC team that was 12-0 during the regular season, with no wins against Top 25 team,

ahead of

a Utah team that went 11-1 during the regular season, with wins against #15 Pittsburgh, #10 TCU, and #20 BYU, but a loss on the road to #12 Notre Dame?


"Only a delusional BYU hater would predict a 6-6 season for BYU."

Only a delusional BYU fan would actually throw out the possibility of going 11-2 for the upcoming season, like you did SportsFan.

@Utah, TCU, FSU & Air Force. Washington at home to open the season. If you think BYU is only losing 2 of those games your probably the biggest BYU homer I've ever seen on these boards...aside from Dick "Cougar Club" Harmon.


re: willary

Utah leaving the MWC won't have any affect on the MWC gaining AQ status. The BcS included a rule several years ago to prevent a conference from adding another team late in the qualifying period of four years.

Only teams actually in the conference during each of the qualify years counts.

This prevents the MWC from adding Boise State during the last year of qualifying and receiving credit for Boise State's BcS appearances.

The same rule, will give the MWC credit for Utah's BcS appearances during the qualifying period, regardless of whether the Utes leave the MWC or not.

btw, the ceiling for BYU is a National Championship.

The ceiling for Utah is a distant 2nd in the AP poll and 4th in the Coaches (the OFFICIAL poll of the BcS).

Cougar Blue

Not sure how the Cougars will do yet, but for those in Red to start trumpeting BCS and NC makes me want to bust as gut laughing. Boise State will be about 20 notches higher on the totem pole to start with and Utah ain't gonna catch 'em. So much for their BCS---right from the beginning.




"The same rule, will give the MWC credit for Utah's BCS appearances during the qualifying period, regardless of whether the Utes leave the MWC or not."

So it sounds as if you and all of Kewgs owe the Utes a lot of gratitude and thanks.. that would seem to be the "honorable" thing to do.

Utah Alum

re: hedgehog

Actually, hedgehog, it's the other way around.

The Utes owe the Cougars a debt of gratitude.

Except for the 1996 and 2001 BYU teams putting pressure on the Bowl Alliance, and later, the BCS, to be more inclusive, a non-AQ team like Utah never would have had an opportunity to play in a BCS game.


@ Utah Alum | 6:44 p.m. April 20, 2010

Marshall and Tulane in the late 90s are the teams we should be grateful for - not BYU. These were the teams that put the real pressure on the BcS to change it's policy and allow non-AQ teams a shot of playing in BcS bowl games.


@ Utah Alum | 6:44 p.m. April 20, 2010

Marshall and Tulane in the late 90s are the teams we should be grateful for - not BYU. These were the teams that put the real pressure on the BcS to change it's policy and allow non-AQ teams a shot of playing in BcS bowl games.


Okay lets clear up a few things:

1. Utah does not owe BYU anything
Despite the snub of BYU's 01' squad, the 04' Utes were hyped up even before the start of the season. (thanks to our 03' campaign). Having said that though, I won't deny we had a lot of chips fall into place to get to the fiesta bowl. In those days, the system only took a non-aq that ranked in the top 6 in the BCS standings (rather than the top 12 ranking required today). If anything BYU should be thanking US for the good we've done for the non-big 6 conferences. BYU talks about BCS but Utah actually makes it there.

2. @ Sports fan regarding BYU and BSU

I think you need to follow your own advice when you said to be careful what you wish for. If indeed Utah gets into the Pac-10 and BSU gets invited to the MWC,what makes you think you guys are on par with them?. All you BYU fans claim BSU is leaps and bounds ahead of Utah but what about you guys?


Getting back to the topic at hand: Utah Football
I think the Utes will do just fine SportsFan. Even though we have many holes to fill on defense I see no reason at all that we wont repeat the success of 09'. We have a QB who's one year wiser, we have an experienced O-line that will help us tremendously and we have experience at RB. That's three things you boy's WONT have this year. I believe BYU will struggle not because their breaking in a new QB or because their thin at RB. It will be because they have a weak o-line. Look at what happened to Oklahoma last year. If you don't have a line worthy of the name, even a Heisman winner like Bradford will take hits and struggle.

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