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Published: Friday, April 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John Wicks

Get rid of the fragile overpaid baby.


wow andrei way to plat for your money


poor Andre, must be frustrating to keep getting hurt when he knows he could help this team win the series. The Jazz need to find a way to gut it out and don't back down from the thuggets.


Imagine that!


Well, wouldn't that be awesome to be missing Boozer, Kirilenko, AND Okur. The Jazz would be swept and destroyed in each game in the process. Why are 3 of the Jazz's 4 best players so injury prone? Maybe they are all babies. At least Okur is planning on playing.

Not Asleep

There goes the series. We are toast. I think with Boozer not at 100 percent-- couple that with AK not in to stirs things up and we are in real trouble. AK is a big part of our team and especially defense. There are those who think he is not really that great but I beg to differ. He adds an element on defense that nobody on the team does or can and other teams respect his length. Very sad-- what a train wreck the last 48 hours have been.


Gee, I sure hope Andrei's hang nail isn't too painful this time. Tell him to tape an asprin to it and get out there and earn his money. Or...... trade him for someone who can at least play in half of the games in a season. The name on the back of his jersey should be "Out for the season"


3d seed or 5th seed, it doesn't matter. The Jazz wouldn't get out of the first round no matter who the opponent was. Good enough to make the playoffs, not good enough to advance. Deja vu all over again.

Tin Man

Too bad all that extra eating didn't help his legs...what a joke.


Well not a surprise, and I'm sure we will be wo Loozer too. The Jazz need to find a way to get rid of this 2 children and get a couple of real men that at least want to play. Well let's seat and enjoy the play offs, we will be out by next sunday.

Captain L

I can't believe how many complainers there are.
It's obvious that those who are complaining haven't played sports or if they have they haven't had serious muscle strains or pulls. You can't play and be effective with the injury AK has and you will just make it worse if you try.
That being said, the Jazz will have a terrible time without him. AK is the X factor for the Jazz and they aren't nearly as good without him. Injuries happen to all teams, it's just sad when it happens to our team. Portland has had several bad ones, their best player Roy is out and needs surgery.
Denver hasn't been playing all that well lately, so let's hope we can pull off a miracle.


Have any of YOU ever played on a strained calf? That's not easy. Cut him some slack. He tried to work it out today---he wants to play.


The Jazz must rebuild - they have three solid players:
Williams, Okur, and Millsap.

Time to send Boozer and AK away - they are hurt way too often and don't have the guts and heart to play in tough games or to play when they are a little hurt.

How I miss Stockton, Malone, Hornecek, Eaton.

Get rid of the current pansies who are too delicate to play.


Have any of you ever played sports or do you just sit on the coach and complain? I've strained my calf twice in my life and it stinks! You can't run and you can't jump. You kind of need to be able to do that when playing basketball. Even if Kirelenko wanted to play through the pain he'd be worthless and would actually hurt the team.


I understand the bitterness given the fact that we are watching a good season and playoff opportunity simply evaporate with all these untimely injuries but seriously people, AK's calf injuries are real and they are showing up on xrays.

He is obviously out trying to give it a go to help his team and then for whatever reason is re-injuring.

Everybody talks about our fragile team. Seriously? Boozer played in like 77 games or something. AK will miss 20 but there are multiple other players on other teams with ENTIRE SEASONS MISSED.

Ask Portland.

There is not much you can do.

We thought we were going to dodge the injury bullet like we endured last season but it appears we are going to get our dose at the worst possible time.

No doubt this is terribly disappointing to all of us and I am sure it is worse for the players who can't go after investing all this season effort only to have injuries destroy first our 3rd seed opportunity and now what appears to be a first round blow out in the making.

Innane comments about taking an aspirin or it being players faults?

Just dumb.


Well atleast AK's MRI shows something. Boozer's....not so much.


Tp those of you who defend these overpriced babies:
We are not paid $200,000 a game to play. DW, Okur, Milsap and Mathews have all played THROUGH injuries. I don't care what you say about injuries, they have no heart. I injured my shoulder and couldn't lift it to shoot, but I did not miss a city league game this year. I simply didn't shoot, I helped my team in other ways. I played because I compete and wanted to help my team. Boozer and AK have no excuses for me. They are paid a lot of money to PLAY basketball, not sit on the bench, collect $200,000 and look bored.


It's not about whether the injury is real or imagined, I believe it to be the former. Or that he should just man up... that's just silly. I'll wager that most of us are commenting from computers or mobile devices from the comfort of an office or couch not between breaks at the gym. The fact remains that the Jazz need AK for all the onvious reasons and the Jazz don't have him. For this to happen now, at a most critical juncture for the Jazz, well it diminishes the already slim chance the Jazz had. (sigh)

For the money he's paid he ought to hire the best strength and
conditioning coaches in the world. I hear he did some of this last summer but over the
course of a long season I understand bodies, even well paid ones, can break down. Too bad fir the Jazz and for all is faithful but disappointed (again) fans.

Monty Montana

I dont know what everyone is worried about! The Jazz could'nt get pass the Nuggets when Anthoney and Billups were out injured and the Jazz were full strength!


time to get out the golfclubs!

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