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Published: Friday, April 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Louisiana Cougar

This experience is incredibly BYU.

I wish these two young people every good thing in their lives!

Big Hapa

Harvey will be missed. I pray he and his sweetheart can workout there life issues together. However, thankfuly there is a huge stable of running backs yes loosing a senior in Unga will expose an interresting leadership role model to fill. I beleive Brian Kariya can take over that spot with the running backs,with his Junoir year as a solid base and his life lessons learned from the mission field, and now as a married man Brian is a sold guy that can step up and fill that role on the field and off. Also, with big "Q" freshman { sorry I know I will murder his last name } and DiLuigi, Mendenhal, Hague and I am sure many more the "Y" faithful can take a deep breath and relax, it will all workout.

Tom Smith

BYU certainly puts a lot of pressure on its students and athletes. It would be great to see these two fine young people back--wish them well.


If he was at Utah he'd be praised for it. Too bad he couldn't just get a suspension for a few games instead. Go NFL


Hey Harvey-the Aggies are looking for a running back. If you're the real deal you could light-up the WAC, remain close to home, continue your education, and still enter the NFL draft next season.

Jimmy James

I'm a Ute fan, but I feel bad for Harvey on this one. He's a great football player and from what I've heard a great guy as well.

I'm glad to hear he's making things right. It takes boatloads of character to go through the repentance process when you know that because of who you are, everyone and their dog will know and be watching.

On the one hand, I wish that this wouldn't have to be reported and let it remain a personal matter between Harvey, his Bishop and God (as it normally is for most people, and would be the respectful thing to do.) On the other hand though, if the Deseret News didn't report this, I think the news would have probably surfaced anyways and a lot of people would have then come after D-News with pitchforks for not having "journalistic integrity" in reporting this, just like they did with the Kevin Garn situation.

Either way, good luck Harvey. I hope you can make it back in time for your final season!

Idaho Coug

What a bummer! This will truly be the season of the freshman for the Cougs. Any other university and this wouldn't even register a blip on the radar but BYU is who it is. It seems like a stretch to think Harvey could make it back for fall. If he can't make it back for fall it seems his options are to either try to make the NFL now through free agency or the supplemental draft or transfer immediately to a lower division school and tear it up for 2,000 yards. S Utah, Dixie or Snow would take him tomorrow and he would at least stay on the NFL radar. Let's not forget that even if they didn't stay within the exact letter of the BYU honor code law - these kids are still great kids.

On one hand we believe our "standards" make our kids that much better. But in situations like this it is the sole reason that two great kids are having their names thrown around in the media as having done something "wrong". At any other school both these kids would be held out as shining examples.


The sad thing about this entire situation is an institution that makes it so hard for young men and women to grow into themselves. The hand of judgement creeps in and ruins many a young relationship and shapes the poor kids future with that glaring eye of "we know what you did"!
I'm sorry Harvey and Kaelani.
I hope you find happiness and peace in your lives.


I feel bad for Harvey and Kaelani; everyone makes mistakes, but this would be a tough way to end their careers at BYU. I hope that they can work things out and return to finish their education at BYU. Most of all, I wish them well and thank them for all they've done for BYU.


Harvey, I want you to know you've been an inspiration to me, and I know that your path is a lot harder than a lot of folks. Cougar Nation wants you to succeed, and we support you! Everyone makes mistakes, even good people, so take heart and know that people are praying for the two of you and want you to succeed. Don't give up and don't worry about what others think. You're a great person and you're proving it by acknowledging a mistake and fixing it. If you can't make it back to the team, you will be missed, but you will have our support every step of the way!


In case you don't make it back in a Cougar uniform, thank you, Harvey, for giving 100% to the team. Watching you play for 3 years has been awesome. Best wishes in all your future endeavors on and off the field.


I view this like the girls rugby team who have made the choice that they will not play on the Sabbath. I admire this young couple for having the strength and commitment to honor the code of their religion and school, by choosing to resolve it. For me, this shows their strength and the past is the past. For their sake, let that go, encourage them as they move forward, they will be better people in the end for going through this. How many times has a player been sidelined for a year because of an injury, this is their injury, and I wish them the best in their recovery.


Any predictions for next year? anyone?

crickets crickets crickets


To JamesP @6:37am. Championships are not the number 1 focus at BYU. I am one to realize that rooting for BYU is knowing that the possibility of a Football Championship would be almost impossible. I will continue to support BYU for what they represent.


I am no BYU fan but I was always amazed watching Mr Unga play football, I thought he was incredible tough. Sorry for him and the young lady. I just hope they decided to finish their educations -Sports is great but an education is more important.


This will have a huge impact on the BYU football team next year.

Harvey was more than just a great running back--arguably the best in BYU history--he was a leader and an example.

To lose that, and to have something like this happen, is a shame for this BYU program. We take pride in these players representing this university, and when this happens--it sends the wrong message about BYU and what the Church stands for. Like it or not, BYU is an extension of the Church--and this school is watched very closely around the country as a model for excellence in pious conduct and exemplary behavior.

I am happy to see his sincerity in resolving it by withdrawing, but he has still deeply offended many people and we as fans and members of the community deserve an public apology.


To Y4LYFE @ 8:14 a.m. Your right, this is not UTAH this is BYU. They don't stoop to the pressures of society and conform or condone certain issues. Many here have assumed what might have happened, maybe it did, maybe it didn't but I will leave that to Harvey if he wants to explain it. At least there is no one at BYU leaking information. I do love to see the support that they are both getting. They are human, I am human, we all make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. I am sure they will.


re: hedgehog

Predictions are that things will work out just fine; Harvey will learn and be a better person from this experience and the BYU football program will continue to move forward with or without Harvey.

BYU has a deep talent pools of running backs; the Cougars will make adjustments and move on.


Poor little hedgehog; he's going to be soooo disappointed when the BYU running game is just as strong without Harvey.

What kind of sound does a whiney little hedgehog make?


Having second thoughts about getting BYU season tickets next fall...

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