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Published: Friday, April 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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SD Hansen

Harvey is the man. Regardless.


Hope everything is ok with both of them.


Really? You can only hope the best for a young person who breaks rules. Get everything in order and worry about football second. Also, is it too late for him to declare for the NFL draft if he can't get back in school?

John Stewart Pill

You have GOT to be kidding me. Oh man.





SD Blue

This is definitely an unfortunate circumstance. I hope Harvey can get things put together. I agree with Bronco, football is one thing, but Harvey straightening this out is the most important thing. Good Luck Harvey!!!!

I guess now we will be able to see Juice a lot more if Harvey can't make it back.

Go Cougars!!!!


re goodDr. I think the deadline to declare for the draft was in the middle of January.

I don't know how the honor code works but in the paper it said they would have to at least miss one semester. I hope Unga and Keilani will re-enroll or at least transfer to another school to finish their education. It would be a waste to get that far and have nothing to show for it.


lots of sad faces in Happy Valley tonight. Since hardly any of us know the whole truth tonight, let's keep the trash out of it- there are a lot of glass houses out there...


As a ute fan, i feel bad about this. Harvey is a stellar athlete and seems like a great kid. Best of luck to you Harvey. He would have been great this year taking pressure off of the new quarterback. But, as the old cliche goes, it is what it is.




It's starting to look like we may have a freshman running back playing next year as well as a freshman QB.

What Yeah

Wow. This one hurts.
Good luck Harvey.
We all make mistakes, and I know you can bounce back from this.
We're praying for you.


He'll get it straightened out and be back for fall semester.


If Harvey works out his problems, he can be back in school by fall semester. I certainly hope they both can work it out and get back.

I remember one time at the end of a game I looked up at the score board and there was a posting up there that said, "Kaelani will you marry me, Love Harvey." Nobody made anything of it which surprised me. I thought maybe it would make it on the sports news.

Anyway, obviously they didn't get married, but they have continued a relationship for a long time. I hope they can work out their issues and get back in school by fall. I see no reason why they can't. But, I really appreciate the fact that BYU has these standards.

Good luck Harvey and Kaelani. And...I hope you guys get married soon.


It's OK Harvey, football is not as important as getting things straight in your personal life, whatever they may be. You've come so far, don't give up now. No matter what happens you have our full support as cougar fans!


This is not good news. Hope they can get things straightened out. Someone will now have to step up and be the star.


it must be tricky for BYU to balance the ethical opposites of exploiting young athletes for absurd sums of money on one hand, while taking a stand about "moral character" on the other.

i know, i know. "if students who don't want to live by the honor code want to play college sports, they shouldn't move to provo." the flipside of that argument is that if BYU doesn't want to deal with outstanding college athletes, they shouldn't expect championship-winning teams.


How exactly is BYU going to move the ball next year? 6-5 doesn't seem out of the question.

Dixie Dan

He can always enroll at Dixie like Reno Mahi did a few years ago.

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