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Published: Friday, April 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Southern California

Well, you mess up -- TWICE -- there are consequences. I'm glad that BYU sticks to their morals and honor code. Too bad other schools don't have the guts to do that; there would be more top-notch people (and athletes) if they did.

Texas Gal

JamesP 6:37 - You make it sound like an outstanding athlete can't be expected to live a moral life - how ridiculous!
bookonwoman 2:12 - the operative word here is "practically". You can't be kinda married - either you are or you're not. Which means either you can or you can not be having sex at BYU without consequence.
I agree with another previous post that this should have been handled privately but as with any "famous" person, sometimes the dirty laundry gets aired in public.


Anyone saying that this should have been handled "privately" is totally clueless about major college athletics.

There is absolutely no way any athlete, especially a high profile athlete like Harvey Unga, could have quietly withdrawn from school without the press finding out about it almost immediately.

What was Mendenhall supposed to do when sports reporters noticed Harvey wasn't in the training room or that none of his teammates knew where he was?

That's the double-edged sword to being a high profile athlete. Both your achievements and your failures are going to be known by everyone.


What a sad situation for both of these young people. A number of readers have commented on the fact that, as a Church school, there are rules that they agreed to follow. Apostle Bednar told students at BYU Idaho that, to attend a Church school, was not a right but a priveledge. It would appear that in this case they did the honorable thing and voluntarily withdrew from the school.

Quite frankly, this issue has nothing to do with anyone other than the two individuals and their Priesthood leaders. I am disappointed that this has gained such media attention BUT even more disappointed by the narrowmindedness of my fellow LDS who appear to be quite incapable of showing any measure of forgiveness whatsoever.

In the world outside of the State of Utah, such outcry against these two would be met with derision. Comments about 'coming home in a coffin' attributed to a GA are ludicrous. 'Disgraced' missionaries being shunned by congregations show only how far some members have to go to fully understand the message of the Savior. The only perfect being to ever live, died 2000 years ago. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".


He has nothing to apolize for.

Howard S.

Unga will be back in Cougar blue come September.

Book it.

Timp Fan

RE:Mike | 11:08 a.m. April 17, 2010

.."but he has still deeply offended many people and we as fans and members of the community deserve an public apology."

SERIOUSLY!?! No one deserves a "public apology"... especially not YOU as a fan or member of the community. Afterall, I don't recall anyone appointing you "GOD"! This is between Harvey, his bishop and Heavenly Father. Instead of judging... we should be showing our compassion and support for the future of these two young individuals.


Utah will be playing a bowl game in january. Book it



Cosmo's Cousin

Ken | 1:02 a.m. April 18, 2010
Utah will be playing a bowl game in january. Book it
The utes will be in the New Mexico Bowl maybe. I think this year will be the year the Cougs finally crack the BCS. It won't be the Sugar or Fiesta Bowl. It'll be the BCS championship after Unga gets back to us!


Is there significance in the fact they withdrew voluntarily? Would an Honor Code "hearing" been inevitable if they hadn't withdrawn? I sort of get the feeling this was between them and their bishop, and the honor code office had nothing to do with it. I am confident they'll work it out, and there's a good chance they'll be back in the fall.

Re: Mike--It is pretty arrogant and pious of you to think that Harvey owes YOU an apology. Are you one of those without sin who is wiling to cast the first stone? In fact I would argue that Tiger Woods owes YOU no apology. . . his sponsors, close friends, and family--yes, but to YOU--no.


By leaving on their own they left the door open for them to return.


RE:USC,he probaly could transfer to USC,but He would be at back-up running back at best.

David in New Mexico

Harvey didn't get kicked out. He didn't get "caught". He's leaving on his own accord. I have more respect now than I ever did for Harvey. Such a heavy price to come clean now. This is a personal triumph for Harvey, not a failure. He's living a truthful life and trying to do what he believes is right regardless of cost. Few have had the courage to do what he's done. Good luck Harvey and may God bless you.

Eryk Fyretrybe

Not only a great running back but a smart man also to withdraw and re-organize his life in at least one area. Hope the best for him even though his absence will be appreciated by a few teams this year...But I think he will be back...won't matter against Air Force this year but he'll be back for the season...I hope . Good Luck harvey forget all the "nay sayers" and do what you need


I was shocked to learn about Unga. This is a huge loss for the Cougars in terms of the quality of player that he is and his leadership. It is sad that his personal life is now thrust into the spotlight and I can only hope he comes through this knowing that he has a bright future wherever he goes.


Sorry USC has FAST RB's. He would never start there.



I am a die hard Utah Fan through and through and I feel bad for this happening, But why do you have to drag Utah into the mix and say that he would be praised for this... Some people just don't get it do they!! I hope you can grow up sometime soon and realize that this situation isn't a laughing matter... This is about a young man and woman that had everything they wanted but with a simple mistake they could be done with sports in College!!


Nothing more important than being right with yourself and your perception of your standing with God, as you see it. Good luck to this guy - have loved watching him run the past few years. Hopefully the story turns out good in the long run.

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