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Published: Friday, April 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To AggieFan74: Wow, some fan you are. Do you not realize that a player who transfers to another Div 1 school has to sit out a year? Oh, that's right, USU is not a Div 1 school....or is it they just don't play like one?


I hope for the best for you two. BYU will survive, but here is to the two of you surviving the media and public opinion poll. I think you could make it back in the fall and still compete for the Cougars. I am afraid that transferring to another school would cost you a year of eligibility.


re:yferlyfe. We don't need an honor code to live righteously up on the hill! We as LDS live by the same "honor code" everywhere dude.

Get over yourself.

You all sound like this is the end of their life. Even the mighty will fall. Maybe just maybe though, they will learn something and have a better life than if they were the star running back or star volleyball player for another year. Good luck Harvey and Kaelani!

Blue Blooded

Given that this year will be an obvious "full-frontal reload", just think about what a massive blow it would be if we beat the Utes.

I think that's the objective fellow Cougs. This year will be a raving success when we silence those in red at RES this year and SHUT THE UTES DOWN! All other wins will just be gravy.

BTW: Last time I checked, Jonny Harline is still wide open in the endzone at Rice Eccles Stadium.


Correction: The young lady was on the basketball team i guess. my bad

Sportsfan and Yferlyfe: Are you two roommates on campus and been in the singles ward a bit too long? Seem just a tad bitter and self conscious. cheers


re: Mike

I wouldn't think a Utah troll would have even had first thought about getting BYU season tickets next year.


RE: Mike | 11:08 a.m. April 17, 2010

“But he has still deeply offended many people and we as fans and members of the community deserve a public apology.”

No we do not deserve a public apology. If anything these two young people deserve our support, but more than that they deserve for all of us to “BUTT OUT.”

Idaho Coug

I never cease to be amazed at the extremely unique lense we LDS view every detail of life through. And it is not always a pretty view. Is there anywhere else that the result of this would be withdrawl from school and dozens of comments referring to the "mistake" these kids made? I'm not sure if I think we are "unique" or downright "weird".

And for the father that doesn't know what to tell his kids. How about telling them that we are all on this earth just doing our best. And that learning experiences happen from the time we are born until the day we die. I'm shocked that you seem to be at such a loss for what to say to your kids. But maybe it is just that lense thing again.

Good luck Harvey and Kaelani. Transfer to a lower division school, run wild for 2,000 yards and enjoy being drafted in the third round next season!



Not good. Not good at all, both for Harvey personally and for BYU football.

Good luck, Harvey and the almost-Mrs. Harvey. I hope you get things straightened out soon.

P.S. - As for many of the posters claiming that "BYU ruined Harvey", you guys clearly fail to grasp what is right in front of your face: the reality that people are free to choose their own decisions, not institutions. The translation of that would be: please lose your foolish hatred of the LDS church.


What issues do they need to work out??? There is no issue, two people who have dated for 3 years and were practicaly married. Where's the crime here? Oh wait I guess this is BYU...


Weber will take him.

Dave S

Re: Blue Blooded,

Typical Zoob comment only care about beating your big brother and could care less about the rest of your games. By the way, I think the Harline comment is little stale by now don't you?

Utah Alum

re: utahcountyute

The BYU Honor Code is for EVERYONE, LDS or not, who attends BYU. If that's something that offends you, too bad. Since you're not associated with BYU, it's really none of your business whether BYU has an Honor Code or not.

Your sarcasm and general lack of courtesy show what kind of standards you have.

Idaho Coug

Thousands of LDS kids attend college somewhere other than BYU. If they make a similar mistake their option is to work through the repentance process with their Bishop but their education is never a part of the discussion. I know that BYU students know up front that they promise to keep the honor code. But they are human - and young humans at that. I attended BYU and it was no secret that MANY students struggled with one aspect of the "code" or another. Why? Because they are human beings.

Two different student ward Bishops who are friends of mine have told me in the past that most BYU Bishops will NEVER report students to the honor code office who come to them to repent. I wish we would abolish the honor code office at BYU. I am not saying abolish the commandments and the repentance process that every member has access to. But why at BYU the extra step of potential expulsion and in the case of high profile athletes public humiliation? Again, I am not arguing against commandments and the repentance process. But the honor code office is an unecessary part of BYU.


Disappointing. You obviously hope for the best for the young man and woman; however, they both let a lot of people down.


re: utahcountyute

Being called bitter and self-conscious by a snotty-nosed little brat is laughable.

Even your strawmen are weak. Doubtful you understand that, but keep trying, you might come up with something that sounds clever by accident.


re: bookonwomen:

Where did read anything about a crime?

It was an Honor Code violation; basically making a promise and being expected to keep that promise. An man's word used to be his bond. Unfortunately, there are too many people in this world who can't live up to that standard.


Re: Dave S

Yes, and the term "Zoob" is fresh and inventive.

The football team will be just fine. I'd rather have season tickets to a team with this kind of integrity and courage to admit mistakes.


RE: Coach | 2:35 p.m. April 17, 2010

“Disappointing. You obviously hope for the best for the young man and woman; however, they both let a lot of people down.”

If they let you down, then you need to get a life and stop investing so much into young imperfect people. It’s time for you to “BUTT OUT” coach.



First the news on Unga and then (just breaking) Utah beats out BYU for Travis Stills.

Stills is a 6'2 WR from Spanish Fork ( Scout gives him 4 stars). He also had interest from Florida and Michigan.

Kinda a lost weekend..

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