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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kyle Korver's price tag just went up. I hope we can resign him this summer.

Tin Man

Big deal.


I would hope that KORVER doesn't care about some record stat that nobody's cares about anyway, but would rather play in a NBA FINALS.


Korver should have been playing in the D league.

In the past 3 weeks he has guarded that percentage like an egg. he has also proven himself worthless beyond comparison.

Against Phoenix he could not guard their coach on the opposing bench. Jerry could not afford to have him in there. In his career at Utah he has yet to make a shot for himself, he always has to be set up and as of late when that happens he passes off trying to guard his percentage. I for one am thrilled he got his title now he can maybe shoot something and help the team.

Hopefully KOC will see through the Korver facade and replace him with someone who can guard somebody.

east of utah

Congrats to Korver. Good luck against Denver


Congrats on the record, Korver. It's a shame you were too afraid to play your normal game because of your concern with the record. Hopefully now that it is out of the way, you can hoist up 3s like you normally do. We'll need you in Denver.


It does matter only if he can make multiple shoots a game regularly.

The Final Word

What a sissy this guy is.

Like I have always said...he makes the shots when it doesn't matter.

When it mattered last night how did Korver do for HIS TEAM?


A guy that leads the league in shooting the 3 takes one 3 point shot? No agenda there at all.

What a total one-dimensional embarrassment.

I can't believe the love this guy gets after what he pulled the last few games guarding his record.

Who cares about his record now that we will likely lose to Denver and FOR CERTAIN THE LAKERS if we do beat DENVER?

This guy should have stepped up last night but instead he disappeared but we still have nitwit fans thinking we should re sign him?

What for? So we can have him disappear AGAIN in the likely the most important regular season game in Jazz history?

You watched it last night and you watched what this coward did when the chips were down.

Him and his record came first.

Hope he is happy with his STATS meanwhile his team just embarked on THE TOUGHEST POSSIBLE PLAYOFF ROUTE!!



WOW!! How dare you accuse Kyle of trying to protect this record by not taking shots!

As a Korver fan I can tell you that when Kyle does break free he is waving his arms waiting for the ball ready to take a shot...either Williams or Price look at him and decide against giving it to him. That's one reason other guys get shots because of the "threat" of Korver.

It was just 3 games ago that Kyle went 3/7 on 3pt shots. Do you think he would make 7 attempts if he was trying to protect a record???

And perhaps you have failed to notice that his minutes have been cut in some games in the last few weeks...when the opponent starts scoring Sloan puts the great defenders in. Yeah, they did such a good job last night without Kyle huh?

Obviously over the last few weeks the other teams have upped their defense against Kyle - duh, if you were their coach wouldn't you guard against a player with the best 3 pt percentage in the NBA?

Korver deserves better! Shame on you!

Monty Montana

I cant believe that Krover sold out his teamates for some stupid three point record. It was pretty obvious from where I was sitting ( in fron of my TV)that Krover was afraid to shoot the ball both on tuesday and wendsday nights for fear of ruinning his percentage. Shame on you Kyle!


To be fair check out: Kyle Korver Drops of Jupiter on youtube and see WHY the Sixer fans are still crying about losing Kyle. If you don't watch it you are afraid to see how wrong you are.

When allowed to play - every game - as with any player keeping your momentum going is easier. The Sixers didn't take him out and put others in if he wasn't making his shots right away. He played solid minutes - 2nd and 4th - every game.

In clutch moments the Sixers relied on Korver and he delivered. He didn't have to earn his teammate, coach or fan's respect - he already had it! It's sad that Jazz fans are so shallow as to accuse Korver of selling out - he is probably the most unselfish player in the NBA!!


Big deal --- over 82 games he made 0.7 out of 1.3 threes; seems to me there should be a minimum amount of shots taken (like a minimum number of at-bats in baseball) to qualify for a "record", which amount would far exceed Korver's paltry number.

What gets me is he actually seems proud of such an obscure and meaningless accomplishment.

jazzy boys fan

I am LIVID! This is ridiculous! I know Kyle had a bad game, but give him a break! He did not sell out his teammates for a stupid record! Kyle has more heart than that! And Lonster they do have a minimum amount of shots you have to take and he has done that. It's a great record and is something to be proud of. I am sure he would have rather won the game than gotten this record. Do not bash on Korver!

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